Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stale Breadmate

Apparently some people feel the release of 48 will mess up the chance of the RV.... My personal feeling is play offense not defense but I am just a grunt.

  1. If memory serves, the Dinar RV was tied to the GS. Is there a possibility of a partial GS execution?
    Geno KalmesSeptember 25, 2012 12:45 PM It is only attached in that the RV cannot happen without funding and that was the stance of those pushing to release the global settlements. Ask yourself why our leaders would refuse to allow a 100 trillion dollar gift from Asian dynasties to be ignored. Two main reasons, one they want to steal it for themselves and two they have planned this depression for a long time for many reasons. They want civil war and all great wars get started with great depressions. Men who take it to the street. Well if we did that the media would paint us as crazed extremists and that would make the specially trained forces the green light to kill us. The media would paint the specially trained forces as the good guys and us as racists and religious gun freaks and all their other fabled slander. So it is a waiting game to create that desperation. In the mean time they hold all the cards and are faking highly emotional events to provoke everyone.

    There are other ways to fund the RV but they don't want it for everyone just themselves. Those camped around Wells Fargo may get their way but it is my opinion that the PTB are lying and stalling when they say today is the day we go into the banks, thus over extending the people camped out around wells fargo awaiting their payments promised when we went into Iraq.
This is why we need to release 48 and all the evidence and be willing to accept that it may very well stop the RV until the charges are made and the world agencies come together for arrests.

Personally I know this just to be cutting a hole out of the middle management and the heads of the beast will survive. So this is the option, hope they release the RV and it doesn't collapse the dollar and a huge fiat currency flows forth with more of the same and that we somehow use that moment to do what needs to be done or we release all the evidence and hope our militaries do what needs to be done.

Either way I see men with shiny medals scared to make a move. Everyone seems more than willing to bluff tough but that gets weaker every day.

I have always said in its most rudimentary form the larger war is old world money versus new world money. Well it is also fiat versus gold but which team will win? The one with the ability to do the most violent damage.... But in this day and age of satellites everyone can see through the other guy so this is an absurd stalemate. The elite wants to pretend they are good guys strapped by a few bad apples and that is pure bullcrap. For hundreds of years all these elites have enslaved and murdered.

There I said it.

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