Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Conversation with A Zionist troll... Spanked Him...

Andy we need to let Allah sort this out...


  1. Mr. Cox are you a born again Christian? I mean one of those dispensationalist ones?

    Before Zionism Christians Jews and Muslems all got on in the middle east just fine.

    Mr. Kalmes is not prejudist but I do think that you are with your anti Islam stance.
    Mr. Kalmes is trying to reason with you and you respond with a personal attack without any valid argument.

    I know its tough for you because when the brain washing is attacked that cognitive disonance comes up big time.

    The answer to brain washing is critical thinking and this is no personal attack! I thought the same way just a few short years ago.

    I would advise hanging around and get educated and hopefully take a look at your world view.


    1. Nine... that's intriguing... is that your name?

      Anyways... What if the people criticizing Israel and the Jews are right?

      As to anti-semitism that's another diversion... because according to the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium they define the Askenazi Jews as being Germanic or of Eastern European lineage... and the Sephardic Jews as Mediterranean in origin and the Mizrahi as Middle Eastern.

      Take a look at the site Who Controls America, for instance, and you see the influence is the Ashkenazi Jews (Germanic or Eastern European) and never the semitic tribes... so what's up with that? Calling someone an anti-semite is another deception.

      So, if i am calling out Israel or the Jews as the progenitor of this ill or that... i am definitely NOT being anti-semitic... Because the Askenazi are not semitic and they don't have a right to Palestine. Yep... pretty much, that's it.

  2. 'spose I could "reason" a bit better but I lose my patience with this sort quicker than I used to... it's not so much what they say but the fact they are paid to agitate and lie.... the profession is what irks me... people do not know right and wrong anymore thanks to this sort of mind rape.... it's a crime to confront a person with a crime because someone might get their delusional feelings hurt.

    One gets tired of shoveling the shit off of the truth.

  3. think about what I said above here, we actually have people leading us who use the people's tax dollars to lie, con, manipulate, and worse to the people who pay them to do so...

  4. Happy new year!!

    Great blog....

    Yes the shills are paid. Yet we know the truth.

    And post it for free!

    And yes that special "tribe" got that ball rolling with the American Christians. But now those Zio-Christians are a huge voting block in America. So what!! Blacks and Hispanics saved the day and just look at the make up of the local Zio church!! Just saying....Way more Zio christians than there will ever be Jews got to hand it to em for being smart!

    My Mexican pal says that the "wall" is to keep you gringos out....

    Gosh are they fuming hate since "O" won the "E"!!! The war against Iran is off the table and they just can't get enough Muslem blood....

    "My kingdom is not of this earth, you snakes and vipers" and he whipped the money changers out of the temple! Those money changers conspired with the dispised Roman occupiers.

    Then they put on a show trial and murdered him and even that Roman occupier Pilot said "I find no fault in this man" yet because of the fear of the Jews he gave him up to be murdered....

    That is in a nut shell the Gospel that used to be believed in America before Scofield and Graham. Both financed by wealthy Jews.

    Please forgive my mention of scripture I do not mean to convince anyone here to become a Christian....

    The name Nine is just a name of a couple of bicycle company's since I am a cyclist. Niner bicycles and 9:zero:7 both inovative mountain bike company's...

    Geno if I might say....never give up. Keep reasoning with them since many will come out since there support is a mile wide and an inch deep. Truth will win out in the end. That is the truth if ever I saw it!!!!

  5. Thanks, one thing I truly believe... is that the Jews both false and otherwise are way more than 2% of the world population.... There is a stealth takeover... for one thing they marry into goyim family.... the half Jew is widespread, and then I pretty much call Catholics=Jews since the Rothschild's became the Vatican bankers the Church served a different doctrine... (Luciferian) the circumcision is one clue... and yes, the rewrite of the Bible, the Gideon Bible in every motel room... and the Christian Zionists repeating the brainwashing of Jerusalem where AntiChrist meets second coming... yeah yeah yeah, I know, crazy religion talk, but I didn't create the doctrine billions follow as sheep to slaughter....

    Now here is a treat....

    Even I learned a lot here...please listen to the whole thing it will drop your jaw.


    1. this radio interview pretty much confirms my conclusions I put forth here...