Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drop The Shovel....

Is it weird to be attracted to your own clone? By the way we got our shirts mixed up in the laundry... or did we.... I read somewhere on the internet clones are taller than the original.... but then I also read Jimmy Carter is really JFK.... Want to go to the Clone Pride Parade? 
God you are handsome.  Don't worry the liberal media will sort this all out.

In 2002 or 2003 I wrote a spec script for Showtimes, “going to California” the show was canceled before they would have gotten to my script.
The show was about a road trip from East coast to West Coast and it had a real strange surreal black comedy feel to it…
I wrote an episode for Texas where the duo hit and kill a black cat crossing the street…. imagine the bad luck…
They run out of gas and go walking in search of petrol…
they end up near a deserted trailer and a shed pinned down by a vicious pit bull….
in the shed they discover a tied up girl….
Eventually after many comedic black comedy moments the three end up down the road in a town where every one is a twin….
This is the weird part… all my writing career I tap into things that really do exist I don’t know about….
I just recently discovered there is such a town and it may be Nazi–Mengele inspired in South America….
My theme of doubles purposely created continues this time with significant proof.

note the time under my post? 11:11 now that is pretty damn weird and coincidental for a twin post…

I agree with you on the open minded approach because the answer is never fully before us….
that’s why I have an adverse reaction to what feels like psychology (mindrape) in action whose goal is to stop investigation and not encourage it….
This is elite funded and accepted by the masses like the mix in the needle so many voluntarily accept into their bodies…
again I think Loyd Pye is a great example of what I am trying to be…. and not like him…. I will never be a scientist….
I do open up like a flower to rain or sunshine when I feel someone is feeding new and hidden knowledge….
For whatever reason, and I suspect something happened extremely young that introduced me to mass media …
I saw faces in everything as a toddler and was cartooning the second I had a pen… what we know about Disney now…. what might I have picked up on… what do we know happens after they take the baby away from our mothers…
cartooning, visual, abstract humor, writing, arts… glimpses of truths around the world… empathy… compassion… a disdain for the pursuit of money not necessarily money which is nice to have which I rarely have had…
all that is like some sort of Disney think tank in my head that makes me who I am and different than many….
So doing art is more than entertaining it is an attempt to show the 7 layers to everything (or more) that is going on in my head….
It’s like trying to lift a child up so I can look them in the eye….
It is an attempt to ask people to try and relate to me on my level… I see theirs (Generally speaking as the two dimensional mundane of everyday life)and I am seeing pieces of the puzzle flying in from everywhere…
For example… I happened to be listening to the radio two days after the Oklahoma City Bombing… When the radio news briefly mentioned a plane full of flag officers that blew up over Alabama…
That stuck with me…. Later through Skolnick I found they were on the way to arrest members of the White House…
This has stuck with me as one of the most pivotal moments in history won by evil…
In 1776 we won… in 1995 and before and beyond… These evil bastards just murder with impunity and this tiny fragment of news was like a discarded chewing gum wrapper…
But not with me… I keep bringing it up to illustrate to people… see…. you know nothing about this do you?
The recognition of not knowing should flip on a light….

There is a disgusting breed of human being out there raised by the idea that all promiscuity is freedom. That all sex is okay and they always compare it to violence like the causality of human suffering is all quantified to varying degree and not just another level of wrong. One particular piece of filth has gained my disdain on another blog and there reached a point no rational argument can sway a person of such utter mutated cancer infected thinking.

They want us to believe a penis in another man's butt is as wholesome as a heterosexual act of conception leading to procreation.

Although I will defend a person's right not to be targeted for their choice of sexual partners as long as they are consenting adults behind closed doors, I will not ordain their shoving this down societies throats in public pride or the attempts to brainwash those of us who don't see it as natural in our schools or media. Your penis in another man's ass isn't threatened by me saying take it inside your own damn bedroom and don't make the world wallow in your abstractions of life's aberrations. 

The hole to hell grows with each shovel of dirt…. if anyone reads my essays for 10 years it is about this… this isn’t about “what is porn” this is about a stealth weapon that inch by inch destroys the fabric of decency….

Tell me the 50 years in Hollywood when the characters and stories weren’t about sex that one foot stayed on the floor in the bedroom…the entertainment was actually way better and more inspiring?

Is anyone actually entertained by the last 30 years ‘formula’ that has our hero and heroine roll around naked in slow motion…. do we now need another 30 years of two men or two women doing the same…. and or two children or a child and an adult or maybe a donkey and an adult or….

What does this add to story….? What is the message?

What is porn *****? Your ignorance and defense of the obvious is beyond annoying….

Porn is women and children raised as sex slaves for an industry…. You can usually see a hard penis penetrating them and all sorts of rituals… the billion dollar kidnapping industry might be a clue….

Of course shock and awe is sickening…. it is brought to you by the same exact people genius.

Your continual attempts to blur lines and minimize what is clear in any rational mind is disgusting. I regret my 4th attempt to be nice to you…. You need to take your bullshit to another planet. Galactic freedom force beam this retard up

This may seem to be extreme case of mind control compared to the level I discussed through TV and “teaching” but it clearly shows it is happening. I also find it stunning that the countless number of links proving my point posted by others here is ignored…. and the attack is on me rather than the material that cannot be denied or disproven….

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  1. Comment by Braveheart on July 17, 2012 @ 2:49 am

    I tend to start at the bottom and read up, when I see something that makes me angry I often stop and go away. Sometimes I read and get angry… Caleb blew any chance of me wanting to be civil to him even though I tried. I see his beliefs and mind games as the enemy.

    Braveheaart…. very impressed with how reasonable you became. Sorry for my impatience with you in the past.

    I have been blogging at tdark today and if you read I think I clearly show that I both support and hold the hats accountable and that I too disagree with things they seem to back.

    However, even Tman has shown more of a willingness to listen to opposing views. Some he cannot post to the world but personally he addressed certain things like 911 much more to my satisfaction.

    To have caused so much disruption over his right to personality to me reeked of paid opposition and if I come to hate my enemy as opposed to respect…. my enemy will receive the blunt end of my weapons.

    There are endless opinions and links I never say a damn thing about. I never entered the Flagged debate though I think he is as right as any leftist is…. and those saying the two party system doesn’t matter anymore is living in lala land… and even in its downfall what is left… a one party system? Guess what. that has been the plan all along.

    The Luciferian one world system…. and until people come to term with the slick insidious funding of this new age Illuminati programming they are agents of it and for that reason I try not to engage most here because I see anyone who doesn’t get that as the problem and not the solution.

    I want to see real men and women gardening freely, farmers and manufacturing growing hemp, replacing carbon with oxygen…. men who carry big sticks and walk softly protecting family and country and the feminizing of men makes me want to puke.

    and even women who think they want that don’t.

    Comment by eugenekalmes on July 17, 2012 @ 3:07 am