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SlaveShip Registered to Whom?

Below is a listing of the slave ships and the names of the Jewish owners of those ships.

Name of Ship---Jewish Owners
Abigail------------Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
Crown-------------Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson
Nassau-------------Moses Levy
Four Sisters--------Moses Levy
Anne & Eliza------Justus Bosch and John Abrams
Prudent Betty------Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix
Hester----------------Mordecai and David Gomez
Elizabeth ------------Mordecai and David Gomez
Antigua--------------Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell
Betsy -----------------Wm. De Woolf
Polly-------------------James De Woolf
White Horse----------Jan de Sweevts
Expedition-----------John and Jacob Roosevelt
Charlotte-------------Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks
Caracoa---------------Moses and Sam Levy
Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.

      1. My personal opinion on the Dinar, is that every Dinar should be GIVEN, yes GIVEN back to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, So they can clean up the depleted uranium, rebuild their bombed cities, and nationalize their resources and nationalize their banks. .. be that will not be a popular idea!

        1. If Iraq wanted their IQD so bad then they would not have sold it in mass amounts at currency auctions. They were fully aware of what they were doing and this has all been worked out by Shabibi I am quite sure of that. A global reset or transfer of wealth was thought of long ago and sure it is for the better!
        2. Scenario... every dinar goes back to them.... when it revalues every dinar goes back at the increased value.... they lose nothing and gain vast wealth.... they aren't paying for it.... fractional reserve banking will pay for it in terms of banks having the reserves to lend....

          Scenario News-ReviewsJuly 16, 2012 11:58 AM  I am sure they were not aware however, that their country would be destroyed, their women and children killed, sometimes raped, their art treasures stolen from the Museums, cancer and birth defects caused from depleted uranium or their whole infrastructure destroyed. Nor that their resources would be taken over and their banks. Or do those who caused all this damage get to walk away?

          Me and all meJuly 16, 2012 12:02 PM  They are not short on money that they need it back and when it is all said and done will probably be the richest nation in the world far beyond any other. Why do you think the worlds largest embassy, 15,000 employees I think, is in Iraq? Certainly not by coincidence!

          Scenario News-ReviewsJuly 16, 2012 12:09 PM  they do not own their oil reserves, or their banks. And whose embassy is it? theirs?

           Me and all meJuly 16, 2012 12:13 PM  Who owns all the banks in the world or at least the central banks...Rothchilds except for maybe 3 that I knew of, Iran, N Korea, and who knows now....Iceland kicked them out took them to court they have the right idea!

          Scenario News-ReviewsJuly 16, 2012 12:18 PM  Two banks and two nations with Gold reserves left, Syria and Iran. Two more robberies to go, two more decimated countries in the future, Two more countries that will be riddled with depleted uranium. Two more vast reserves of resources to annex. And in exchange........ monopoly money.

           Geno KalmesJuly 17, 2012 9:02 AM  Scenario...What you say is true... The PNAC document explains in detail what the plan was... 100 year war in the middle east.... but blame everyone involved in that think tank plan... and not the vast majority of people who are as controlled as every other country is...  Whether Britain, Congo, Libya or America we have bad information and sick leaders and horrifying weapons and secret societies controlling us... secret agents....
        1. And I will say it.... who wanted control of the middle east more than anyone?

          Their motto, "By deception we shall do war?"

          But don't you see many are fighting them now? They are losing momentum because the world sees their deception now....

          The Rothschild Zionists have been exposed and though they are relentless, we are all pushing back.
        2. The part that bothers me about the call for blood and blame avalanched onto "America"... is like blaming the pitbulls at the pitbull fight...

          The pitbulls have abusive owners who raised them and trained them to be vicious and tear each other apart...

          Watch George Carlin's "owner" monologue...

          It has always been part of decades and centuries old plans by our owners to have every single country where we are.... Russia this huge sleeping giant with a well trained military waiting patiently.... you think the elite of Russia isn't well fed?

          China and most the Asian countries carefully groomed with such futuristic control freak ideas as one child policies.... slave labor encouraged in sweat shops.... you think their owners and elite aren't well fed and well chosen?

          Africa and the Congo.... Take a close look at who is the local Lords and see who owns them? While your media has trained you to hate America to the point that all these other facts don't matter your programming won't be satisfied until images of mass suffering of Americans is being transmitted around the world...

          If you can't overthrow your Lords or Russia or China how do you expect us to?

          People who join the military here mostly do so because they are poor or tricked into it like on 911...

          You should take a greyhound bus trip around this country.... You think we are all wealthy? 90% of the neighborhoods are destitute, living on food stamps and in ghettos.

          I grant you we can all do better to strive for empathy and compassion for neighbors throughout this messed up world but blaming anyone but those who deserve it will only serve the pitbull owners who are taking bets on the game.

          A game they script and salivate the bloodlust. Might not want to take your cue from them.

          There is a real pecking order in this world and as you climb that hierarchy in your own country it will lead to a local black market syndicate who control your local resources. Above them are the Godfathers.

          They tend to be those who sought control ruthlessly of trade routes dating back hundreds if not a thousand years. It was they who first kidnapped and brutalized Africans into slavery but they did so with every other color and culture too. This tribe was always about dark ritual and continue to be.

          So take no satisfaction in watching our poor neighborhoods burn because I and most here took no satisfaction in watching yours burn. Many of us could not understand the insanity.

          Now we know why. It isn't insanity to them... it is method... a march to domination. Pitting pitbulls against each other who have been raised to fight.

          We are making progress by people coming to have these revelations.

      2. Geno, I will believe that when I see it. And does the actual Dinar go back, or do worthless paper dollars go back?


        1. it's not debatable this is how the world banking works. All currencies will be available to them. The downside is this perpetuates fractional reserve although there are plans for commodities to back the new currencies waiting in the wings.... to a certain extent resources back the currencies as it is although I won't go down the road of how that is controlled and manipulated.

          Iraq will be just like Kuwait, a currency worth 3 dollars plus 3 times the value of our dollar and their resources will keep them up for decades.

          Our dollar will decrease in value but that should not be blamed on people holding dinar but on the world banking system that controls money supply and disallows us to pump our own vast oil resources and encouraged us to destroy our manufacturing base.

          I would not be surprised to see the dinar beneficiaries blamed for devaluation as the poor were blamed for the mortgage crisis... the mortgage crisis was an excuse to explain away the derivatives nightmare that had already taken place.... slight of hand....

          But Iraq is not paying for the revalue other than we went in there to try and remain top dog in the new world as opposed to some other dog... There is idealism and reality.... I try to deal with reality these days and check my Utopian vision at my own blog.

          In some ways, fractional reserve banking is extremely interesting the more you come to understand it... and Bill Still in the money masters actually makes some good cases for it in the money masters... with gold backed who do you think owns the gold already?

          Part of the problem we refuse to consider is the stranglehold of secret societies and cultish religions that act like secret societies using nepotism to gain monopoly while condemning anyone that isn't them...

          That is the elephant in the bank...

        2. News flash, the rest of the world no longer deals in dollars, the rest of the world has gone back to the gold standard. Unless the dollar is backed by gold reserves, it is not worth the paper it is written on. The dollar is no longer the international form of exchange, that privilege, which has been violently abused, agreed at Brettin Woods expired in January 2012.

          The fractal reserve system now only works in the West, the rest of the world has washed their hands of it, and will only receive payment in gold or equivalent value commodities. China, Russia, India, Japan and Brazil no longer trade in dollars, because they are worthless and part of a criminal banking system.
        3. China bought Wells Fargo and has every intention of continuing with fractional reserve banking after the dinar revaluation. Changes are planned and plenty of mouths like Alex Jones and Ron Paul who champion gold play for one of the syndicates but not ll.... and the chess game remains fully engaged....

          That is why I put the link to the money masters.... the gold standard will be a flicker and everything will go to baskets of commodities...
        4. Two brilliant men both of whom are historians who have done a lot for the truth movement are at opposite ends of this gold debate....

          Both men actually have sound points in my opinion...

          G Edward Griffin in his own words regarding Bill Still's his ideas in the moneymasters...

          The purpose of this analysis is to evaluate three video documentaries on monetary issues that were written and produced by Bill Still. One is The Money Masters, the second is Capital Crimes, and the third is The Secret of Oz. They are excellent productions with a great deal of history and professionally created images. They tell the story of our debauched monetary system based on fractional-reserve banking. There is just one problem. They offer a false solution – which is to say they offer no solution at all. The alleged solution is that we abandon our present fiat money system and adopt another one similar to it. Yes, they actually advocate FIAT money! The proposal is that we should take the power to create money-out-of-nothing away from big, bad bankers and turn it over to nice, trustworthy politicians. In my view, it is na├»ve to think that politicians are more trustworthy than bankers. The problem with money created out of nothing is not who does it but that it is done at all.

          There is a vast difference between bankers wanting to possess gold for themselves and wanting a monetary system based on it. They want to possess gold because they are smart and they know that it is a highly effective storehouse of value. They know that, as fiat currency continues to decline in purchasing power through inflation, their gold supply will increase in purchasing power to preserve their wealth, while everyone else is pushed into poverty. However, having the money supply based on gold is the LAST thing they want because that hampers their ability to earn a profit from their activities. Banks make money primarily from collecting interest on loans. If the money supply is limited by the amount of gold or silver in their vaults, they can loan (and collect interest on) only that amount, no more. If they have the ability to create money out of nothing, they can loan (and collect interest on) virtually an unlimited amount. Just as soon as they make their profit on interest payments, as fast as they can they convert it into gold for their own holdings. The next time you hear anyone say that we should not back our money with gold because the bankers own it all, reply by explaining this reality.


          My point is understand what is actually happening to even be in the debate....

          I think G Edward also has flaws in his reasoning but I do agree that we should have silver and gold coin again...
        5. If I ran the system I would make banks non profit utilities to serve all other industry.... not the top of the food chain but the road all other commerce drives on.... upkeep the road because like an air traffic controller it should be all about preventing crashes and keeping commerce safe and secure and profitable....

          I would return Hemp to America for the farmers and revitalize textiles, medicines, foods, paper, and hemp takes in carbon and gives off oxygen...

          I would make hemp the backbone of the dollar because its yearly gross could be unlimited and infinite.
        6. Hemp grows anywhere, and in Africa it grows like weeds, best hemp in the world.

          The Fractal banking system is dead. The world is wiser and will no longer put up with being robbed. Least of all the Chinese. They are educated, not part of a drug taking society, have the highest IQs and pass rates in the world, and they work....... they do not know the meaning of the word "holiday."

          Sitting on a coach and watching TV, smoking crack and eating junk food is not part of their life ethic.
        7. Oh and another thing, while the whole of Western civilization has taken 3 000 years to build, America can pat itself on the back by destroying it through crime, deceit, wars based on lies and a fake banking system that produces monopoly money .

        8. And the European bankers are behind it all dating back over two hundred years and still are the fiat money counterfeiters.... Who own the media and the world and have lied to everyone....

          Are you American? You better learn to love what is good and right about us and be careful about selling out the millions who tried hard to do the right thing against ruthless killers and liars....

          I presented two opposing brilliant historians and their work is key to being proud of the good people in our history and the world's... Spraying contempt like we all are responsible for the collective murder and lie will not win you any voice in the coming turn around.... might want to rethink your strategy.
        9. Eh? When the global collapse comes, what good will fiat currency or indeed gold do you? The people with food, water and meds will be the new Elite, and they won't part with any of it for a measly lump of worthless gold.
        10. Geno..........on the contrary....... you had better learn what is good and right about us and be very careful, because your ruthless killers and liars have caused untold suffering all over the world not only with the fake banking system, but with covert political upheavals, puppet regimes and corporate control of other countries resources..... if anything, you are going to need us in the coming years, especially the good guys, and we know who they are. It is not contempt. On the contrary, it is based on double standards, which nobody appreciates. And two of those good guys are Alex Jones and Ron Paul.......... so where does that put u and your fractal fake banking system?
        11. The Ashkenazi Frankfurt Sabbatean (sabbateur?) False Jew of the Khazar lineage became the rulers of the fractional banking system, they funded Hitler... note AshkeNAZI.... the last 4 letters... the swastika is on this Zionist coin...


          Benjamin Freedman a Jewish man who was in the Woodrow Wilson cabinet made a speech in 1961 explaining how the Zionists and the Balfour agreement made the deal for Palestine in exchange for manipulating the world into both wars...

          They controlled the federal reserve from Europe not America though their agents were here, and the fractional printing press allowed them to purchase the gold they now want to back the world currencies or dollar with, this makes Ron Paul's logic questionable although I like what he votes against regarding freedom and constitutional principles.

          But just as his words sound good so does Alex Jones but closer inspection of a Jewish wife and Bronfman lawyers and partnerships puts his loyalties into question.

          If Hitler was related to Rothschild and the AshkeNAZI landed in Israel as a result of both wars that puts the smart money on a conspiracy to gain Jersusalem as the headquarters of the New World Order.

          See Rothschild Jerusalem designed and funded masonic world court picture here...


          What we "need" from you is for you to know who the villains of history are so you don't call for the wrong blood... which is what you are doing.


          The pieces on the world chess board aren't two or three dimensional and okay your move.... it is beyond 6 dimensions...

          I made a Ron Paul video and posted it last week. I choose him over the others but that doesn't mean I can't see many of the things he says will serve the end game of a weaker America where the Federal government is weakened and the states rights are strengthened.... I like that because it is what the founders wanted.... but guess what.... when and if that happens it will not follow founder design it will follow globalist design and the weakening will be more like the Baltic states splintering....

          And I use Alex Jones videos to try and wake people up all the time but that doesn't mean Alex Jones serves as much function to the globalists as he does to Patriots....

          The designers of this global order are brilliant and know how people will react to all stimuli.....

          It is a daunting task to explain the guy who woke you up is actually doing as much for the opposition.... this entails having people read and watch multiple perpsectives from history dating back years to centuries and then understanding how to bridge gaps, connect dots and understand true motivation....

          I am stuck with the tools presented....

          I cannot help anyone see the true game unless they are willing to do the research.....

          I posted G Edward griffin on Alex Jones infowars down below....

          Jones has done a great service letting him talk and explain.... but people have to sit and listen.

          Griffins essay is paramount to understanding your history teacher was a paid agent.

          I presented The Money masters which is a huge part of waking up and he and Griffin disagree on a huge point.... I understand both points because I work hard at understanding.

          If I criticize Israel am I criticizing Jews.... some Jews would say yes and others no...

          World Jews have no intention of moving to Israel.... In fact they find the idea dangerous...

          Your locak syndicates whether run by your continental Lords... Hispanic, Italian, WASP, Asian or Jewish.... all know one thing....

          How the hell can we do our business in a cashless society?

          Their black market drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc. All runs on cash.... what does a New World Order promise for them?

          Prison and death and microchips also?

          This is the real multi dimensional stakes we see....

          To over simplify that Americans created all this is to think the Ocean has no depth...

        12. Dr. Tony Martin on the slave trade...

        13. The link between the Rothschilds, IMF, World Bank and Belgium Congo is found in Garry Allen's book entitled None Dare Call It Conspiracy in which he mentions a grouping of high financiers called the Bildersbergers established by His Royal Highness Prince Bernard of the Netherlands. The Prince is the main figure for the Royal Dutch Petroleum (Shell Oil) and the Societe General de Belgique. In May 1954 the Bildersbergers met and present at their meeting were some of its members being 'Baron Edmund de Rothschild of the House of Rothschild, McNamara of the World Bank, Sir Eric Roll of S.G. Warburg and Company, Pierce Paul Schweitzer of the IMF', writes Allen.

          Consequently whether Zambians deal with the Russians, Communists or the west they are being sponsored by the same people so that who ever wins the balance of economic and political power still remains with the same group, unless they challenge the very system as seen with Ghandi of India and Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam.

        14. The list below shows 165 different ways how The First Sphere of Influence (Rothschilds and Brzezinski Cartel) controls the world. One hundred and sixty-five reasons to believe what I say to be 100% accurate and true.

          Each entry is a separate and distinct central bank, located in a separate and distinct part of the world. These central banks cover the globe and know absolutely no boundaries, effectively erasing borders between even sworn enemies.

          The Bank of International Settlements or BIS (pronounced BIZZ) is the Rothschild’s piggy bank, a veritable deep-pit mine, the equivalent of quadrillions of dollars.

          DEFINITION: quadrillion quad·ril’lion adj.

          1. The cardinal number equal to 1015.
          2. Chiefly British. Septillion.

          What’s the significance of having a central bank within a country and why should you concern yourself, your family and colleagues?

          Central banks are illegally created PRIVATE banks that are owned by the Rothschild banking family. The family has been around for more than 230 years and has slithered its way into each country on this planet, threatened every world leader and their governments and cabinets with physical and economic death and destruction, and then emplaced their own people in these central banks to control and manage each country’s pocketbook.

          Worse, the Rothschilds also control the machinations of each government at the macro level, not concerning themselves with the daily vicissitudes of our individual personal lives. Except when we get too far out of line.

          The grand plan of The First Sphere of Influence is to create a global mononation.

          Please do not confuse this with the term globalization. Mononation and globalization couldn’t be more different in concept, scope and purpose.

          Mononation is one state. It has one government. One set of laws for all ordinary citizens, no laws for the elite. Globalization refers to communicating, trading, interacting, etc. among separate, different, independent, sovereign countries.

          The grand plan of The First Sphere of Influence is to create a global mononation.

          Our own Federal Reserve is an illegally emplaced private bank that is directly responsible for creating all the US’s depressions, recessions, and the inflation and deflation of our dollar. The Fed controls the printing of our own currency, and then charges the US government interest on those loans. The interest is growing each year, making it difficult if not impossible for our government to pay it. How do we pay this interest? By the US Personal Income Tax. This tax goes to the Rothschild family.

        15. I know if I don't further clarify this it will bite me on the ass.

          "But just as his words sound good so does Alex Jones but closer inspection of a Jewish wife and Bronfman lawyers and partnerships puts his loyalties into question."

          This is a huge problem we face not just from Jews who often seem more loyal to Israel than America but goes to CITIZENSHIP whether skirted through Hawaii, forgery, or Mexican immigrant....

          This country is full of sleeper agents from every country awaiting the final go... The wars of the One World taking down America, confiscating guns and UN rule....

          I mentioned the world Jew has no intention of returning to Israel and isn't that what the point of a homeland was....?

          Many Torah believers state that they are to be a wandering people and not have a homeland....

          Talmud believing Jews are adamant and militant about a homeland. Their lobbies have us undermining American needs for what is best for them.

          The Rothschilds who receive every nickle of our income tax to pay interest on their fiat debt based usury system would appear to be Ashkenazim....

          This is why they own 90% of Israel....

          And when I mention Bronfman, I sort of believe he would be the first to state he has no intention of packing his life up and moving to Israel. This country and profits in liquor and gambling and entertainment did his estate quite well. I would venture to guess he may choose America over Israel if he had to but most of our elites sit on the fence to see which way the wind blows.

          Loyalty could be bad business whereas fence sitting and timing is everything.

          The Jones family though helpful in waking people up to many attacks on our liberty, still are question marks to many....

          I have always said 911 and TSA and every other agitation is the age old tactic of picking a fight with Patriots... Go ahead.... I dare you.... cross this line... knock this off my shoulder... I dare you....

          The second amendment and patriots are who they need to start shooting first to justify martial law and global troops rounding up on our soil....

          Alex Jones sure seems to be instrumental in rabelrousing.... but as I stated there are many dimensions to this....

          The Jewish left would feel safer if they control who has guns and rights.... they would probably like to keep cash in play as opposed to cashless....

          And then some of us have been told there is guillotines on army bases awaiting all those who refuse to convert to the Luciferian one world order.... Is that true....well... want to trade in your gun and find out?

          I think the World Jews should poll themselves and ask how many truly believe they want and need a homeland and intend on returning. It would be nice to know that the majority finds Israel to be a thorn in the lions foot.

          For that matter, if the Hitlerian occultic, Rothschild Lucifer worshippers secretly have contempt for Jews then wouldn't it make sense that you should stop being clannish and openly choose loyalty to American principles over insidious agendas that by all indications are breeding more paranoia between all of us and making this situation on Earth even more volatile?

          The truth and loyalty to out founding principles... I'll fight for your rights if you fight for mine could go a long way in replacing this tinderbox for safe, secure, peace for everyone.

          It is the secret plans we need to confront.

          Therefore we need to know who and what we are loyal to.

          It amazes me people wanting Obama to have all these sweeping executive powers don't understand a Republican will gladly have those powers too....

          The 2 dimensional thinking people of this world is stunning.

          1. What always amazes me, is that nobody sees the obvious. Noah cursed Canaan not Ham. The Canaanites were a Semitic peoples, they were not black. " he said,“Cursed be Canaan!
            The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers. ”
          2. Canaan naturally came the Canaanite clans - Sidon, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Girgashites, Hivites, Arkites, Sinites, Arvadites, Zemarites and Hamathites. (Genesis 10:15). According to the Bible account, "Later the Canaanite clans scattered and the borders of Canaan reached from Sidon toward Gerar as far as Gaza, and then toward Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, as far as Lasha." (Genesis 10:19).


            1. I appreciate your research but will you give us your own interpretation of these passages and events and how it relates to modern day. Many of us want to learn and a decent blog free of troll agitation will act similarly to a think tank.

              I realize all of this correlates but help bring it back to the modern bankster one world order that enslaves us...
            2. I mean that with all due respect.

              The reason I may seem on edge is because government mind ops are often quite proficient at finding the perfect reply to lead discussions into a field of landmines.

              I am by no means inferring that about you. In the past I attempted to make similar points about new age, Christianity, the wide variety of info gurus on the net and either loyal followers or trolls take offense.... What I wanted then was to call attention to tactics not specific bans on religious content....

              So since you seem knowledgable and are from Congo, your personal experience would seem to be highly enlightening to most of us who probably have little idea what a person from Congo has to say.

              In your list I see, "Hittite" and I have studied them a bit. They had huge libraries and underground mazes and blood ritual much as the others in your list did... I suspected the Khazars regrouped from the collapse and disappearance of the Hittite empire. Certainly when it comes to phallic worship, blood and sex ritual and migration coupled with genetics, and the ultimate control of the Caspian sea trade routes, and how these mongrel hordes became vicious mercenaries of rape rob and pillage, Genghis Kahn all the way to Eastern Europe and Vlad the Impaler, but can you add anything to this idea that what we face is a genetic line that has trickery, theft, magick, illusion and such as part of their bag of tricks.... The Gypsy was of this blood line and the shell game is just one of many con games that could make your money theirs.

              Madame Blavatsky appears to be of that line.

              If I am mistaken please fill in the blanks. It is very difficult to cover thousands of years in a paragraph and not generalize. But where there is smoke and a pattern of migration there is fire.

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