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When I got cable TV in 1983 I said to myself this is going to drive us all mad, turn people into idiots... When I got the internet I thought ah ha... a path to truth... Now that I am on Facebook I realize I was right the first time...

When I watch something like this and see the lies and the liars as part of the testimony I take pause. For example, they cite that McCain's election was blocked by the ESF through their control. But we should know by now McCain and the other Presidents are all part of the charade. Having said that these videos are worth watching with one additional note.

If you don't know by now-- the powers that be PTB... manufacture grand theater, scams, hoaxes, fraud, false flags to hide what they are really doing.

And here these are on Youtube who just loves to censor anyone who is not part of the insider protocol. We are told the ESF was so secret no one knew existed and they were the one's to really blame. Wouldn't it be possible to create such an entity to shift blame to a straw man organization? After all we now walk around grumbling "It's the ESF." Conveniently leaving out the names we know are quite human and responsible.

I'll stop there but I seriously want to drive home the point that Sir Francis Bacon was Shakespeare and the King James Bible was rewritten by him and history within the works of his plays. All the World is a Stage has been around hundreds of years and England seems to be a key wardrobe department of the false reality.

I cannot really point to a tool here because almost everyone is a straw man "truther" created to lead people just left or right of the destination known as fact or truth. The slightest variation of a road map can get one quite lost.

To be fair to this I have to state it sounds quite official and could be 100% fact but when I see modern graphics to display 1934 evidence I wonder what Ad agency PR firm got this job.

I hear it was the EIEIO that foreclosed on the farm not Fanny Mae...


  1. whenever the testimony talks about NAZIs and neglects to explain the con game we called world war II, again I smell history's boat springing holes and someone plugging the holes with the official story putty...

  2. also note that this guy sounds like MORRIS and other's believe him to be an actor from Usual Suspects Casting...

  3. This is fascinating... maybe it isn't Alex they are fixing to remove but Ed Chiarini.... by making him the martyr... Authenticating his work after a fake assassination...

    Speculation for the purpose of a heads up to we the gullible..

    I would just love to see Beau Bridges on the show side by side and that was the obvious answer not these email exchanges... I smell a RATBERG...

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    Subject: RE:
    Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 09:29:44 -0600
    From: Aaron Dykes

    Get fucked asshole! It will be a cold day in hell before anything you do ever impacts what we do here. You had a chance to get paid in cash to take your sites down but your dumbass declined. A smart man would have taken the money, moved on and left this alone! Until you take those graphics of Alex and his employees down, we are done talking! Maybe Alex will have Beau Bridges on his show here soon just to show how stupid you really are! How would that look for this "Work" that you've been selling to people? A wise man knows when to stop, Ed! You obviously aren't that person!
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    Ed Chiarini No a smart man would have done exactly what I did. Letting your integrity become compromised is not worth and amount they can pay. So if my work isn't going to effect them then why offer to buy my site. SEE this is the same NO LOGIC thinking Im talking about.
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    Peter Harry Hill Fuckers think they can buy protection against the lies. Shows you how deluded their world view and souls are becoming. You da man. Keep up the good work. Might be time for another lament.
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    Ed Chiarini I told them if Alex admits the truth about the Giffords case I would take down the graphic of him and lay off of him for a bit. I thought that was a good trade but no they cant and wont so they made their decision and I guess its time to kick it up an notch. Next graphic hopefully will be done today. We will give him something to think about over the weekend. hehe
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    Scott Wells It makes no sense. You're both in Texas right? If Jones has the money to pay for your site why not just file a liable suit against you?

    And why is Dykes his spokesman in all this? Does AJ not know how to type or use e-mail?
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    Jennifer Irish Please be careful Ed Chiarini. I would hate to see them do something very stupid out of desperation. We only have ONE of you my friend.
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  4. If Ed is right and Beau is Alex well how do we further prove that? All Ed's stuff seems to be both convincing and poisonous to the idea that actors are playing our key representatives in politics and historical events...

    The idea is what matters here...

    We can't let them discredit the idea...

    the idea is we are being conned and the media with scripts and actors are leading us to emotional decisions regarding surrendering our liberty...

    My hunch is someone found out about this and Ed was brought in to redirect that idea to convolute it... I also hold out for the idea that there is an organized resistance that hands Ed the facts and also the plausible deniability factor simultaneously to shoot shots off the bow of who I believe to be the all the worlds a stage puppeteers...

    warning them... back off or else....

    but what shoots that down is instead of laying low they create more of a spectacle so it seems chaos and confusion is the goal....

    I cannot believe them to be this suicidal...

    I do hope that maybe they were idiotic enough to be led into traps like sandy hook....

    sociopaths can be led by their tunnelvision...

  5. On 1/18/2013 2:55 PM, Aaron Dykes wrote:
    > Ed,
    > You know Alex knows Joe Rogan and Ed Asner who both know Beau Bridges people. We could probably get him on the show via skype. If we could do that would you agree to shut your sites down and go away? Would that finally fucking be enough for you to go away for good?
    > We wouldn't mention your site as the reason for the interview, but we would be able to possibly interview Beau about his thoughts on the world and the direction it is headed. I am not saying that this can be done as I'm sure a guy like that might not be willing or able but "if" we could get him on would you finally give up this stupid quest of yours that everyone knows is a joke, go away and leave us the hell alone?
    > Aaron

    Aaron, let me be completely clear here.

    If I'm wrong about Alex being Beau, then I'm wrong about Alex being Beau. This does not negate the fact that Alex since his partnership with Kevin Booth (who also is partners with Rogan, and also friends, if not family with Denise V Wohl. (Who does have a twin) has been THE conduit used to spread the lies created by the Greenberg/Wohl/Rockefeller/Kaplan families, who are all related to the Disney/Roosevelt/Bush/Kennedy clans, with the intent to artificially manipulate the social structure of this nation and not in a positive direction.

    This association along with the FACT that members of those families while using pseudonyms, play roles to cement those lies in the minds of the American population, resulting in the further undermining the continuity of our society.

    One person in particular, Tony Greenberg, has played so many different characters I have lost count. Pepe Escobar being my favorite.

    So what am I trying to say here Aaron?
    I'm saying that in combination to the problem I just mentioned, people like you, have right along side of all the others involved in your shows, have felt it was acceptable to participate in the productions that are then played to the public as real events, while you then have the effin nerve to ask for donations from people that have good hearts but are not aware of your intent. Just for that issue alone is enough for me to tell you to take your offer and stick it where the sun don't shine. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE....

  6. You see Aaron most people dont have a photographic memory for faces like I do. Because if they did they would remember your mug as an actor that played the role of an audience member for the "BRO DONT TAZE ME" video. The BULLSHIT that you have taken part in creating and propagating is unlike any propaganda that Disney produced during the staged conflicts namely WWII. Your attempts to antagonize the population with these scripted out HOAX events is along on itself reprehensible and cause for me to remain in place nipping at your heals, keeping you in check, by calling bullshit, while at the same time working in unison with thousands of other like minded individuals to get legislation passed that will define what you do, as acts of domestic terrorism and dealt with accordingly.

    One final note that I'm sure you are aware of, if not, need to be, is the person I mentioned in the first paragraph, Denise Wohl. She has a daughter, Arden. While she was underage she shared the same thoughts about the world that you yourself expressed in previous email. Do you know how I know she believed this? I know this because she was taught this by the family, the same family that you are associated if not related to. They made her believe that is was OK to sit in front of a green screen knowing that the final production would show her to be testifying in front of congress. As she claimed to be a Nurse in the middle east, Nurse Niarya, she told a tale that shocked a nation. That tale of Iraqi soldiers removing baby's from incubators and leaving them on the floor to die, was repeated by our president, and used to rally this nation behind a war that cost untold thousands of lives. People displaced, innocent families broken apart and everything their families worked so hard to build taken from them, and in some cases ripped from them as they lay on the ground wondering what the fuck is going on here, why is this happening, we did nothing to deserve this.

    That one single act of a little girl caused a title wave of destruction that YOU and your staff continue to exacerbate day after day, show after show. People like your so called Syrian Girl (who is most likely your sister, Beau's daughter or the relative of your Linda West (aka Morning Mayan form your show)has continued in her cousins footsteps but this time, with your help have taken the lie globally.

    So Aaron to sum all of this up for you, and I apologize for being so long winded, but I am having to control hundreds of examples that come to mind, that I could choose from to demonstrate my point about what you are doing and why you are doing it. For me to sit here and tell you there is some monetary, compensation that would justify me not pursuing you every waking moment, until I expel my last breath, would simply be a lie.

  7. As I told you in previous email, you, nor the combination of all your associates, and Royal family members together, do not possess enough assets to afford my integrity, and enable me to turn my back on all my brothers and sisters who paid the ultimate price to protect this country from attackers. Knowing they were tricked into doing so by the same type of lies you push today. This does not negate the fact that they believed in something so valuable that they were willing to give their lives to protect it. For me to turn my back on them would not only disgrace the uniform I once proudly wore, but would mean I would have to sit idly by and watch you attempt, event after event, to disarm this nation, while adding insult to injury as you fill their heads with garbage you hope will result either them actin a fool and going to jail or worst case you provoke a race war that pits American vs American. The only ones that win are the foreign money brokers that sit at the same dinner table as do your relatives.

    I say the following without hesitation, or second thought, and with complete understanding. I am here to stay, and there is no lie you can spread about me, no act you can take against my person, that will cause me to change my course of action. What I represent is something you have never experienced before, and I'm not saying that as I am something special. I am simply the messenger. When I pass on, the message will still be there. You cant remove the truth from the minds of those that see it. The second I told another about the truth it set in motion a title wave larger than that of your relative the nurse. EVEN IF I WANTED TO I could not stop it. I am happy to say you will eventually have to deal with it or drown in its wake.

    P.S. don't go running to Rogan and say that I included him in with what you are doing. I didn't. Just because he is partners with Booth and friends of you pops (YES is not a good thing) but that does not mean he is privy to your agenda. He is a smart person and I have a hard time believing he doesn't see it, but that is not evidence that he does. I have always like his act, but don't think that makes me give him or anyone for that matter a free pass. You do the act, you deal with the consequences, and if your really unlucky ME.

    the Messenger

  8. as an impartial juror to this I need to state clearly I believe Alex Jones is indeed involved in a fraud with the Greenbergs and company. The part I don't get is why Ed Chiarini would throw soooo much crap against the wall when only the best clear cut stuff needs to stick.... If Beau is put in a room with Alex that screws up a lot of credibility...

    If Ed some how brings down what looks like the mind rape fraud centuries old I applaud him....

    But I oberve and question discrepancies and flaws in the entire...investigation for lack of a better word.

    I present it here because the main point people need to grasp is the media is committing FRAUD and only we the gullible can stop it by refusing to believe the crap or watch their shows or buy their sponsors products, and to deluge them with phone calls, letters and emails letting them know we may not know all the details but we know they are fraudsters...

  9. Geno,

    "All the world is a stage" If we as a collective society can agree upon what the source of the problems that be are, we then can go about solving the problems. But here is the catch 22. The Powers (problems) that be are not stupid fools. They know that through diversion, manipulation, intimidation, and force they can shift the focus of attention elsewhere. More over, they shift the attention towards furthering their agenda. I challenge anyone to sit down and watch TV for an hour and put a percentage on truth vs lies. What percentage if any is truth? Did Mr Ed really talk? How is it that Al Quieda is so sophisticated that the world's combined military forces (UN) cannot get a handle on them? We are told what we want to believe. The truth may be hard to swallow, but it tastes a whole lot better that crap. To quote Jack "You can't handle the truth". Sorry Jack, that is for me to decide!

    How is the media serving us anything other than a plate of poison if not the truth? When did this start...Hmmmm Sherman set the way back machine for the Battle of Waterloo. Wellington vs Napoleon. Wellington the underdog wins. Couriers for Euro banking family get word to England before anyone else. The next day, England's most prominent banker using the information "his" couriers brought him crashes the market, and buys it back later in the day for a pence on the pound. From that day forward England became a banking possession to the Rothschilde's. Now look at the crash of any monetary market since then and see who was behind it. You might need to use a book from the reference section in your local library. Same story different actors...yes actors!

    Our society has become so dependent on their hand held devices, and their fakebook relationships that we don't know the meaning of truth anymore. We treat actors like heroes, and heroes like villains. Smoke and mirrors. Bait and Switch.

    It's time for society to look at the Big Picture!

    Hint it is not the TV!

  10. yes...

    Sir Francis Bacon/Shakespeare, Royal families, Jesuits, King James Bible, magicians, Khazars, gypsies, the art of the con... sorcery... all of these things predate Rothschild... The Venetians seem to have a strong power hold even behind Rothschild... but as crazy as some of Ed Chiarini's work looks... barring some sort of new photoshop or taking new pics... apparently their is evidence the old 200 year old cameras are actually being used to fake stuff.... quicksilver...etc.and the cameras that were around during the world wars... I see Disney really did use his own house as Hitlers... in a reversed image... and it appears Kermit Roosevelt did indeed play both Hitler and Disney...

    Take this University professor on Alex Jones.... they framed Sandy Hoax in actors or no actors no one mentioned the publishing of the website 3 days prior... therefore my deduction is this is to choke off the real evidence....

    My huge question is... How can these insane events even hope to get away with it... though they clearly are getting away with it for now.... I question the mindset of those involved.... either they are nuts and desperate or they know they are attached to the ultimate protection... which they must be since all the media is lying for them... watch the Gene Rosen video.... this is the worst actor and an obvious creep of supersleaze proportions... see the link above....

    I think the final hidden box... the jack... in the box will jump out and finger all the other lies and then take the throne...