Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Lessons Learned...

T'is Christmas again and what shall I say about it? Well this video, song I produced says it is all about "giving" and not receiving.... not exactly a news flash... but as I tried to make Christmas shopping a life lesson to my 5 year old son here, it sort of sticks in time as a reminder to me that I tried to instill ethics in my son that I know more than ever were being countered by a sick of soul media, whose messages were 24 and 7 not just bombarding him but bombarding his friends who relayed the behavior to him. There comes a time in life when somehow God or fate shakes us by the shoulders and says, "choose." Your choice is being selfish and materialistic and constantly pursuing a counterfeit version of happiness or to actually think about the messages that are there from what we have labeled angels or Jesus. We can argue their existence but we can't argue the messages, for I fail to see where any of the advice was a con job. Turn the other cheek, peace, love, honesty and especially make a higher power the center not one's self. Christianity says it is Jesus. Period. Well, I only have one thing to say about that. Make it a personal prayer and see how it feels. I  know personally when I use the name and pray sincerely that a certain peace assures me something or someone is really listening.

I too hear all the messages around me telling me it is all control freak bullcrap and fantasy, designed by our elite rulers to form a social engineering doctrine, and though one should have an open mind and willingness to hear all sides, one should never relinquish the possibility of being wrong... or right...or admit we don't know enough to come to any conclusion and to rule out what could be cheating one's self is just foolish. Below is the official myth and or fable of Christmas in song. I played it in one take, both the guitar and vocal and the second track harmonica in one take, the morning Kal left with his Mom for their Christmas up north. The harmonica part was truly inspired in my opinion. I had only been playing guitar a year and harmonica is an instrument dependent upon the key of the other instruments as to how it sounds. Though the sound has a hiss from ending up on a cassette tape and back to digital 14 years later, I am glad it survived even in an imperfect state. Though the story of Christmas survives in an imperfect state, we need to listen for the parts that are in harmony with goodness and decency, love and faith in humanity and something bigger and better and peaceful.

And then there is humor. To laugh at the human error and pain we are cursed with. It doesn't hurt to have fun in the face of our fear and doubt.


  1. Geno,

    The best gift I ever got for Christmas,(though at times I wanted what the other kids were getting) was the gift of giving. Our family was upper middle class, never in need. I would get a book, new socks, underwear, and a couple one dollar bills from grandparents. My mother (94 years old) spent her whole life giving to others, and the payback she got is a life full of goodness, and no regrets. If there is a chance to experience a random act of kindness, I do it, and I get more than I gave every time. I am proud to say that my kids have seen this as a way of life, and I am sure they will survive because of it. My kids always give me a painting, or sculpture they made, and I love it, I do the same. Your song reminds me of a Christmas tune I played for my kids after my divorce (9/11/). I used a Strat and a twin Reverb amp but it came from the same place. I wish I still had a copy of it.

    What I want to give to others this year is knowledge. It was given to me, and I have been passing it along (sadly to deaf ears most of the time). You have supplied me with a huge amount of information (documented reference material), and sources to others. Clint Richardson is amazing in his documentation, and non sensationalism research, and I want to thank him as well.

    I also want to give a gift to some special folks that deserve a lump of coal in their stockings......It is a warning!

    Your time has come, the death, destruction, and misery that you have forced upon the good people of this world will be your undoing. Your lies, and deception, that have fooled the masses for all these years are now known truths, and the people are awakening!

    Merry Christmas Geno!

  2. and Merry Christmas to you too I appreciate your words always.