Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Occupy This!

Dude I only want what is fair, we should divvy up everything and put it in a big place and people who only want what is right and fair for everyone like me should be put in charge of handing out what is needed only as needed.... what? My goatee is off center? I look like who? Tony Greenberg? Never heard of him sorry gotta go I'm late for an audition I mean a Granola20 meeting in Toronto....

My essay today is this. I hate both sides equally, left and right because they are both equally imbecilic and conniving. Whereas the left is delusional that they are more tolerant--- they are the first to want a law to take away speech and thought processes that are natural to the human animal because they want a big government and police force to back up their control freak thinking processes and any sort of insidious manipulation including staged psyop events are okay as long as it fits their agenda. 

The right's narrow myopic view that in its simplest form is just an angry intolerance for anything or anyone who dare ask why justice is lopsided for anyone but White men or Jews whose number one and two positions in the hierarchy jostle for dominance while trying to keep everyone below them for spare parts, labor and other assorted uses from sexual to soldier fodder. The right who only need an AM radio disc jockey in rush hour traffic to channel their anger for them at a target other than reality.

Two sides created by devious but brilliant psychological schools at the Frankfurt School of Subversion and Tavistock both of which boasted the help of such icons as Sigmund Freud and Edward Bernays to give you an idea how they turned the control of your brain into an acceptable science as a weapon. Tip of the iceberg on that.

This Occupy movement is a psychological charade with actors but don't you feel cool going down to the big protest to participate in the making of totalitarianism because posing is more important than understanding the true nature of the beast.

For those who think the homeless choose homelessness you are clueless idiots. These people are damaged goods of a sick society and the only thing they deserve is empathy and compassion. There is not enough jobs and opportunity to employ them besides they are mostly mentally ill due to a society that gave them addicts as parents, or abusive environments, the worst schools if any, a system their minds simply can't accept, and thousands of other horrific hurdles they did not have the faculties to deal with. The shame of people who make fun of them or project repulsion at a problem that never should exist to begin with. The Rothschild family is said to be worth 500 trillion dollars and 1% could give all of these wounded animals a safe secure safe haven somewhere, but no you don't show repulsion toward one family who created this shit system, no you want all the sympathy in the world for your society inflicted booboos but are unwilling to reach into your soul and find compassion for anyone else. Remember this when you are unemployed or dying in a nursing home that has no love for your withering body.

First of all let's get something straight about welfare. It is one half a percent of the budget. That tiny sliver of tax money which really isn't tax money because the elite families print the money as they need it, gives those people you look down on a ghetto to live in, $200.00 dollars in food stamps from a store specializing in GMO life reduction quality foods, and perhaps a $600.00 dollar check monthly to keep them in beer and lotto tickets. What does it matter about that money since they spend it right back to the government? Even if they spend it on lottery tickets the money goes right back where it started. So what if they sit in their crappy apartment drinking cheap beer and Macaroni and getting fat. This is not costing you anything. In spite of what Fatass Limbaugh says.

This is where your money is going. The 30 plus percent of your income tax goes to service interest on foreign debt to the elite, the European bankers, Royalty, the Rothschild web that lives in the nicest houses everywhere scamming all tax and resources to their personal accounts and control. Read about the CAFR, google it.  The Constitution contains the clause we would honor our foreign debt and guess what, that is why every income tax dollar funnels back to the con families of old.

This is where your money is being thefted to. The income tax is just one of many unconstitutional scams perpetrated upon you to enslave you with insidious contract law. Your ignorance is your problem not a poor family on the shit upon side of town, who by the way give you your favorite athletes you drink and drool over.

All I can do is keep posting the videos that may wake your pathetic asses up. 

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  1. Sherman Skolnick is THEE resource… If you want to understand what has taken place read everything there… When I came across his work in 2002 that is when my life changed…

    As I started printing copies and handing them out I soon found unpleasant attention…

    10 years later things are still a very dangerous stalemate…

    STARGATES and crap like it is disinfo… You want to know what is really going on here is an example…


    Here is what happened in the 1990s and thereafter, after Daddy Bush stole hundreds of billions of dollars belonging to his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein. Using the American CIA, Bush set about to try to topple the Baghdad regime, the classical way: using fake money. Historically, it has overthrown governments quicker than dropping bombs.

    A team of highly-skilled counterfeiters, headed by a master “cutter” (the trade lingo for a superior performing steel engraver), produced the plates for counterfeit U.S. paper money. [Of course, actually this paper money of a private central bank, the so-called FEDERAL Reserve, has long masqueraded, throughout the world, as the so-called "U.S. Dollar".]

    Daddy Bush, in various deals (some of them through oil machinery suppliers headed or connected to Richard Cheney), saw to it that Iraq was flooded with superior fake U.S. Hundred Dollar Bills. They were so expertly made, they actually passed through the Federal Reserve’s counting machines as if they were genuine. This type of trick worked well when the same counterfeit team, headed by the same master “cutter”, then working for a secret unit of the U.S. Treasury and American CIA, flooded the Soviet Union with superior quality fake Russian rubles. It caused the collapse of the Moscow government. In the 1990s, Daddy Bush and his gang of criminals purported to be supporting Yeltsin and then Putin, with U.S. Paper Money (actually some 800 billion dollars of superior quality fake U.S. paper money. Putin finally caught on to this trick and is shoveling them BACK to the U.S. by the Moscow government’s huge buying of gold in the run-up in December, 2002.)

    [Visit Part 22 of this series.]


    I just found out a missing piece of the puzzle… The Russian Rubel was shorted. That is how the number thrown about with Wanta is so huge and why Russia collapsed. Wonder why Putin is pissed?

    The world has 7 Continents and each one has a major mafia syndicate… they are all running black market operations and murder for control… all the keyboard warriors in the world will not stop their work unless you figure out what would stop their work….

    Are you buying their pot? Coke (both the cola and the white stuff) are you buying their porn? buying their weapons? their chemicals? their cheap electronic sweatshop crap? are you watching their programming? are you buying their lies and following their dufus puppet spokesman and spreading the lies? Are you sucking up to local law enforcement because you are scared? Do you own stock in their cartel fronts