Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Magic Word...


Please is the magic word right? Okay so let's try it. Please stop with the insane genocidal killing of innocent people around the world. Please feed all the starving people. Please stop killing to steal the natural resources under the feet of the native inhabitants of that particular land. Please stop lacing God's natural crops with genetically modified poison millions of years of evolution cannot stomach. Please stop with the fluoride in our water and other products, a known industrial waste by product. Please stop with nuclear power plants and oil when free energies exist. Please stop with the private or even state run prisons targeting non violent people with fascist enslavement and incarceration, robbing them of their mind, soul and right to be free. Please stop sticking needles into babies and children with poisons that are sure to plant long term disease in the next generations. Please stop with the chemtrails sewing our sky and soil with aluminum. Please stop genetically modifying the seeds that are our key to life on this planet. Please stop kidnapping and selling women and children into sex slavery. Please stop sacrificing innocent people in religious blood sacrifice in for your Satanic holidays. Please stop dumping toxic waste in the lakes, rivers and oceans. Please stop with the insane weapons such as drones and bio weapons and nukes. Please stop lying to us by creating fake news broadcasts played by actors to fool us into giving up our rights. Please stop using actors with fake names and lives to play politicians and commit fraud against our freedom to choose our elected leaders. Please stop your centuries old plan for a one world government with a psychotic depopulation agenda, leaving slavery, robotics and genetics. Please stop this system draining us of our life and energy. Please.

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