Thursday, September 6, 2012

Children Deserve Better

When you change diapers and pick up from day care and school for years and then you see society shove it’s bullshit in place of your own values…. when MTV bling and sex and drugs and rap music take over…. when you try really hard to get him to see a tattoo is a brand…. don’t be like the herd…. be the one that doesn’t get one…. and you watch his body fill with tattoos… and when you watch him run with a posse of kids that didn’t even come close to having the same attention to the right things and you start to pick him up at police stations and hospitals….

When the phone rings at 3 in the morning and you spend nights in the emergency room with him….

When he dies in your hallway and his eyes roll back in his head because a gang of thugs beat him to death….

and you place your mouth on his and breathe because it is the last thing left for you to do….

and when he returns…

you know it wasn’t breath…. It was God who showed you…Ya see…. I can take and give….

But when the battle continues after that for another 5 years with police and swat teams and a bureaucracy of control freaks who feed on the system they created….

When you deal with a woman for 25 years who is completely sucked into the behavioral psychology lies that actually did more to create the problems but won’t acknowledge any fraction of the alternative truth…. who continues to think more lawyers and doctors and cops will eventually solve everything when all he needed ever was the two of us to explain to him in solidarity what we expected…

Yes, and to know the morons out there who defend an absolutely proven insidious design to destroy families doesn’t have the sense to shut the fuck up

A friend posted this on Facebook and I tore the quote a new one...

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” – John C Maxwell

Geno Kalmes The secret of happiness or sobriety or some decent level of existence may be in a decision but the general statement is bull..... This statement does not apply to a third world nation with bloated stomachs and flies eating their faces..... what decision are they going to make that is going to make them successful?

We are targeted by a controlling entity that decided America would have certain first world privileges but it is all based on a house of cards paper currency system..... the second it collapses no decision that day will make a difference.... the decisions we make daily at this moment are completely at the mercy of the system..... go into a black ghetto and ask them how they feel their chances of success are..... every once in a while some find work or motivate to college or higher callings but the system is not set up for EVERYONE simultaneously to do that.... paper currency is no different than the amount of grass available to the cows.... we feed on what is there.... we don't control how much is available.... a controlling entity that doesn't want everyone to have the same levels of opportunity does.... that is why we have 3 classes and people under bridges and why there is a third world with no hope.... all this multi level marketing prosper shit is just a lie sold to people to think their inability to live in luxury is their own fault....people like Trump and Oprah are chosen figure heads.... rap stars the same.... to give the illusion we can all have empires.... no we cannot.... if they thought so they wouldn't be sterilizing Africa and spread radiation around the world to reduce the population.... Can I make my life a little better today.... maybe, if I am really lucky..... but no one is free or successful while others are oppressed or downtrodden.... 1% has all the money..... so if you want some of their money your decision has to benefit them.... not the other 99%...

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