Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stumped and Humped

  1. I'm moonlighting as a cam sex girl... frumpy biology teachers dot com... You would be surprised how many men fantasize about their frumpy biology teachers... I can get you a job in the tall middle-aged math hags department if you like...

    margo is Available
    margo : Are you busy??
    Me: no
    margo : heya
    Me: heya
    margo : whats up, I found your username on a yahoo member directory of social sites..not sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol
    Me: ok
    margo : im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talking to ppl online especially via webcam
    Me: i am fat and have no arms or legs
    margo : are you signed up to any dating sites? i met a lot of cool people on adult friend finder, and only weirdos on fling lol
    Me: I was half eaten by a lion in africa
    margo : ya well, i am bored at home...and this usually leads to bad things anytime i take a break from school work i jump online
    Me: the lion left me a stump wanna see?
    margo : well...i am a true "autagonistophiliac" which means I have a fetish for being on camera you can google it if you dont believe me! lol
    Me: wanna see my lion teeth scars?
    margo : have you ever used Camcrush? its a site that allows us to chat, and even go live like skype
    Me: i type with my nose and my tongue....
    margo : they give you a unique page, my link is
  2. Minimize Chat Window
    Block Sender
    margo is Available
    margo : Im lonley..give me company??
    Me: can you bring a wheel barrow and pick me up.... I am just a torso remember?
    margo : Hey sweety, how r ya
    Me: sort of depressed I want to go dancing but arms and legs are sort of required...
    margo : Was starting to think no one wanted to chat with me...So watcha ya up to cutie?
    Me: I'm sort of just sitting here... that's all I can do....
    margo : Im just hangin out..I have the place to myself, my roommate left on vacation for the week so I get to play online in my thong...LOL
    Me: I'm the guy whose arms and legs were eaten by the lion, remember?
    margo : So what ya wearin sexy? lolz
    Me: oh I just wear a tube top....
    margo : I know we just met but im really turned on right now...Its just a little naughty fun on my web cam...You UUP for it sexy???
    Me: I accidentally electrocuted myseld turning my laptop on with my tongue....
    margo : k my cam is wired thru a chat network to keep the yahoo kids away from me so dont worry if you dont have a cam or yours don't work ok? I gotcha covered baby!
    Me: you like the smell of burnt flesh I'm game.... sort of smells like a hot dog....
    margo : Ok you need to go to if you can't click it just copy/paste it
    Me: okay copying and pasting takes me about 3 hours see you round 2am....
    I love you
    margo : make sure you click accept on my cam chat invite on the left hand side, its free as my friend but hurry it expires, so click it k?
    Me: say you love me too
    margo : ok, fill out your info and let me know when you're logging in k? i have to take something off really fast lol
    Me: first say you love me....
    margo : I had to do the same thing babe, you verify your age in a free signup because no minors have credit lol ... cant show tits and pussy to minors ya know?
    Me: say it!
    margo : when we get in there you better take me private so i can show you some things
    Me: there won't be any lions right?
    margo : ok you in yet babe?? i'm the one in the main video ... you better gimme some "gold" as a flirt
    Me: say you love me
    Me: say stump men are the best
    Me: bitch!
    margo : make me your bitch
    Me: okay I have to wait til my caretaker gets home
    Me: he went out with my previous caretaker


  1. This came about from one of those yahoo pop up chats when email is open... Her come on exactly as it happened and my wiseass responses.... obviously automated on her end.... but you have to admit this is funny...

    Last several days I have been going through my blog and mainly consolidating stuff I intend to delete... It is one thing to share the stuff I believe to be significant to mending this world which means the worst of the worst must be confronted and our wishy washy kumbaya politically correct squeamishness about fingering psychotic perpetrators is our collective death nail...

    Then there is stuff like my funny articles that is me enjoying life and helping you to enjoy life.... But somewhere in between I have spent too much energy in league with passive truthers... that is not to say a couple of the "investigative uncoveries" are not significant because they are and were... but it's like the high school quarterback living on the championship.... he didn't play in College or the pros... he stopped with his glory days...

    Ever since I spent two years carrying the high school quarterback on my shoulder living off that glory days vicariously.... thinking somehow that energy was going to manifest into something great again....

    Closer inspection says NO. I tried to be loyal to my friend the high school quarterback and make many suggestions how we might use the power that was quickly waning to create perpetual momentum for a forward effort...

    But my high school friend was watching old tape, meeting with recruiters in his mind.

    I was proof reading those fantasies. I lost my temper and feel bad because my old friend is a good person he is just stuck in a moment that he cannot get out of and I can't help him out of it. His rationalizations used to sound pretty good but time buries reasoning, justification, excuses.

    Also within that time period one can see the type of people who come and go, who is hanging out at the crib, who is drinking all the beer, using the phone, crashing and not contributing and the chatter... Then there are those who are just going quiet, perhaps realizing that words are dead in absence of action.

    Therefore I am evicting the grey matter of neither here nor there and getting ready to re-rent the place to those who seem to clearly state intent and carry on through action.

    Jim Stone
    Clint Richardson
    Walter Burien

    are good examples of action with clear intent.

    1. "margo : So what ya wearin sexy? lolz
      Me: oh I just wear a tube top...."

      Need to search for f***ing some Windex now or its equivalent if I expect to remove this snot off the monitor.

      Thxs for that