Sunday, December 16, 2012

Step One...

I got this rather urgent notice demanding I come see the principal, and I for the life of me cannot imagine why he would want to see me unless of course it has something to do with the fact I have been selling the school's desks on ebay at a tidy profit...

Step one for everyone.... look at the tv and say...sorry I don't believe it.... you have lied so many times in the past that I refuse to react emotionally as is obviously what is desired.... I will not write out a check and send it to a donation fund that rarely if ever gets to the intended people... I will actually listen to some of the crazy people on the internet who are telling me that this news story has details that aren't being reported and I will not react to those reports either... I will watch and listen and take note as a rational open minded juror until I have enough evidence to render a verdict...

the reason I knew something was wrong from the beginning is I know that from Columbine to Oklahoma City bombing to 911 to the latest shootings.... that there are legitimate discrepancies that suggest some sort of massive fraud....  and that the details though painting a confusing and contradictory picture are full of questions that are valid and need to be asked by everyone... not accepted because Anderson Cooper's eyes twinkle...

the leading question in everyone's mind is BUT WHY? conspiracy theorists as we are called neglect to give us a rational valid reason why our leaders would perpetrate such weird ludicrous fraud... and as valid a point as that is, those who understand that something is very very wrong have hundreds of pieces of the puzzle but not necessarily the ability to connect all the dots.... a large part of it is a sherlock holmes deduction based on tons and tons of research into the details.... and when fraud is seen anywhere within the event that highlights the urgency of NOT REACTING EMOTIONALLY but doggedly and patiently opening one's mind up to the idea that something really is crazy and crazy may have some sort of rational explanation to those perpetrating the crazy... for what they are up to lies within psychological warfare.... this has been going on since religions were created to lead people in certain directions... psychology was used and taught as far back as the 1600s on how to traumatize a slave woman to raise her children in a fearful subservient manner... That basic psychology has not changed... so to summarize... do not react but be willing to actually entertain the idea that your brain is being raped for goals that make sense to a small collective of controllers who manufacture historical events for reasons they understand and you are not supposed to understand.... and part of the insanity is to purposely be chaotic to hide within the smoke and mirrors of crazy.... while furthering goals such as disarming the people who may finally wake up and mobilize against our controllers...


  1. Geno,

    Smoke and mirrors..."hey where did my wallet go?" In the end, it is money, and the power it buys. Are we to assume that this rash of public shootings is because Americans are allowed to own guns? A cement truck at speed could be just as dangerous. What is the common quotient in all of these events? A sociopath who needed help, and did not get it. An easy mark, something to show the crowd. Without guns there is less threat to those who steal. After all, unless there are absolutely no guns, a criminal will always be able to own one. I am amazed that our country's policy is to blame the gun, not the reason the person used it.

    "Kill the monkey set the organ grinder free"

  2. yes... free the grinder, free the grinder... where you been ? Mostly talking to myself lately....

    1. Trying to connect the right hand to the left.


      Anonymous21 December 2012 20:15

      Could someone in this blog shed some light into the following comment made by an insider in the White Hats who posted the following comment in the White Hats Report blog?

      "Re RV's.
      Right now there are priority sequences. Whose who in which queue. Conversion rates and grouping are variable. First the Politicians and all the unsavory scum with them have already lined their pockets and cashed in. The usual names and Crime families. How do you think O can buy a c$35M home in Hawaii on his employee income? Do the maths.
      Right now delays are because a certain party could not get her act together presenting for Native Americans. That has caused tailbacks. Plus usual Treasury and Fed obfuscation to buy time to keep the Ponzi sham on track.
      Bankers are off on vacation now and won't return until the second week of January, but won't do a stroke of work until the third week while they fiddle their bonus reports. Sensibly, plan at least Feb or worse.
      That is not an indication they will do anything for Public speculators.
      The GS issue is nowhere. Creaking from one month to another. Again, thieves and parasites are making too much free use of it all. Thank the Cabal,Texans and vast Military and Agency budgets for crippling the economy and world. Boehner could not even get a Tax Hike through for the very wealthy. Greed rules. What a shambolic fiasco. But look at the speed of the pigs to the trough. How do you change a system which is endemically rotten to the core with Made Men guarding every key role? The enemy is within.

      john December 21, 2012 3:32 AM"

      RepliesBreaking The Silence22 December 2012 04:25
      this person is alluding to people who have been held up as "they're delaying everything"- there is a lot of smoke and mirrors right now. as for the person working with the "Native Americans"- let's just say that this person is about as corrupt a swindler as there ever was...and is currently wearing a fancy anklette. the big guys who thought they could use their so called "power" in the groups to double and triple dip their fortunes into the trillions are going to find out that their little pieces of paper skrs are actually worth nothing.
      You will see the changes all of a sudden

      Anonymous22 December 2012 06:46
      Thank you, D for further elaborating the situation for us. Ever since I came to know about the group known as the White Hats, I did not feel the members at the White Hats represented the little people, for they were investigating stolen funds for the very wealthy individuals along with Al Hodges. The person who posts comments there as “John” is a British who speaks very highly of the Royal, the Queen Elizabeth and her grandson William and how fortunate the British people are for having the iconic figures who are committed to the wellbeing of the British people. Knowing what London has been doing to the world along with the Illuminati and Jesuits, I could hardly embrace “John” as the truth for our future.

    2. “johnDecember 22, 2012 5:07 AM
      Also non of them have been paid. They are speculators. No one made them take this gamble. Just desperation and greed. It's all been a fueled paper chase. The smart money has and is being been paid. Specialist deals are being done in a sequence via WF for those in the approved Food Chain. There is no free market for them nor are there Forex Desks ready to trade them. It's an Off Market Brokers Bun Fight. As regards " Investigators" investigate what? Whether the US Treasury will pay you, or cares? That is Cabal territory. They have robbed, looted and plundered the world to keep their evil Empire afloat and feed their collective greed. Do you think they care about their perceived "Useless Eaters?" No personal disrespect Abby, but the Tax Slaves have as much value in their minds as hogs in the pen.
      This is what the WH reports were to enlighten you all with. Tough love- truth.
      Even focused groups locked on daily in Reno can't get paid Abby. With all their connections, they are still being stalled and lied to to for months. They will look after their own food chain and God help the rest. Abby, bottom line, they don't care. Reality is they are a bloated Cabal losing worldwide dominance, in terminal decline, and thinking ONLY of how to stay afloat by the day, week and month asking how long can they keep their Ponzi pyramid going? They dismantled the Constitution decades ago. They rig your votes,and issue Executive Orders as Commie Czars. When you see the scale of 48, all will be explained. Then, of a 310 million population, will 200 m under educated half wits even understand it? Their Tri Lateral ethos of Population Reduction is not a casual consideration Abby. When the Hogs become surplus to need, eradicate them. They will feed their own Swine from the Dinar swill. How much do you think will be left to trickle down? Who is going to print the dollars to cash you out? Congress only feeds their own pockets. When 48 is released, it not only explains the harsh, tough truth of all, but hopefully, may just be the wake up call mid America needs to say, No More. Or do the Lemmings just go over the cliff, following a Marching Band, to order? RV's are for " The Boys". Feudal conquest fuel. Trickle down - how? Banks have no Settlement Desks for them. Even IF, they agree to feed the swine, be sure the Exchange Rates will do you no favors. When have they ever? God, you will want Democracy next. That ethos you preach to others but don't practice at home. You know what they will fund for you. FEMA camps. Neo Nazis and the Zionists hijacked you Abby and deceived you all ruthlessly. Think Fourth Reich Abby. Only this time, with Zionists as Camp Guards also. Reality in this US is beyond the contemplation level of the corralled hogs in the Tax Pen. Good luck with Justice. Holder fronts that! Smart Americas now leave. They see whats coming down. As cities become Ghettos, when is the wake up call? This for hell sure, is now what the Founding Fathers never intended or wanted. Congress has no Soul and the Senate is a Cabal Laundry, nothing more. Dinars? They don't even want to feed your diners Abby.
      We will try to get 48 out for you all. It truly explains all of it. Names, shames and just could be the wake up call needed. It then needs real Patriots to rally and help. RV's are for the Made Men Abby. Yes, there will be variable conversion rates. Be sure, yours, if any, will be very low. Thieves don't pay back Abby. Dinars were never a free lunch ride for anyone. Just the Made Men.
      Good men are hemorrhaging funds in Reno trying to get paid. This is their Alamo. All they have got for 7 months, is the run around. The Treasury will lie to their own face in the mirror. Focused men in Reno are failing badly to be paid out. They are paying and denied. Free rides?"

    3. "AbbyDecember 22, 2012 6:08 PM

      John - You often seem to be doing double talk. Just recently you said 'report #48 was being held up until after the RV. Now you are telling us essentially that they will be no RV'.

      Also, Tman stated on his interview with Kerry that 'there will be an RV'. I heard him say this as I listened to that interview.

      This RV was mentioned in here quite a long while back, when Geno was still posting. Yet you said nothing; you just let people go on with it?

      You also speak of us americans as ignorant, foolish and dumb sheep, or other such things. HOWEVER, how do you expect us/them to be wise about all these things WHEN people like you and the White Hats and ALL those who also know whats really going on - continue to HIDE these very things from us?

      Even you stated that Report forty eight was being refrained so as not to hinder the RV

      Why do you condemn people, when you know very well that Truth has always been hidden from us??

      And I'd also like for Tman to answer for himself for his vocal statement on Kerry's show. Was he lying? Was he deliberately misleading? What?

      You also mock dinar buyers referring to them as being greedy? How is this any different from the Stock Market? Do people invest in it as a pass time, or out of greed hoping to make a profit?
      Are there not a zillion investments around which are used out of a sense of greed?

      No, John. Dinar holders are far far from greedy folks. In fact they are miffed now because they are unable to carry out their pre-planned benevolent ventures.

      Lastly, it does not take a nation of people uprising, in bloodshed, to get rid of these Cabal bastards. In fact that will not get rid of them. They will simply go into hiding while people kill each OTHER, while they sip their top shelf favorite and laugh till its over.
      No, John, the better accusation would be - why are the hundreds and thousands who KNOW without a doubt, and have all the evidence of these Criminal, not arresting them. THAT is where the problem lies.

      Instead they sit on their behinds and let them destroy this entire world.”

      Q. When did T-man ever tell us truth?
      A. Truth is subject to changes depending on who gets what and how much.

    4. Sometimes Abby makes me livid and sometimes she gets it right. These are all points I made to all the white hats all along. I believe I have said enough for now on the white hat subject. It is up to them to stop pretending the obvious is invisible to the rest of us.

      I offered to be Tmans webmaster if he uses his real name and allows me to hold them accountable to these sort of questions. He seems to think the white hats still floats as a viable hull for a ship. It does not. We the internet mass need to demand real names from everyone as step number one.

    5. Note to the powers that be on the dinar.... just revalue the freaking currency to 50 cents for EVERYONE...what isn't available in paper currency put on debit cards.... Christ. A moron could figure this out. 25000 notes will be divisible by 5...

      Tax it at 30% and pay off the war and national debt and allow us hippy rich to buy stuff for a little while and regrow the economy...

      Whatever it costs raise gas a nickle.

    6. one more note on the white hats... The term is bastardized by every disinfo outfit out there...they all claim to be white hats.... so the term is absolutely worthless to truth... that is why I offered to represent Tman as a journalist under his real name... of the 47 reports most of it can be boiled down to a couple paragraphs of facts... the rest is sensationalistic hyperbole bordering on opinion and a fair amount of failed predictions....

      I know some of the stuff that didn't get published and that could make a damn good story, but the fact that elections and justice got put on hold for our personal investments is something we all have to kick some dust at our feet for... I know I tried but at the same time I want my goddamn money too... Tired of letting the void of conscience win every time...

      I have never revealed the white hats real names or the key inside stories they told me...

      What I did say was basically my profound disenchantment with their methodology...

      They barely speak to me now...whatever... What I lost in macho witty banter I gained in feeling better about my role as a journalist loyal to the truth and not agendas.

  3. Geno,

    What perplexes me most is why do these people do what they do? Money and power sure, yet is the life that they live really much better than yours or mine? Are they free from worry? They live a lie. I'm not talking size fish, or girl at the bar type lie, I'm talking Life and death lies..Their life, your death. How anyone who makes decisions for money, that result in the deaths of innocent people can sleep at night is beyond me. If that is a perk for the "house on the hill" they can have it. What happens when one of their sociopaths finds out that they have been duped, and wants revenge? Paranoia must be their thanks, not for me.

    The time and money that goes into this deception machine could and should be used to make the world a better place, not by killing, but by living and giving. Isn't that what it is all about? That's the way I was raised. I believe that if everyone contributes ( to society) more than they take , our world, and life's will be free and pure. Look around...who is giving more than they take? Better yet look around at who are taking more than they give. Ahhhh.. There lies the simple! So Master; "It really is not the gun, it is the person who is afraid of the gun that is the problem. The person who takes and gives nothing in return..the thief.. The thief wants us to get rid of our guns." Ahh Master "Now I understand" "The thief is the problem" Very good Grasshopper! "Get rid of the thief, get rid of the problem"

    "there's room at the top they are telling you still.
    but first you must learn to smile as you kill
    if you want to live like the folk on the hill" John Lennon..Working Class Hero

    Definitely Top Ten

  4. makes me wonder what compromise Lennon made for his fortune and guilt and offing.... he speaks of "Felliniesque" orgies and major acid trips the Beatles were led through....

    The past tense of lead is lead but I spell it led because people are too illiterate to know that so I use pencil led to say

    Regarding your point well yes.... decent people live and let live and predators prey...

    The Kol Nidre prayer is evidence exhibit A your honor, who in God's name would have a prayer forgive them for the lies they have yet to tell?

    1. John Lennon knew what he was doing although I cannot be certain what killed him in the end.

      John Lennon knew what he was doing although I cannot be certain what killed him in the end. Money is so powerful that the music genius was able to “love” Yoko whose music taste was hideous. They made most of their money in NY real estate.

      "Yoko Ono was born into a wealthy Japanese family in Tokyo. Her mother, Isoko Yasuda Ono, was the grand-daughter of Zenijiro Yasuda, who founded Yasuda Bank. Her father, who was a banker and classical pianist, was transferred to California on a work placement shortly before she was born."

  5. Geno,

    I am of the opinion that Lennon lost his life because of what he was led through. LSD was found to promote psychotic behavior in government experiments, and was not illegal when the Beatles were using it. What was not known was the positive spiritual effects of the drug when taken in a good environment. Love me do to Rubber Soul. The Beatles went to a higher place, and I believe wanted to share what they learned. Can you "imagine" the state of affairs we live in today if John knew of these atrocities, and was alive? I bet he did, and paid the ultimate price. He was truth, he was outspoken, and he seemed genuinely concerned for the good of mankind. Not to mention he definitely has a big following. Yet what happens after he begins to reemerge from a self imposed (or was it imposed by others)retirement from the music industry, in which he admits to overcoming a serious drug addiction? A Sociopath, who at one time idolized him, ends up thinking he is the anti Christ, and murders him in the Lobby of the Dakota? Now let's think about that for a second...I have never known anyone who did not like the Beatles. Ever have someone switch channels on a Beatles song? Not in my life. John Lennon was a serious person when he took a position. "Woman is the Nigger of the World", " Revolution", "Working Class Hero", "Imagine". Lennon's songs were life, good and bad, Pure and simple, powerful. The world loved him for what he believed in, and that was world peace, equality, and an end to human suffering. I find it hard to believe that anyone would murder him, unless it was someone who feared exposure for misdeeds to humanity, which is something John and Yoko were adamantly against.

    "And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love, you make" The Beatles The end

  6. @ Anon... that is not true that LSD was found to promote psychotic behavior... that doesn't even make sense... the govt would love LSD if it did that... they must have been super bummed it didn't.

    I come from the era that was awash in LSD... i know of exactly no one who is psychotic as a result. LSD makes you think and opens your brain to a world of possibilities... that is what govt fears... a population that thinks... that is why a freaking harmless plant that is well know to have many beneficial uses is outlawed... THINK. Think, in green language, breaks down into God in Spirit.

  7. Government testing, on soldiers, and civilians, in lab environments ( not any place to trip that is for sure) were done, and the participants experienced bad trips. Small wonder, they were not told what was happening. This is why, I believe the government was so slow to outlaw it. I come from an area as well as an era awash in LSD (Tim Leary, Brotherhood of eternal Love), and in a good environment it does indeed enhance creativity, and spirituality. Brother Love; I believe this was an experiment that the government was not counting on. As to the bad effects, I know a person who was arrested while under the spell of a hit of four way window pane, and he never will be a whole person again.

  8. Haven't you heard? It won't matter in a couple of days...

    This is interesting; hope you 'see it' before the "new age".!

    1. Hang in there; the darkest hour is just before the dawn...

  9. a simple sorry I'm broke No need to blame it on the Mayans...;)

    1. No one is to blame but ourselves g. We're not victims when we remember that we create our own realities that are free from fear; our mandate is to consider ALL the evidence.

      Quo vadis?

    2. I probably made this case better somewhere on this blog but this is essentially the difference between me as a voice and most others. Because I reject this statement for the clever psychology it is. Blame the victim. Is it the fault of the children with bloated stomaches? Eating from garbage dumps? The filth and poverty everywhere? No it is not. It is the fault of the so called world leaders who spent most of their times indulging their perversions and piglike greed.

      So I am a talented white man in America and I am blamed for being a failure. The question is why am I a failure? I will tell you why. I rejected a dishonest deal from what was plainly a corrupt and sleazy mob of self serving liars and I told them to their face. I have been blacklisted and destroyed through their networks, their whisper campaigns, their stalking.... And I am proud to keep attacking full frontal assault much to my own detriment.

      So Hugh, though you seem quite the decent guy you will do best to help this world by not repeating their blame the victim psychologies.

  10. one time while on acid at a fun christmas party, I accidentally spilled Amaretto di Saronno all over a friend while pretending to dab it behind my ears like a big perfume bottle... The embarrassment was heightened to such a level I apologized incessantly for the next 12 hours... LSD which I am told isn't the same stuff as before 1968... is like all other synthetic drugs...dangerous and unpredictable and highly discouraged.

  11. Geno,

    Why is it that there hasn't been any anti Pharmaceutical drug news reports (propaganda). How about a "stamp out sociopaths" campaign. "Dumbing down the students" "honesty in reporting"

    "We want your guns so when we come for your soul, your only weapon will be your useless, creative, intellectual mind"...That's my thought for the day.

    Post an email address I can reach you at. I do not have a pay pal account, or any of the other Bank of Zion Israel cards, but I would like to send some Christmas cheer your way.

  12. I was told one never mentions politics nor religion in any polite social environment.

    Well that American myth is alive and well that we are the greatest.

    But Mit says that if your old or poor you should just starve die and just focking go away.

    You just try telling your pack of "friends and family" that 9\11 was an inside job or dare show Jim stones site heaven forbid!! Do not ask questions just believe as they say if you want to keep said friends and family.

    Even on veterans today website one sees exposure of those zio folks. Got to confess I was one of em till recently and what can I say?

    There is responsibility for those wars and I feel it! Its all about those choosen folks after all yet here at home I see busted homes and no good work for young men including my own 24 year old son.

    Alternitive media says we are at fault cause you have to confront them. Confront them with what sticks and stones like the Palistinians do?

    Well I guess they got bigger stones than us 'mericans do.


    1. The encouraging news here for me is that you were able to see past your original brainwashing... I used to be liberal left and now I see how they give both sides a set of beliefs to cling to and fight about and that the views of the right have some good points.... a sort of an individualist do it your own damn self.... Although they are hypocritical simultaneously in that their wealthy fathers and grandfathers milked and bilked corporate welfare but I digress...

      Individualism is key.... rejecting all collective thought bullying and being proud to be the guard at the gates of the fortress that is your own mind... No enemies inside that gate... Just logical polite well mannered fair thoughts and opinions...

  13. Funny personal

    Mary Ann

    12:02 PM (9 hours ago)

    to me
    Geno It appears that we both emailed each other about the same time, so I didn't see this til now - I do have some information so I will follow through - I am doing a little grocery shopping for Christmas Day anyway.

    Merry Christmas to you too...XO

    Mary Ann

    Where are you on Christmas Day?

    >>> Geno Kalmes 12/23/12 11:50 AM >>>
    Geno Kalmes

    2:14 PM (7 hours ago)

    to Mary
    I will be bathing invalids as I do every christmas...

    7:08 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    Geno, that is a very good deed and impresses me..

    Geno Kalmes

    9:20 PM (7 minutes ago)

    to Mary
    laugh out loud...How did I know you would take me seriously...? I barely bathe myself... cheers...

  14. WHEN YOU LOOK AT THIS EVENT if you believe it is real you are conditioned to be dumbed down as to not realize and ask yourself the following SIMPLE QUALIFYING QUESTIONS:

    Where is the blood?
    Where are the 27 ambulances required to transport 27 dead people
    Where are the body bags?
    Where are the blood soaked rags and material needed to clean up a mess that would be very extensive if we are to believe these people were shot and bled out?
    Where are the bloody gloves of the EMT workers?
    Where are the stretchers?
    Where are the blood soaked floors and emergency workers and eyewitnesses?
    Where are the people performing CPR and other life saving procedures as they arrived (we see them shooting footage of kids being led out of the class room and told this was shot by a first responder) BULLSHIT you save lives first before you shoot footage
    Where are the bullet casing Dixie cups on the ground as markers for the CS I team.
    Where are the civil lawsuits?
    Where are the ER workers that would have been prepped that incoming of 27 gun shot victimizes are headed there way?
    Where are the hospital staff and the hospital spokes person making a statement as to the families and informing them of the procedures they would need to follow in order to ID the bodies and who to take to with questions.


    Look at this and wake the fuck up... Our rulers are trying to cement domination and to do that they need to convince you that they are going to save you from mad men with guns... get it? FRAUD... Fake media emotional events so they can justify kicking down doors with SWAT teams...

    SWAT teams need to be real American Patriots and do an about face...

  16. in addition this is all designed to get people fighting.... those who react emotionally to all stimuli and those who react intellectually... Stalin murdered all the intellectuals first because they are much harder to fool...