Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Banks Hand Out Suckers...

Hello 911, I would like to report a man on a ledge... he lost millions on the stock market and blames phantom trading... he says the flash crash was engineered by Wall Street banksters... he says he wants justice or he will jump... what's so funny?

  1. Apparently some people feel the release of 48 will mess up the chance of the RV.... My personal feeling is play offense not defense but I am just a grunt.

    1. If memory serves, the Dinar RV was tied to the GS. Is there a possibility of a partial GS execution?
    2. It is only attached in that the RV cannot happen without funding and that was the stance of those pushing to release the global settlements. Ask yourself why our leaders would refuse to allow a 100 trillion dollar gift from Asian dynasties to be ignored. Two main reasons, one they want to steal it for themselves and two they have planned this depression for a long time for many reasons. They want civil war and all great wars get started with great depressions. Men who take it to the street. Well if we did that the media would paint us as crazed extremists and that would make the specially trained forces the green light to kill us. The media would paint the specially trained forces as the good guys and us as racists and religious gun freaks and all their other fabled slander. So it is a waiting game to create that desperation. In the mean time they hold all the cards and are faking highly emotional events to provoke everyone.

      There are other ways to fund the RV but they don't want it for everyone just themselves. Those camped around Wells Fargo may get their way but it is my opion that the PTB are lying and stalling when they say today is the day we go into the banks, thus over extending the people camped out around wells fargo awaiting their payments promised when we went into Iraq.

      This is why we need to release 48 and all the evidence and be willing to accept that it may very well stop the RV until the charges are made and the world agencies come together for arrests.

      Personally I know this just to be cutting a hole out of the middle management and the heads of the beast will survive. So this is the option, hope they release the RV and it doesn't collapse the dollar and a huge fiat currency flows forth with more of the same and that we somehow use that moment to do what needs to be done or we release all the evidence and hope our militaries do what needs to be done.

      Either way I see men with shiny metals scared to make a move. Everyone seems more than willing to bluff tough but that gets weaker every day.

      I have always said in its most rudimentary form the larger war is old world money versus new world money. Well it is also fiat versus gold but which team will win? The one with the ability to do the most violent damage.... But in this day and age of satellites everyone can see through the other guy so this is an absurd stalemate. The elite wants to pretend they are good guys strapped by a few bad apples and that is pure bullcrap. For hundreds of years all these elites have enslaved and murdered.

      There I said it.
    3. LOL! A simple 'yes' would have sufficed! But thank you -- very instructive.

      On the $100 trillion etc proper.

      I know and you know it exists. But we would be damn challenged to prove it to any rational person out there. You know because you are directly involved with the WH. I know because of a chain of trusted friendship going back decades.

      Yet a moosehead truth of this fortune would burn Washington to the ground and put the troops squarely on the side of the citizenry.

      The antidote to secrets is either blackmail or truth.

      If #48 makes it out the door I have 10K printed cards at the ready and several people on speed-dial (almost primed and convinced) that if they pitch in will get us another 50K eyeballs at least. Wish I could do more, but that stretches the limit. [I have a Hail Mary pass in progress that might generate 5 million eyeballs, but it's an almost impossible stretch... ]
  2. This may be a dumb question, but WHY does this Asian Dynasty need anybody's permission to release this 100 Trillion??

    Shows how really tyrannical our world has become, when it is this difficult to get money from the hands of one ''person'' into the hands of others. Who woulda thought.

    Lastly, supposing it got released, into where or who would it BE released to...specifically? In my view, if it goes to Treasuries or Agencies, it will get stolen. Much like Charitable Organizations - it gets swindled and helps very few People. Sheesh, stand on the street and just hand it out to tom, dick and harry. That would burn D.C. bigtime.

    I invision that even if the GS was released today, it wouldn't change one of our lives in any real way. Same as the bailouts were never felt on Main St.

    1. When the GS main accounts are released,large amounts are already contracted to go to a truly well organized CDFI who wont let the Cabal even get a look at the proceeds. It will ALL go to Projects, Infrastructure and Humanitarian. Exactly as should be with good people in control. The Cabal and Texans know, the end game is coming. 48- game changer.
    2. Well John, here's hoping the dirt farmer down yonder and his bakers dozen globetrotter buds across the pond decide that it's in the best interest of all not to pull the pin on any nuclear detonators they may have in their respective cache after the "game changer" its the fan.

      48 with my morning coffee please..thank you

    3. Geno KalmesSeptember 26, 2012 1:41 PM  
    4. Abby, the very premise of these reports is,,,TAIWAN for one... they sent 700 billion from Taiwan to the Federal Reserve and the money disappeared...This is the whole point of everything here. Those who have the codes just steal all the large transactions.  
  3. I think Americans have to really think about this in wake up empathetic terms... The same people have used the same tactics on large populations of the Earth for centuries... Starve them out, cause war and then murder them systematically. In case people aren't catching on that is what is happening here...our turn and so many around the world are pulling up front row seats and popping popcorn because they feel with all their heart and soul we deserve it and it is one big haha... your turn fat privileged uncompassionate oblivious America....

    They used us in various ways, to kill, as fodder, to manufacture, to propagandize world crap on TV, and of course to be the poster child of over fed and too self absorbed to truly care to get it...

    The true villains are the shadow elite freaks the protocols of Zion depict perfectly but they will not get the blame.... we will.... because it is late in the screenplay... Act 3... The Dickheads get theres'...

    And again... we only partly deserve it seeing as though like everyone else we were conned but the true perpetrators of the con also did a good job of cloaking themselves as either persecuted or champions of the underdogs...

    Does anyone get it yet or shall I try one more long winded essay?


  1. I'm just cleaning out my archives, no point in wasting breath saying the same thing again... eventually I will edit all this into a coherent narrative.... so this is a work in progress...

    1. Geno,

      Ever wonder why TV's, Iphones, and and Lazy boy chairs keep going down in price? How is it that cheetos and soft drinks are in the hands of our youth 24/7. Oxicotin on middle school campus. TV shows promoting single teenage moms...on welfare? McFly...anybody home! Fatten the steer before you kill it! Fluoride with meals please. Schools where every kid gets an A.Where being smarter and trying harder is looked down upon. I venture to say in the near future Gloria ACLU will sue the parents of a intellectual child.

      Here is my suggestion to wake up America! Go to a third world country and look around. Not at the tourist hotel centers, but at the shanty residences of the worlds poor...the slaves of society....Because if we as a nation do not wake up,and soon, get up and take a stand against the agenda that the TV pushes down our throats, then this is your future. A fat slave can work without food longer than a skinny one....

      Unplug the TV, and start reading books books before they are destroyed. Farenhite 451 is one of my favorites!

      What ya gonna do when they take your life away?

    2. Me2

      When I get back to the states i will try to send some ducats your way!

      Do not hold your breath on the Dinar, I am sure Rothchildes "CLAIM they own more Dinars than the system can pay out, and those guys are ayways first in line. Capitol Punishment....You got punishment!

      Max the banker was feeling bored,
      trying to creat a third world war,
      Bush and Chenny entered the door,
      haven't you done this kind of thing before?
      Rothschildes smiled, and said....yes I believe it can be easily done!
      we'll set some bleachers out in the sun
      an do it out on hwy 61".......Bob Dylan REVISED

    3. I might have to go back to smoking pot to regain that weird cynical funny Geno.... everything just looks and feels the same... mundane... hopeless...