Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vibrating Couch

Don't mind Geno, he just had another epiphany he's an idiot... It will pass -- he'll soon be back to abnormal... 

I think the part almost no one gets whether they are in the Know Nothing Box, The Know a Little Something Box or the Inside Knowledge Box is the behavioral aspect of how one responds or doesn't respond. Say for example you ask someone who seems like a friend to help you move a couch and he says yeah and then he doesn't return your phone calls. Well one might conclude two things, he doesn't want to help you move the couch and he isn't really a friend. So with very little information or direct discussion the guy with the couch is now in possession of knowledge.

The guy who was pretending to be a friend shows up again like nothing is wrong and now a slow shuffle of watching body language and the nuance of linguistics occurs.

Personally I am not a guy who thinks if I say this then he will say this and then if he says this I will say this. In fact I NEVER do that. I just maintain the truth as I perceive it to be and if anger is my emotion than anger it is. If I suspect someone is playing me I just let them to watch it happen. If I see no point in the game I casually shut it down. I should be way more concerned about reacting in the printed word but I try to house my right to the printed word within certain ethical guidelines. Though I sometimes use a word I wish I hadn't like calling someone a schmuck in describing them in a sentence, I generally will couch my lingual missive in what I consider to be the body politic of the Bill of Rights or Our Amendments to the Constitution because our Founders did a pretty darn good job bringing those ideas together in one place. Although I am pro Second Amendment I don't own a gun and don't intend to. Quite simply I have no intention of ever taking a person's life even if he is coming through the window.

Chances are if someone wants me dead it's going to be a very organized group that will keep on coming and not the crazy wino from the alley. If he comes in I will handle it by walking out the backdoor, calling the cops and saying the crazy wino is in my house. I would never shoot him dead and brag about the kill in a justified glory as I see constantly.

When one has children to protect the question for me is a bit different but even then I would likely use a baseball bat on his knees before his head. I simply do not want to cause serious injury to anyone. And as much as I hate all this hippy dipshit law of attraction crap I begrudgingly have to admit it does exist and someone expecting trouble ends up with it. I instead feel the vibrations. I have avoided a lot of conflict this way. Whether with people of friend and family status or strangers or even stalkers. Stalkers your eye brows go up? Yes apparently I have pissed many people off with my writing and video. And you don't own a gun??? Again see what I said earlier. What is the point, they are likely attached to an organization with an endless supply of these type of sociopaths so the best thing to do is this. Peekaboo I see you.

Then learn to live with it or allow the intimidation to stifle. Well, maybe one day but not today. The other defense I use is zone. Zone is vibrational and allows us all our space and time to maybe make an interception. Maybe intercept the intent with an audible. Football wise that is a mixed metaphor of terminology but what that means is to use my voice and general being to influence enemies.  Win friends? Um... If I have friends it is because they like me for being me not because I court them. I don't call and write and send gifts and visit hospitals although I am reaching that age where the people I know will be there more often. My father always visited people in hospitals and knowing what it meant to me when I was a kid in a hospital I reserve the right to switch into that compassionate mode but for now, I am a lone wolf. I actually feel I can do more good for humanity as a detached author talking to strangers just like this.

Weaving thoughts into creases in the brain they never knew existed, making synapse connections --allowing for the receptors to make connections and new pathways to form, there for a rainy day when the same tired old thinking has left one in an empty cold room.

Lately I have been under some sort of spiritual attack. I can feel it. I really should know more about some of the causes I suspect may be at work but mostly I just try to ignore the attacks as not to fuel them. In the case of a certain blog I recently wrote many entries on and then deleted the comments that is a part of the spiritual attack. At first I was clear headed and at the top of my game countering mindsets that are like Bruce Lee countering a bouncer at a night club. He would not wrestle the oaf he would skillfully use his weight against him. I did just that. Then suddenly I was being hit from all sides both physically and in some sort of mental attack I assume to be triggered by a spiritual attack. Mind you I have Lyme disease and the parasites within seem to react at certain times to challenge me to stay normal as in maintain a behavioral calmness. Add a couple other environmental issues in like money problems and one suddenly can feel out numbered. But again my general method is a slow shuffle, a vibrational dance with the more aggressive jabs in my brain. I need to step aside in slow motion like a scene in the Matrix and allow that punch or punches to miss me.

This is why I deleted the comments because my adversaries do not work as fast as I do. They prepare and collaborate with their groups or plot and plan their responses. I do not, I allow the vibration to say I hear them working on their response but now that the comment is gone what is there to respond to. name. They use my name and that is my fault because I used my name. I used my name to give my name a solid foundation of truth like a fortress in the desert. And the stable solid ideology contradicts the vibrational zone defense or even, keep moving defense. It anchors me into one place. My name allows them a target.

SCREEN NAME is sort of a humorous admission that I concede they have found a way to agitate me. They invoke my name like a shove on my shoulder and it is annoying. But it is my own fault. Screen names allow for a person to be a non entity to not care and just be an insidious provocateur and sabbateur.  Since those are not my goals then I am sort of stuck with the fact I have been scouted. They will continue to invoke my name and there it is in discarded bones this comment was deleted by Geno Kalmes. Now I certainly care that the weak absentee landlords of that blog don't have the sense to hire a decent maintenance man but I cannot make their problems my problems and caring allows for the spiritual attack to have a target. In order to not be a target I have to not care. I have to step away. Ignore the provocation and simply not allow its energy to manipulate me. Vibrationally I know it is there without looking. When I see it my strength is in my ability to respond in full capacity, all pistons firing but that just creates a factory sized need to keep producing as the factory trolls all punch in. Instead it is best just to run my own small business. Mind my own business.

I don't consciously meditate as in okay, time to meditate but my life is full of meditation time. I do it over coffee or in the car or in bed. I need to remind myself now more than ever I have created a tsunami of energy that is reaching coastlines world wide and I need to send a message in a bottle for people to find when the storm settles.

The message is this, "I wish you what I wish for myself. Peace and serenity."

Now this is where I have to own the fact I caused some of the waves that are slapping back on my shore and it was because something got to me. It breached my walls, and the gate to my brain. The spiritual attack got me to attack. And now I am seeing it for what it is. A no win strategy. And since my strategy is to not really have one it is even a lesser wise move. The blowback puts me on the defense. I don't have the energy or desire to counter the counter insurgencies.

In fact I am pretty sure my work is actually done. It is here and everywhere. I wish I could snap my fingers and take back the moments I allowed emotionalism to trigger moves I wish I had never taken my fingers off the chess piece so I could calmly settle that piece back down and rethink the next move. And then maybe the next move is no move at all. Maybe my friend knew that moving the couch was a bad idea. I pulled a muscle in my back and he didn't.

Word play, these essays is a sort of hobby. People golf, knit, cook, write poetry and these essays enjoy the idea of being poetic. Philosophy is poetry attempting to find answers.

I guess I am ultimately upset that these vibrational forces caused me to get upset. I guess what I am working out here is the realization that my tour of duty is over. I need to let go and calmly ignore the turbulence. By ignoring the waves I am pretty sure they will calmly become ripples that subside into a placid stillness. I think even my enemies are tired of the engagement.

I apologize to those I hurt in this battle, especially the collateral damage. Our energies collided in a traffic jam and I didn't even need to be on the road that day. That's what boredom or idle hands can do. I need to fix that.

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  1. I sent an email to dinar recaps regarding the Ocrush post and they didn't print it. It shows that those who know I know have gotten to them again to censor me.... they deleted a post of mine recently. and have refused to print others... and this is why, the reason is I understand the con has a few more twists... read:

    I am very happy to see such intelligent and informed comments on both sides of the RV question in terms of the powers that be. I mean seriously these comments show me people are really looking hard for what the heck is going on. I tend to be cynical by nature but optimistic in terms of believing we can over come the repetition of history's reoccurring nightmares. I have studied all these things folks are talking about from Holy books, Nesara, Heneghan, White Hats, G Edward Griffin, Eustace Mullins, The Money Masters, and on and on... And when Lapdog points out the same controllers are likely going to continue to control I reluctantly agree.

    You see there are tiers to the Pyramid and they script what we do largely through highly emotional events, some staged and some caused by turning people against one another.

    I am trying to skim over the details of what I am saying and how there is still a plan for a one world currency and a cashless society in the coming decade or so, and that the top tier purposely funded some of the so called bad guys to later look like the good guys by removing them.

    We want clear cut good guys and bad guys but there are so many secret agendas and agents and russian dolls inside of dolls inside of dolls that reality is the snake circles back to eat its own tail. We all want the fantasy of wealth that is in our minds and quite possibly we may get it. But don't let down your guard and sing ding dong the witch is dead because her sister is even meaner.