Monday, October 22, 2012

Vote For Mediocrity and Dishonesty

Your comment about a write-in Candidacy poses some very interesting questions.

Given the established propensity for vote-rigging with electronic voting machine use, how would you propose to validate a majority vote to a write-in Candidate ? Surely this would require an ‘unofficial’ mirror tabulation process of some kind ?
If you do have audited numbers proving a majority vote to a write-in Candidate how would you empower that person into office?
Does an “Unofficial’ registration process have any validity ?

The idea of voters being able to verifiably register their vote at a secure alternate site with the knowledge that their vote would count, poses an opportunity to keep the pundits HONEST as well as an extraordinary number of challenges. It seems however that the ‘system’, while allowing the vote to be tabulated at an off-shore (i.e. non-US)‘secure’ location, will neither ‘officially’ allow or accept a mirror tabulation of votes outside the established process – even if totally verifiable. How do you intend to overcome this ?

The widely publicized answers to these questions might encourage both Candidates and Voters to become involved to make change by write-in. You may remember that Dr. Paul alluded to similar concerns when declining to run as a Third-Party Candidate.

Any response ?


  1. I think we need to be responsible for being ourselves on the internet. The screen name empowers trolls and those hiding identity-- when trust comes from being YOU.

    Journalists who use their names and sign their work are taking responsibility for being a conduit of valid information and they are showing courage in standing by that work with their name and identity.

    (yes I know, the media is full of liars signing their lies with a smile.)

    I feel certain things like VOTING should carry the same responsibility. So quite simply every adult who registers and votes-- votes with their name on a data base on the net. Gene Kalmes writes in McCrystal. Dick Head votes for Obama. Sue Nimwit votes for Romney.

    This data base should be able to be seen and audited by anyone. Therefore all votes counted. Sue Nimwit can protest if she really voted for Obama. Action groups can contact voters and make sure they verify their vote.

    A system so wide open could not be stolen.

    Those who cling to the idea their vote must be private simply empowers corruption.

    But the problem with solutions is the powers that be do not want solutions because they stay in power by stealing everything that empowers themselves over everyone else. If we had a voting system like I suggested---- what would happen is some psyop would have a political extremist (agent) kill a person because of their public vote to vilify the opaque system --and the TV would broadcast the contrived emotionalism to scare everyone into wanting to keep their vote private.

    So the question is, how do we stop these psychological media ops from robbing us of the truth? It all returns to being responsible for who you are.

    As much as I attempt to support the White Hat work, I feel there will never be resolution to world problems as long as such things as spies, undercover agents and the like perpetuate the means to an end that employs dishonesty to ensnare dishonesty.

    Take all these cop shows on TV. They brainwash us to think cops are smarter, nicer, more human and heroic than the average person the TV depicts as individuals who are all potential serial killers.

    This simply empowers the big brother draconian fascism we see all around us. A grid of law enforcement watching from every angle. This very fact makes the idea that we are private citizens ludicrous. Anyone who thinks a screen name protects them from someone finding out who they are is fooling themselves. That is why I use my name and pic and stand by my work.

    (continued below...)
  2. Guys like George Carlin and Richard Pryor were never afraid to use foul language or even politically INCORRECT verbal essays to define what makes humanity, potentially amazing and great....individuality. And as long as we are afraid to be individuals with uniquely individual perspective we simply become this mass of go along to get along mediocrity that defies reaching for the stars. Sure there are those flying to the stars while the rest of us enjoy this control grid placated by beer and football and Dancing with the Stars, but really... don't we all secretly harbor the desire to not be part of the mob but what we truthfully are? A unique individual despite our social engineers desire to have us choose candidate A or B that they already decided the winner of, and to have us believe media that urges us to voluntarily take vaccinations that implant disease that will allow the medical mafia to "manage" our health and money and life for 75 years?

    It is the willingness to hand over our minds to this borg that enslaves us. The fact that we allow emotionalism to scare us into subservience. The only solution is having the guts to use your effing name and for all of us to defend each and every opinion whether we agree or not. Something our Founders understood when they created Freedom of Speech and the other brilliant amendments and Bill of Rights, that are all being dismantled by the emotional rapists, who coincidentally just happen to be funded by the shadow government that chiseled out institutions like Tavistock and The Frankfurt school of subversion to turn us into the sheep that have been labeled and categorized by such men as Freud and Bernay.

    Lies by omission are just as dishonest. The dishonest psychology that empowers the shadow government is, if they are so stupid to believe our lies, they deserve what they get. When we allow them to use secret agents to serve us secret agendas... well... duh...

  3. Key information to help you. Currently, most of the capital sequestrated by the Cabal and its incestuous Military Industrial,War Creating parasitic families, will be redistributed after the GS and RV's. An entirely new, different and honorable Global Funding Institute is already in place, known to and supported by key WHs, and ready to go, focused on rebuilding distressed communities, supporting business and project loans, affordable housing and education facilities. Money will go to where it's needed, not Cabal pockets and Bankers bonuses. There will be zero corruption in this Global multi national managed operation. The WH are not only working on exposing the vast corruption, naming those involved, but also have made positive steps towards effective use of funds once released. Very highly placed parties worldwide, in Politics, Banking and Defense are all on side and on call waiting. Again, to many dissenters,it took a Century to get this low,in only 2 years give the WH credit for the only honorable exposure media able to get the real truth out there. Rome was not built in a day. Read again the 2 years of reports. Who else has done so much for you? Who else had the courage and integrity? Once 48 hits, YOU will do what to help?
  4. Thank you, very large, to all the WHs.

    "You will do what to help?"
    All that is asked and more. If and when the time comes, I'd like to volunteer as a member of a firing squad. BTW, I am a 'terrible' shot. Were the truth be told, I'd settle for a permanent position as a juror. I would 'only' be prejudiced extremely. On that, you have my word.
  5. YOU is the individual. The thought though it sounds nice, I find it unlikely that this insidious manipulative mindset of a small group tricking us into our own slavery minded behaviors will simply vanish after a few household names are safely under mansion arrest.

    What happens to Hollywood, Tavistock, the Frankfurt School of Subversion, all the local nepotistic neighborhood architects in secret fraternities from College to Secret police to Freemasonry?

    What magical Utopia will unravel that? I contend it has to come from individualism enshrined over collectivism.

    For example, our world looks and acts alike. Every highway spills into the same chain of businesses and monopolies. Culture is not culture it is this bland repetitious sign of we are one we are one we are one... We are one big control grid of mediocrity. Where is the diverse? Why can't each exit reflect the true culture of that exit and not Corporate control grid? Will anything be done about private prisons making victimless crime perpetrators slaves in cells and employing them for pennies a day to do the work the people on the outside should do for a decent salary. They should be the people on the outside in most cases. And the medical mafia who are a nightmare of Frankenstein falsehoods that have plainly proven a much unhealthier society than those who know organic food and clean water and air create health and vitality. Will the freaking chemtrails end?

    All these things I mention are indeed conspiracies of people controlling land and the mechanisms of control. Often in secret and empowered by law that allows their secrecy power while removing everyone elses rights to privacy. What I said above is idealistic philosophy but accepting what we have been given is the death nail. Accepting one collective's management of the individual as if we are animals in a zoo is a bit too late for reversal is it not? Will the grid be undone? Of course not....not without some anarchy. And sure, there is a baby splashing around in that bathwater. Will he land on his feet or simply live to grow old in a matrix of lies, half truths, and illusion?


  1. Did you see on Dallas Goldbug's channel how you don't have to show identification to run for office? You can run on and enact government business on an alias or psuedo-name. How's that supposed to work, and how did that happen. No wonder we have no accountability.

    I am with the poster who asks, why vote?

    1. Yes the elite agencies that serve the elite employ "actors" who use a fake name and a fake look...wigs, glasses, noses... sometimes playing buffoonish, racist, liberal, etc. and use a fake name that goes on the ballot.... we the idiots cast our ballots even though THEY already are chosen to be elected and we slide one inch closer to Alice in Wonderland as reality.... which by the way is already what you are living... ever been to Disney World? Ever experience the Beatles or Reality TV or surprise surprise, your favorite dead guy might still be alive... wake the fuck up, stop holding up the wall of illusion, let the curtain fall...