Monday, October 8, 2012

Private Bank Keep Out!

"After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the international bankers. Those bankers bought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission. Through the Federal Reserve Board over $30 billion of American money has been pumped into Germany. You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany. Modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total."
Congressman Louis T. McFadden (D-PA), 1931, served twelve years as Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency

We are all tripping....

  1. John you and I have some private conversations but what you say is pretty much what you say here, sort of a laundry list of angry headlines. One of which is when do thieves give back. Here's the question I would like an honest detailed answer to. A huge reason we went into Iraq was because Hussein was going to price oil in the Euro. So then we grabbed Iraq and their oil, and changed the dinar to this currency minus Saddams head and is worth 11th of a penny when it was worth 3.22 in 2003.

    So let us assume then that we are now still taking their oil, and selling it here and probably around the world. You say since when do thieves give back.

    If Legarde is a Rothschild puppet who was Hussein about to do business with? Chirac was also a Rothschild puppet. Right? And if we are told here Bush/Cheney/Tony Blair/Sharon at the time in Israel/Neocons were behind 911 as the excuse to go into Iraq then it would be logical they are the one's in opposition to who was Chirac's euro at the time.... were they Rothschild who was defied? And is it Rothschild who is starving out our Bush cabal? If so what's all this talk about Libya and Syria and Iraq and Iran and North Korea as the Rothschild targets to put their banks there?

    seems to me the bush cabal neocons etc are working with rothschild efforts and not against..... if not please explain the nuance....

    As our military sits in Reno wanting to get paid for their dinar for their efforts in Iraq, assuming a fair number of these men were contractors working for promises.... Then it seems the Rothschilds are starving out the revalue of the dinar which would make the taking of Iraq to prevent Hussein from exchanging oil for euro an utter failure other than the cheap oil we have stolen for 9 years....

    I have further questions but can you begin with this?

    Sir we are confiscating this painting because of its phallic symbolism.... Not because it is indecent but because it turns us on...
  2. Geno

    Nothing of Global imperative happens without Rothschild's pre approval. Bush became fully entrapped with them from the mid 80's once the Agency seized the Asian gold and moved towards Agency control of the Drugs markets to bypass Congress,needing Rothschild's Global laundering facilities. Following the Jekyll Island agreement they own and control all. They cause and fund the wars. Both sides. As they did in Europe for 2 centuries. Tens of millions have died from Rothschild's ruthless manipulations of the ignorant and naive Goyims!

    The Middle Eastern States are falling as a domino game, each targeted puppet regime collapsing to applied US hegemony. Strategic US plans require full control and US dependency from all Energy rich states. Oil is exchanged at discounted rates for loans, military support and weapons, then resold by the Oil cartels at grossly enhanced market prices ever enriching the same Carbon bandits. Cheap energy is denied to protect Profit and Tax dependencies. Regimes are destabilized at will to coerce ever more Despotic Rulers into Defense contracts, or be the next to go. The day Bush tries to usurp Rothschild's power base would be the end game for him. The Gulf States are Puppet Regimes on a string with the Zionist monitoring base now established among them to effect Kazakh rule. +
    As regards the Dinar reparations, don't hold your breath. Another week lost,you are where? NWO Systematic control is almost total now as Authoritarian power escalates under the guise of Government Agencies. The US Corporation controls the Colony for the real Ringmeisters. They allow the gullible idiots to have their Disneyland marches and parades, with dumbed down TV and controlled media akin to the Pavlov dogs experiments. No one has noticed the Constitution has gone and the population is now enslaved to Mamon. Every senior Fed and Treasury Officer is now a Zionist. As are most major Bankers, the crooked ones anyway. Also HS to control you. You think that's coincidence or are Americans too stupid for top jobs controlling your money? Think about it. Ringfenced? Truth, even well meant, is ugly.


    1. so then Bush/obama/romney/ everyone we mention in these reports have pissed off whom then? Besides Falcone/Taiwan/Wanta? If Rothschild owns Bush then why aren't the reports targeting rothschild.... if rothschild can order bush to roll over and bark then what is all of this? Does Rothschild shrug shoulders and say, George took your money and we don't care.... talk to him?

      Which means and as you stated all the middle east, libya, iraq, iran, Israel.... our involvment wasn't to stop hussein from pricing in oil that was just a side story written to make some of us who think we are smart to play with this bone when really the entire story and all its components is just rothschild staging world war three operation our banks everywhere.... and getting to their eventual plans for Jerusalem once islam and onward christian soldiers murder each other into stains in the sand.....

      And as our military bases hand in hand with the Zionists ring China and Russia.... what does this say about China and Russia.... My guess is Putin works for Rothschild....wrong? China and Asia it would seem have long been the testing ground for a mutant world order with one child policies, organ harvesting and a general 1 tier system of filthy rich and sweat shop workers...

      So is all this nice story about China putting up one hundred trillion dollars to lift the united states back into the free enterprise zone just another plot point and distraction keeping our mercenaries busy waiting to be thrown a bone? While all vicious plotpoints converge on a savage blood bath coming soon enough.....

      Is there any truth to the underworld creatures collaboration or galactic cowboys and monsters spinning these plotpoints into a confused and often derailed set of mice and men with crazy plans that just seem to always miss their mark?

      And the Queen, you stated before she has little power, but certainly she is not innocent in this long strange history, after all according to sherman skolnick, her, bush and hussein were all working some large deals together throughout the 80s....

      and since most of the people who tune in here want to know two simple minded things.... whose the good guys and when will they win and whose the bad guys and when will they lose, how far from reality is that two dimensional simplicity from the remotest of possibilities....?

      And finally, as someone I presume to be in the know of the grand plan of our controllers can you simply state in a few sentences what that plan is and what is stopping it if anything....

      I would have to conclude nothing is stopping it and we are all doing exactly what they want us to do, participating in our inevitable self destruction.... true or false?

        1. Geno

          First, lets stop this misinformation on the Queen. Apart from being head of the Committee of 300,which she inherited as a duty,her entire being is focused serving her nation. A task she does tirelessly and with great dignity, integrity and moral leadership. She sets the bar so high, if only Political leaders and bankers were so ethical and conscious. Skolnick spoke from ignorance. Our Lady is a great institutional asset. Respected.
          Russia and China have signed a mutual Non Confrontation Accord. They will not get set up to meet Western Divide and Rule games. Asia knows the full costs and consequences of US treachery. Who stole all the Chinese Gold and wealth? Who stole all the Marcos funds and Gold? Who stole all of Indonesia's Gold and reserves? Who is denying Global Settlement redemption and reneging, as always, on repaying what is long overdue threatening world stability?

          GW Bush, he who can not do joined up writing, forced the second totally avoidable Saddam conflict. A weak British Prime Minister declined an offer from Saddam to meet on the Jordanian border, and negotiate a reparations deal. He dared not try to sell it to Jr. A Brit risked his neck to get the offer to save war. A Political Wombat let us down allowing Jr loose on an ego trip. Hundreds of thousands died for nothing and the costs are off the map.
          The inept arrogance of the mediocre Agencies and Foreign policies have handed power on a plate to the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East. You have fed and unleashed the dragon.

          Forget Lizard creature misinformation. Sci Fi Garbage.

          The Rothschild's are beyond conventional reach,such is their power. But, all Oligarchs have an Achilles heel. They live in Europe, and resistance is growing. We have our Cabals also. Old School! Suffice it to say, their undertakings and consequential damages is noticed. Behind closed doors,the issues are being discussed.
          Removing the heads of the Hydra will be effected when the time comes. Freedom is alive in Europe.

          Look at our Feudal history. We beheaded King Charles Stuart. The Italians shot and hung Mussolini. The French Mass guillotined their Aristocracy. Germany "had its moments dealing with perceived ethnic issues". Appallingly but such is history. I'm not defending just indicating consequences.
          Uppity Zionists will push it too far, then see what happens. Old school via usurpers, it's a no contest.

          You ask who are the good guys? Stanley McCrystal is one. Huntsman and more. There are many Patriotic and capable Military Leaders who will rise to the call when the time comes. West Point is a great Institution of excellence and moral standards. That seed corn of conscience is there.
          Who else? All of you as readers who take the time to read, care and learn. Many of the comments are excellent. Its your outlet and voice.
          As history shows, the bad guys always reach that one step too far. The Rothschild's /Rockefeller new accord was signed preparing for the switch of US power once Sr goes. They know it will be open season on the Cabal in the power struggle then, and they will lose the shelter of the Bush Crime dynasty with all its bribery and blackmail capability.
          You Geno, all of you, are growing opposition seeking truth and change. Americas real enemies are within. The Cabal and the Kazakh Zionists.
        2. Thanks for the replies John,

          In a world of the enemy of my enemy is my friend leaves the associative math equation if A equals B and B equals C then A equals C.... so If Rothschild runs the world and Bush is in defiance of Rothschild and the World blames America that means The Rothschilds blame America for all the monstrous insidious conniving that includes all heads of state going back 60 or 70 years of their adult lives, which means the Bush's within that formula are certainly friends with some who see the true domination of this world as rothschild or perhaps whoevers claw wears the redshield puppet.... The Eyes Wide Shut Castle orgies and sacrifice? So The Bush's to some could be seen as the rebel fighting fire with fire....

          I now approach this entire thing with suspect eyes especially because I now give great credence to this all the world is a stage concept.... where certain dominating families with media and shadow government cover have created every conflict and plot point, our villains such as Hitler.... Therefore I stand in incredulous astonishment to this theater..... and ask others to ask questions of a similar vein..... I will pick this up (maybe) when 48 comes out....

          What crack addicts and power addicts don't get is they need the intervention they don't know they need.... and it seems to me as crack addicts have this whisper whisper understanding with other addicts and manufacturers.... for we the non power distributors to trust a word of the power addicts and suppliers is for the addict to ask their drug dealer to help them get clean....

          My fear is the equation always includes keep the masses dumb and high......

      1. Way to go Geno. You have such a way with words. Folks that are fully awake and have done their homework are all getting very nervous and all wishing they had the money to leave this country.
        Those that are aware of the truth, are tired of trying to wake folks up and being ridiculed for so long now, and frankly, it has been drawn out for so long now that they don't even have the fight in them any longer. Most folks are ready to just give it up. Anxiety is at an all time high in America. I have heard most say for well over a year now, "just bring it on", so we "get this done and over with" and let the chips fall where they may.


        1. well put, definitely how I feel. Sure miss the old west where the men got on horses and just went and took care of business.... but our controllers want that so they can use their Chris Mathews motor mouths to broadcast the evil cowboys stringing up the innocent banksters who have done nothing more than donate billions to charitable self serving foundations....gag....while the secret technology stands guard in the sky.

      2. No John Wayne types left! I feel that all of these sites are just dragging everyone along, like good little sheep, giving us crumbs of hope. My fear? We all wake up very soon with the police state at our door. I've been checking out the FEMA camps lately, the latest one in Hendersonville, NC. Just too weird that they all seem to have railroad tracks going thru their gates, and you can see the gas lines running to the buildings.
        What really upsets me is I sent info with pictures I snapped, to the Hendersonville Tea Party leader. All I got back was, "Yeah, we know about that. It is only a FEMA camp. We checked into it, and they say it is just for a natural disaster type situation or for illegal aliens." Other words, Nothing here Sonny, just run along! I get his daily e's of news. Do you think he sent that out to his tea party list?? No. Not yet. All they do is send out RNC, vote for Romney. I am just so, so sick of the dumb stuff! And for illegals? I mean who the heck is going to buy into that answer from their City Councils? They will not control our borders. They are making illegals "legal" and Fema claims these camps are for illegals???

        I keep screaming daily "Do they really think we can't see through what they are doing?" And then I have to stop and realize that most folks out here "don't" see through what they are doing to us. Nor to they want to see it. Too sad!

        1. In a way the masses of the oblivious are our firewall.... our controllers make preparations but they are scared to death to wake up that sleeping giant..... they aren't sure how that will go..... herding giant wendy's eating cats....

      3. I don't think it is going to fare well for them. I will say that over the last 5 years, we have nurtured thousands, taking baby steps to accept the truth. It was hard for me as well. I cried like a baby when I was first told "just a small portion" of information of truth. I remember feeling so raped. But I thank God for sending those people to me. I went on an educational journey, that to this day I can not stop. I read and research for myself. When someone told me something, I didn't just buy it either. However, God gave me the brains to research for myself. Most people are just too lazy or not willing to research. It is easier for them to believe the lies they have been told all their lives. I have learned more in this last 5 or so years, than I learned in a life time. And I mean 60 years. It was God that said, "My children will suffer for lack of knowledge." Oh how true that is. I just never thought for one minute that I could have been lied to or brainwashed. Never considered that I needed to seek truth, as I did not know that what I had been taught was lies. But boy when I found out, I didn't stop. I guess I became addicted to learning the truth. And... what do we do now that we know? I am very aware that time is running out. They will leave us no choice but to fight to our dying breath. I wonder if they have any idea how many people there are that are willing to do just that?

        I cannot tell you how many I know that never get on the internet, because they are too busy prepping and practicing every extra minute they have. So there are thousands upon thousands, in fact, I would say millions that we never see commenting. they are just quietly getting ready.

        1. one thing I found through the years and even with myself, we as people need to be presented with the option to know there is one.... that is why I try to deal with presenting questions people aren't even thinking about asking and of particular.... do you want to be a good guy or a bad guy?

          It is sort of fun to be the rascally scoundrel and get away with stuff, get the girls and the highs and the power..... but how many can be made aware of how that behavior affects everyone in a domino fashion, including their loved ones and their country's well being..... and ask themselves do I want to be responsible for the moral decadence and downfall of society or would I rather choose to use that energy to repair and understand how my actions were self serving....

          ...many given the question will indeed choose to be a good guy.... redemption.... they conned us into things when we were younger in war.... they made it look cool to be a good fella.... but we also knew that there has always been an element around us of do the right thing....

 strengths especially after serious injuries weren't physical but intellectual so if I can help people ask and answer the right questions in these final days that is my contribution.... we all die.... I have no problem with that idea.... But we all love our dear one's and dread their death.... our choices are for them.... that is how they trick us into war..... we need to know there is almost always a trick attached to everything and have the individual strength to deny that con job even when the crowd tries to make it an unpopular choice to do so.... that is the true outlaw.... the one that says screw you who the hell do you think you are kidding....?

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