Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walk On...Walk On...

It's funny but being broke is the reason I have such a vast portfolio of work. When most were watching TV I was making it. And honestly, I almost went yard at 26. I went to college to study film making and screenwriting and then drove out to Hollywood from Illinois with three screenplays. Within a few months I was being taken out to lunch at Universal studios and signing two scripts over to producers under option agreements. This was 1986, by 1989 something extraordinary happened with one of the scripts, CAA, ICM and William Morris Agency all picked it up to package the project at the same time. This is an amazing event. Packaging means they put together actors and directors from their stable of talent and take it to the studio. Well, what happened is all 3 agencies, the top three in the industry realized they were packaging it at the same time. The Producer made a huge error by giving it to all three, it is known that you don't do that out of professional courtesy. They all dropped it in anger.

This script was almost made in 1986 also and later in 1990, was almost made in Yugoslavia. LOL. A Goulash western. Along the way I was lied to and eventually I wrote a letter asking those lying to please stop lying so we could make a great film. After that my career went colder than a walk in freezer. For the next two decades I sent scripts to Hollywood only to watch my ideas come out in other people's films. People say, why didn't you sue. Well, it's not that easy, because you have to find a lawyer to prove access and when a script is out of hand there is no way of following whose desk it ends up on and what "reader" read it. In fact in order to get it read one has to sign a pre-agreement that essentially says, "chances are we thought of this first."

It wasn't until 2001, after 911 that I really woke up to the grand conspiracy that controls our world. The media mafia, has a certain Satanic/Luciferian slant on all subject matter. Ever notice how films like It's a Wonderful Life are almost as rare as a Chicago Cubs World series? Those messages of humanity and hope don't make the cut. Instead we get slasher movies, teen sex comedies, and in general films that have a hopelessness to them that perpetuate man as God, the Luciferian endgame.

The video above, I suppose needs no explanation. It certainly sounds cynical and dire. However I hope the humor and intent shine beyond the overall affect it may have on one's day.

After all, how can we ever over come the mindfucker mafia if we continue to be gullible and walk into their traps time and time again. A person who throws themselves on a grenade isn't being negative he is making the ultimate sacrifice. And though I am not physically absorbing a blow that will dismember me to save others I have indeed suffered the repercussions of opening my mouth. The control freak mafia has made damn sure I am kept in a very small box. Any success I almost have goes away by means of whisper campaign phone calls, which disallows me making a living and instead keeps me living like a stray cat, always on the move, and dependent on the good grace of God.

I'm not unhappy but I am not happy either. I hate seeing billions suffer as they do under this psychotic self serving imbalance forced upon humanity by these creatures masquerading as human. And to be clear I am not talking reptile or some other non human, I mean it as lifeforms whose sociopathic hoarding of resources just makes them the enemy of all things and therefore beyond contempt, and seemingly beastly in their motivation.

On the days I start feeling if you can't beat them join them I quickly return to being me. The real me feels like Groucho, "I wouldn't want to be part of a club that would want me as a member."  I was wired tight by very compassionate empathetic parents. That's how it sticks. But I want people to consider this. If my movies were in the theater or on TV I would be getting a salary from THEM. The content would be serving THEM and their agenda. But it's not. The content is NOT what they want people to think about. I know this and have spent countless hours creating it. And it's funny but the only people who ever contribute to me are those who barely have a dime themselves. And I don't want that. I want to find a couple people who do have the wealth and their consciences in the right place to help fund the work I have already done and the work I intend to do. Where is a person like that? Do they exist or is it synonymous that those with money have it because they value it over everything else?

This page contains some videos I made for the cause of humanity. An attempt to fuse entertainment with soul searching. Mine and yours.

Is there a well off person out there who suffers from generosity?

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