Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby Future...

  1. Jesus Christ, they are idiots and here I am unable to walk or talk... If I don't get up to speed I'm doomed...

    1. CAFR is the answer to all the posers, preachers, bloggers, big mouths, know it alls etc. I do not come close to measuring the effectiveness of Clint Richardson, he is doing the good work of a hundred men for no pay... His work on CAFR and dozens of other subjects is the example we should all follow. .... CAFR mini groups that find the local hidden money and address the issue locally is what we should all be doing. The reason I haven't is I live the life of a nomad, I have no home town to address... If and when I lay down roots I intend to do more with that, for now I try to use what skills I have to help drive people to the answer and this indeed the rallying point and smoking gun.
    2. I will say this, if people form a small group in their municipality to review the CAFR, get some angry home owners over property tax, some teachers who have had their courses cut, laid off workers, an accountant that is a true Patriot, just a half dozen or so, have more than one small group to cross reference findings... and videotape it when you address the issue at the city council meeting, or simply hold a small youtube press conference.... I will either travel to help you with media or edit and upload or anything to assist your effort.... for free... I can simply be a consultant... but anyone who isn't just a talker and complainer this is where the revolution is.
    3. and I would like to add this.... if you think white hat 48 will solve the issue, that bush arrested or whomever will stop the local white collar mafia from stealing and hiding hundreds of millions of dollars of your money locally, you know nothing. It is your local money that destroys the quality of your life, and if you can't wrap your head around the idea that these global criminals are a grand con job of theater you cannot unravel unless you are willing to consider the idea that the people you think are the problem are manufactured and scripted figureheads then you are condemned to a life of futile frustration. That is why I posted Chiarinis work. He only has to be right 1 time out of 10 to prove the entire show is a fraud and yet people's brain stall out when they can't see past certain ideas that may be flawed.... yes... the ideas may be wrong, but where they are right is like pointing to a ship with a hole taking in water and saying but the rest of the ship is fine. All the world is a stage on the big boy Hollywood, DC Royalty level, but locally the person ripping your community off blind is teeing up at your local golf course or at the little league banquet. But jeeze, how scary that would be telling a buddy he is a thief.
    4. Abby I know very little, seems the Reno group came home for a week and then returned and that makes it almost 4 months in Reno, and basically the way I see these issues is the Brass wanting to get paid huge bucks they were promised and the general world revalue of the dinar and other currencies-- are parallel but separate issues.

      If they simply revalued the freaking currency at 50 cents tomorrow, the populace could exchange and the economy would flow again, and the brass can continue to refuse to work until they get their promised pay. We are told Rothschild owns the world but there are some names like Aldobrandini and Medici and Orsini and others that may or may not be even more powerful, so ultimately whoever it is that calls the game can at any point look at the gross value of world resources divided by 6 billion people and come up with a simple math equation to feed, house and healthcare everyone, and jobs don't have to be life consuming misery but lesser hours shared, but Christ there I go talking sane principles again when apparently we have a sado- masochistic elite who get off on inflicting suffering....

      But I guess I digress....
    5. Geno -- That is the hard part for me; there is plenty for every single person on this earth, that there should be no suffering, homelessness, or hunger for anyone. And knowing that there are a handful of Btards that are causing such suffering.

      I've driven thru part of appalacian back country and seen horrific disheartening depressing conditions that make me sick. St. Louis, northern PA, and other such delapidation, living in shacks year after year. And this is the 21st Century??

      TO YOU MILITARY HEADS: What does it take to get through to you guys. Our country is being totally destroyed in every way, and you do nothing to put a stop to it, that is within your power to do -- then YOU will be held accountable for the destruction of millions upon millions of lives.
      And worse, you will be held accountable to GOD Himself. Do not think for a moment that you won't.
    6. We are agreeing too much lately Abby... If it weren't for the sadists who apparently run the world and engage in inflicting pain and torture, we would be able to break it down to a simple equation because in a fiat fractional reserve system they make sure their own bank accounts have plenty of zeroes while they control everyone else by making us desperate.

      Take women for example, why do so many have to strip or prostitute themselves to make a living.... any man with a mother, sister or daughter should be appalled... Granted I am a red blooded male also but it's the economics and lack of morality or empathy that has created a woman who is no longer a lady, no longer happy, unable to simply achieve a decent life because she has been deceived and conned and she is a willing participant, and often unwilling due to desperation or actual captivity to break free from the psychological rape that imprisons her... Turning her against the men who should instead be worshipping one another as yin and yang... and that's just one sick abberation and cause of the sadists that run the show, and that's not going into what is happening to children, and people in general eating on garbage dumps or just starving. It's sick. If the men with shiny medals don't feel this-- give the medals to someone that understands the true defense of freedom and dignity.

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