Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ramble Mamble Schmamble...

The Galactic Federation pulled me over and charged me with a DUI, now I have to go to meetings... Is this alcoholic's anonymous?

Today I have something tugging on my mind like a bratty child yanking on Mom's coat... I sort of know what it is. It's pretty much what I always write/right about... the attack of bullshit.... how everything is a lie.... but this thing today I am feeling is like... a cry to the lifeguard...Help! I'm drow....flll...glug...gasp cough cough DROWNING!

I am drowning in the realization of how bothered I am by living in a world so smothered in bullshit connivance that is almost an opera of absurdity... If Monty Python were evil and they did Acid they might be able to script what we live. Some knowingly others unknowingly. And many levels in between. And maybe this is it... Let me offer the bad guys a suggestion...

Rather than kill millions and billions how about you just give us a reasonable enjoyable math equation. If we could be free to do commerce without monopolies competing, and governments riding small businesses' ass for shakedowns in taxes, permits, graft, and every conceivable hand coming at a person merely trying to trade a service or a product for a buck, and we were allowed a piece of property that was ours in total, no one threatening to take it away, and if we were allowed to grow and create energy free of monopolies attaching themselves to individual enterprise like a tic sticks its fangs into a blood host.

In order to have free enterprise it can't favor a fraction of the populace, it has to benefit all, and mathematically that is way more than possible. But we have a huge problem. We are hearing the levels of evil are off the charts horrific and essentially I am asking to ignore the devil for my own sanity's sake and of course I know this compromise is dead in the water. So it is really all about physical confrontation.

It is the classic western. When do the townspeople become a posse? When they can't takes no more.

And they have almost bred that out of us and worse yet, even those who are armed and trained look at the odds and know how impossible it looks. Violence or aggressiveness even when in the right can be easily turned into a plus for the controllers who will use that anger against the system to say the system has to protect itself.

It is full out Goodfellatopia...The United Goodfellas of America... Fuhgeddaboudit.

So, here I am... Ramble Mamble Schmamble. Uncle Lenny's voice whispers in my brain. "Do what you are big enough to do..."

I have been waiting on the dinar RV miracle hail Mary pass lottery win but I am losing faith. So....

Here's the deal...

I want to own a bar... with a descent but humble location, location, location... I'm not looking for insane busy just steady regulars, and a small stage for the house band which will be my band. I want to run an internet show out of the bar. It will be mostly funny, and music, variety, but there may be a small dash of sociopolitical disguised in the character I already created... the one with the sock puppet on his hand. That one allows everyone to dismiss my true rants with, "don't mind him that's the guy who wears the sock puppet on his hand."

So, my club will make money and pay the bills, but I have one small problem. I need someone to buy me that bar.

Let's call it, "sockpuppet's hole"

Help Geno Buy that bar.


  1. Geno,

    If it were up to me I would buy that bar for you and just let you go wild!!

    Unfortunately I was a Fed worker for the largest transportation agency other than the Military and got thrown under the bus and forced into early retirement.

    Can I say I got busted out? Yup that's what they did to me. But broke and happy do go together as they say!!

    Not to worry the whole fed system is like this and there is zero loyalty anymore!

    That's the good news looking at the big picture right? They simply fuck their own....

    Geno's Madtown bar. Now that would be cool!!

    I see your hanging with the piss drinkers again LOL I am a pauper and can not afford the eight bucks a month. Keep posting Geno and always post a link to your fine blog...


  2. Geno,

    Sorry in advance but I got to say it:

    Huryey, Hurye, Hurye!!

    Geno's Madtown bar offers free urine from opening day for their special Urine treatments(tm) center offering the latest in that wonderful yellow field!!

    BFC gives blessing to that great Urinal pail(tm) and offers free energy!!!

    The crowd erupted with Joy!!!

    Please be among the sane that post there!!!

    Your kind of a gatekeeper of sorts or some kind of 'effin interpreptor or something!!
    or just give me a focking link for chriss sakes!! Than there is a link or two or three and the truth is out there....

    Repeat again and again...


  3. My blood boils with certain people at that blog. They have to be manufactured because no one could be that oblivious could they? What makes a certain cretin think it is his living room and everyone who sits down in it are subject to his rules. He makes his hippy dippy liberal pablum drivel law for every comment a person makes and stays on it like a dog on a bone. I never wanted to kick a person's ass so badly in my life. And he is a moron to top it off. I just decided that an equally reprehensible character there is him playing two roles. He gave himself away last week when both characters almost tied for first in the weekly race.

    I read about 100 entries and had to take up smoking again and go to some meetings, and church and have a few drinks before I got on a plane to go take a few of the pieholes out.

    I kid. Sort of.

    I did bring much to that blog but fuggim...

    In a separate note, Tom Heneghan seems to be on to some stuff this week that could be good for us. It's essentially the work the white hats punted on second down with.

  4. Geno,

    Of course the charectars are manufactured!

    Their sock poppets.....


  5. Here's one for ya Geno,

    Yer a talented artist and musician so use the stupid troll's as your humorous subject matter and get em that way.

    Don't argue with the idiot! Cartoon them. Political cartooning is a powerful and positive way to communicate powerful truths!

    And of course a friendly link to your blog....

    What the 'eff can they do about it anyway? No moderation...


    1. can't insert graphics on that blog...

  6. Geno,

    A friendly link to your blog..

    The smart ones looking for some truth will check it out.

    Geno you should see some of the lunicy on the cycling venues that I sometimes read! Some of the purest horseshit about cycling of course drivin by some clever troll monitors!

    Take Trek bikes for example whose head quarters is 13 miles from my house and how they treat there dealers and employees like shit. No accident that none of us locals don't ride any of there bikes.

    Notice how that drug cheat Lance Armstrong got thrown under the bus by his buddy's the bush's? And of course I am older now and do not forget how Greg LeMond was treated by Trek.

    Check out Alex Jones take on LA which is on the 'effing money!

    AJ on LA is a classic and all my cycling palls know its the truth...


  7. Alex is even a bigger sell out traitor, carefully acting his part. Sad to say...He might have been legit at one time but he is one full of shit infowarrior...

    He looks pretty full too...

  8. Yeah he could use some time on a bicycle....