Friday, September 14, 2012

Con Condit Con Game Convince Connive Congress

I cannot say for sure without DNA evidence and I would never trust the authorities to provide the evidence to their own con game but my operating premise is always the Mossad and CIA want Islamic war and are behind every attack minus maybe a few real ones which are scarce because nobody knows more how insane these people are than the Muslims who are watching their babies be born deformed and other up close atrocity courtesy Zionist Control Freak psychopaths.


  1. Condit... so the death of his intern lover is also fake... or is it? I have to imagine it is. I guess i choose to imagine it is. No wonder the body never turned up.

    What if all this is to take down the US Government? That would explain the how and whys of what Ed does. He has some pretty (self) important backers. Get rid of the US Government and you can finally get rid of that pesky constitution. It is probably happening all over the "free" world... all the places we haven't conquered yet is where sanity lives. We will likely be handed a proxy government in the form of a military take over... we will more than likely accept another bullshit line about how good this is for us.

    The only way i can see out of this is withdraw our cooperation and consent. Be grateful you did not friend Ed.

    Why do i have to learn about new posts of yours in the back alleys of BFC?

  2. did I post it in lala land or someone else?

    I hate going into that place.... Nothing worse than leftist liberal new age trolls whose superiority complex fueled by their moron world view to drive the blood pressure off the charts....

    In December, 2000, the Federal trial Judge Richard Matsch in Denver set the McVeigh execution date as May 16, 2001. That piece of data got lost in the press shuffle as it occurred on the same day that the "Gang of Five" on the U.S. Supreme Court installed George W. Bush as the "occupant" and "resident" of the White House. Albert Gore, Jr., having won the popular vote nationwide by some 600,000 votes, became the un-inaugurated President of the U.S. That was historically similar to the 1876 Presidential Election when U.S. troops blocked Tilden, who won the popular vote, from approaching the inauguration site where Hayes was sworn in as "President". The Hayes forces, like with George W. Bush, stole the White House through an Electoral College vote using a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court Judge as well as corruption in the FLORIDA voting. [Visit our website stories on the year 2000 Election and Gore Vidal's book called simply "1876".]

    ===As the time ticked away toward the execution date, Ms Levy reportedly had taken a great interest in unearthing details through her press office connection. After all, as a child she used to volunteer to assist the local police in her home district. At an early age she hoped to have a career reportedly in the American CIA. The McVeigh affair was a repository of numerous secrets tending to incriminate George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and then White House occupant George W. Bush. Such as the suppressed and concealed Iraqi connection to the multiple bombings in Oklahoma City. Such as, the publicly-undisclosed FBI surveillance tapes showing in the month before the bombings, McVeigh in the company of Iraqi military officers, supposed "defectors" (actually double agents) brought into the U.S. by the Elder Bush. Two thousand such Iraqi military officers, some from intelligence units, since the end of the Persian Gulf War in 1991, have been settled, financed, and housed in OKLAHOMA CITY. Making the arrangements was the Elder Bush as President, and continuing the same with Clinton as President and then George W. Bush as White House resident.

    [Visit our website related stories, such as "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

    ===Some weeks after her disappearance on the afternoon of May 1, 2001, the FBI contends Ms Levy was last in her apartment in the District of Columbia that afternoon using her computer. [Could someone else having been using her computer, somehow knowing her password?] The FBI announced that they had retrieved, from her hard disk drive, from that afternoon, some 38 websites viewed by her. They proclaimed that none of them was important. REALLY? They said she [or was it her alter ego and ghost] had clicked on It is a website for those wishing to visit France. Maps, travel guides, and such,are given on-line. The site is reportedly also used by the French CIA to track those interested in visiting France who should, in their view, be surveilled. In our original story, we raised the questions of Ms Levy with The Mossad, Israeli intelligence, comparing the situation to that of Monica Lewinsky. A section of The Mossad has long collaborated with a unit of the French CIA, sort of an open secret.

    For more

  3. I might delete this due to the fact I am already dealing with too many problems but grab the link and enjoy.

  4. Stanley Kubrick warned about false flags 45 years ago. The monolith is the movie screen on which the fake reality is projected by the elite to keep us limited and controlled. All you have to do to see it is tilt your head 90 the ape in the 'Dawn of Man' scene.

    1. Stanley Cube-Brick made money producing an illusion depicting another cube-brick onto a screen and that cube-brick projected an illusion into an illusory sky by illuminists, who are crafters of illusion. You see that... but there is nothing there. The name Cube-Brick is highly symbolic and indicates that he is part of the agenda that is underway to undermine our culture and decimate and devastate our population.

      The agenda is real... we are mired in it. Stanley CubeBrick, with inside knowledge and an agenda, predicts with accuracy (?) 45 years ago the same things that people who are not part of the agenda have been saying since the early 1900's.

      Here is the trick of the illuminist... they rob you of your ability to think clearly by filling your mind with diversions and fantasies that have no basis in reality... you represent easy prey and no opposition to them that way. They consider you already dead and they feel no responsibility for anything they do to you because you do not control your thoughts/feelings and actions, they do.

      I illustrate: I can show you a picture of a lighter or just say the word lighter. You will not be able to light a cigarette with the picture of the lighter or with the word lighter no matter how many times you try... only the actual lighter will light your cigarette. You are entranced.

      In your current state of mindlessness, you are of no use to them, us or yourself and those whom you think you love... you are under control. My words seek to set you free, their to control (own) you and in truth, you enslave yourself.

      Humanity needs you in the real world... come out of the reel world and join us, we are waiting and we welcome you to the living. We do need you.

    2. Things right in your face that, logically, should snap you out of your trance...

      Green language is the language all humanity used to speak. Centuries ago, it was faded into obscurity and occulted from our consciousness by dark sorcerers (they are real) in order to cast a spell over us. They use it all the time, against us.

      Any word with tion or sion in it, you take the i-o-n and it may be said as "at eye on" with the eye being your third eye because "i" is the third vowel, the third eye.

      So, as in the word caption... we arrive at your insight is captive, in the word illusion... we get your insight is sickened, made ill or twisted.

      I'll cast a pearl, and this is real... pay attention Attention can be seen as attend to your insight. Be there at eye on...


      Q: Was the biblical story of taking a bite from the fruit of the tree of knowledge foretelling the trouble words and knowledge would get humanity into?

      A: That was the spell that was cast. The word of God. We see that the action of this word has lead to chaos in the world.

      The apple is merely a symbol of the spell. I point you to Apple Computers and Mac the Big Apple – The EMPIRE State of NY… The Roman Empire and all other corporate off-shoots of the original spell that was cast. Rome an apple, Empire apple, Macintosh... you know them by their fruits.

      Humanity took a bite out of the poison apple and fell under the spell of illusion. Words are illusion. The truth of the word is in the action it causes. Try as i might, i can only light my cigarette with an actual lighter... the word lighter will never do it, no matter how many times I try.

      Think Sleeping Beauty. She fell under a spell when she bit a poisoned apple. It was only a KISS that saved her.

      i KISS humanity.

      KISS… is a magical word, its got it all. Here is the beauty of the kiss...

      K = ka, the spirit, the 11th letter, two ones… 1+1=2… The first particle (female, the void) created the second particle and they co-created the third… on to infinity. We create.

      I = 9… the cycle of birth/rebirth… the third eye (i is the third vowel), balance

      SS… inter-twining serpents, kundalini energy... two become one.

      Now we see there is no need to fear serpents, that is only the energy created from the union of two ones, duality, male/female. The better the union, the higher the fidelity… that is only natural. That is the force that co-creates... when two become one. That is the magic of two inter-twined in love. We all spring from the male/female forces that co-created us. We are all one, every co-created thing on this earth.

      Go forth and multiply that.

  5. are you related to the production company Touchstone? All the world is a stage. I have watched these presentations before but cool to look again... seems pretty obvious now.... those who fake violence for their goals excuse themselves this way but mind rape is very violent, maybe moreso.... that victimization has many repercussions.

  6. Stanley Cube-Brick... a cube is a box... a brick is the shape of a box. His movie contains no message in reality, unless it is this: a box within a box... the hyper-cube.

    A hyper-cube represents the inescapable prison of your mind... magically speaking... the boxes do not exist in reality, unless you allow them to... just as easily, you can stop allowing them to be real. You give them life they do not possess on their own... they have no life that you do not allow. Since ours is a consensus reality, we bring forth this illusion by believing it. I suggest we step out of the box... into the real word. Re = again Al = All = Re ALL

  7. Rod Harrisposted toEd Chiarini
    about an hour ago
    Ed. While reading september clues today i ran across this post. Looks like your getting well known...
    "Then about six weeks ago I encountered the work of Ed Chiarini (known as Dallasgoldbug on youtube) who has been exposing various newsworthy events as complete fakes. I've spent an entire weekend almost without sleep studying his work on a case by case basis and concluded that regardless of the fact I don't think he is right on every single case, his work convinced me that the technique he is exposing, is in fact being used on a large scale and is, when you think about it from the perspective of a successful dis information campaign, common sense. Think about it. You are someone in power and want to spread dis information. You can either bribe a researcher to do the job for you with all the risk of them turning on you. Or, you could create the dis information, create a believable but still fictional character who is to be the conceived author of the information and hire a professional actor with tight non disclosure agreements in the contract. An actor wouldn't be emotionally attached to 'his' work because in essence, it wouldn't be his work at all. There is much more to say about this concept this thread is not the place I think. Suffice here is to say that it can be demonstrated and proven that this technique, using actors for dis information as well as creating a fake reality, is being done on a wide scale."
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