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Repeat This, Repeat this...

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. . . We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. . .
"In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons . . . who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind. . ."
Edward C. Bernays, Propaganda, 1928

Good Evening, I'm John Johnson and this is Jan Janson with the news... Today the sun came out and
tonight the moon will come out.... Jan will be almost as vacuous as I and we will cover events that ultimately mean zero... Right Jan? 

That's right John.... Say is that a new tie? Never mind don't answer that the teleprompter says Mayor Twit has declared April Plant a tulip month and for more on that Dirk Dilwad from the arboretum.... Dirk? Hmmm.... we seem to be experiencing some
difficulty let's instead go to the pie eating contest at the Park....


Now, for those who actually watch the entire Yuri seminar….

My take on it….

First of all, I present it as know thy enemy… Yuri is presenting it that way too….

But his conclusions are basically belief in God as intangible as it is…. is faith in something non material where as truth… 2 plus 2 is 4…. is likely not to have one die….for that truth….

I believe that God as a concept/religion…. as long as the religion is all about the golden rule, of honesty and nonviolence… is a concept worthy of being worshipped….

Yuri offers nothing about the inverse… religions that worship self, lying, fear, death and domination….

Without acknowledgment of this piece on the chessboard his seminar is like a rowboat without oars….

However, his seminar tells you how the powers that subvert are thinking and doing…. that awareness is key to survival and striving toward a system to check and balance human rights with and against that which would subvert it….

He makes many excellent points to that end….

This is all about not ending up with a system where the tail wags the dog and shoves a minorities ideology down the throat of the majority…..this causes upheaval…

However, on a more insidious level…. this is our dominators saying…. look…. if you just do what we say it won’t get ugly…..

the problem is….

without full knowledge of the game…. who your enemy is….

you will eventually face the ugly….

The ugly is built on a foundation of clay….lies….

Yuri is leaving a significant piece of the puzzle out…. and there is a reason for that…. his goal is to have people understand their role is to simply submit….

to surrender….

Where I defy Yuri is to say thank you for helping me to understand the enemy but I still maintain that your ideas of closed society and authoritarianism is not preferable nor do I believe we have to allow tolerance to become such a mess….

But he is right in that it is a mess because the very people creating the mess by elevating the tail to rule the dog are the one’s asking the dog to not chase the tail but give in to the tail as ruler….

I believe with total awareness of all of this….

we can stop forcing our wants desires and rights down peoples throats in favor of what is in actuality fair and equitable….and that doesn’t mean we are all equal as he explains… we aren’t all equal…. that is the beauty of the ideology that wants to reward excellence…. not saying we have that but the ideology is nice…

as it stands bargaining tables are rarely about everyone leaving happy with a plan that works…. It’s about collectives plotting and planning to steal the best deal for their collective…..

This is where the entire planet is in a disgusting senseless loop of repeating history…

he says no one will die for 2 plus 2 is 4 but I say we will die to not live in a world where they convince us 2 plus 2 is 5…. cognitive dissonance leads to anger and violence….

I also see God like he does as a good idea as long as the ideology is that we as individuals don’t serve our base desires but a higher quest for decency…. something beyond ourselves whether proven or not…..

That is why his lack of acknowledging evil is a flaw in his presentation….

I think he does more to explain what is going on than almost anyone I have ever seen…. that doesn’t mean I agree we can’t do way better than his conclusion….

I do believe given his formula that yes this is what happens in the loop….

but the loop can be broken….

but it has to be done by the individual and it can’t be achieved as long as people think like him, or Romney or Obama or Clinton or spies or syndicates or con operations trying to make the plane roll all nickles in their direction….

The answer is in something like the man who is creating the algae farms…. or hemp as a product we can all grow freely….

by spreading a crop that gives us food, energy, medicines, textiles and jobs…. we spread opportunity and lessen the need for wolves to pray….

abundance allows for less strife and less conflict….

Yuri’s thinking is diseased but very helpful in understanding what we face….

Comment by eugenekalmes on July 2Kohala the civil rights movement was needed and a tinderbox but the powers that be rode that surf for the usual purposes…. I have posted this before but Rosa Parks and Betty Frieden came from the same communist front…. what are the chances?


I quickly discovered Rosa Parks began serving as secretary for the NAACP in 1943 and still held that position when she was arrested.

In July 1955, five months before the famous incident in December, she attended “Highlander Folk School” in Monteagle Tennessee. Myles Horton and James Dombroski, both Communist Party members, started this school in 1932 to train Communist activists. Betty Friedan was another alumnus. The school was cited for subversive activities and closed by the State of Tennessee in 1960.

Rosa Parks and many others had defied the bus segregation laws on numerous occasions since the 1940’s. The Montgomery bus boycott was planned in advance. Martin Luther King was brought in to lead it. Rosa Parks was chosen to kick it off. (See Aldon Morris, “The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement”)
The point is this is presented like an old woman set the spark as if it was an arbitray unplanned moment and she had no connection to anything but being a cleaning woman.

We should resent this sort of manipulation when outed but instead we choose the lie we found to be so much more exciting. Christ, not me.... truth matters and whomever is lying our team or the other team needs to be outed.

it is highly unlikely…. the only way this earth will stop this loop is when individuals secure the fortress of their own brains and stop letting the enemy in… to manipulate…

When that brain defines a code of ethics that rules that brain….

It cannot be done by collective….

not until all the brains understand the enemies be they archons, devils, KGB agents, con men or what have you…. and part of that is letting go of the fables we believe and the idol worship…by fables I don’t mean God… I mean the manufactured false histories such as world war II or civil rights movements…

Scripted history….

I see nothing wrong in a person believing a good god will reward them for being honest and kind whether it is true or not…. if it helps to be honest and kind what harm does it do…. if one defines kindness as being a doormat then one does not understand kindness begins with ones self…

The way “THEY” get away with everything they do is to take someone like me who points out their lies….

In this case…. me saying Rosa Parks wasn’t just a cleaning woman who took a stance…. but someone who was part of a school of subversion that coincidentally had the mother of feminism in it… and that the socialist agenda was the forefront funded by Rockefeler type fabian society collectives….

Is to simply call me a racist or a nazi or a chauvenist or an antisemite….

and the name calling/labeling works so well that the words will destroy a person over night and stay with him or her forever….

So when…. like a few weeks ago when I get labeled homophobic or “guys like Geno” is why my gay friends jump off bridges….

It is more than just a cheap shot…. It is slander that can make one’s life hell….

And I get very angry about it….

The only way to fight this monster is to try and dodge its drool that happens to be venomous…

So at first I tried to let it roll off my back but the more I thought about it the more it smelled of that drool….

also note you are showing yourself to not understand the big picture discussed here regularly….

If you don’t believe what I stated about Parks go ahead and debate it….

But please don’t use Snopes…lol….

In an imperfect world the pendulum swings by manipulative forces whose own self interest is the goal…. not that of the downtrodden….

No doubt Rosa Parks was standing up (sitting) for a cause she believed in…. her humanity…..

and we are glad she did…. and though racism is more of a psychological weapon than a condition…. plainly blacks are treated as second class citizens….

Which is a disease of thinking….

But my point is…. until we can identify manipulation and preplanned events in the context for which they are designed by insidious collectives we cannot ever fix anything….

On a similar note, white supremacy is plainly a huge problem on this planet and as much as we pretend it isn’t there, it is there and its goal upon close inspection is dominance….

This may be way more important to point out than the subversive tactics used to use blacks for the cause of destabilization….

as I stated before… we have at least two major evils fighting and they use the rest of us as pawns….

the sooner we get it into our thick skulls what the game is…. the better for the entire world…

Watch Yuri….

and even at the end…. it seems no matter what all roads lead to a one world government…

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