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Deep Fried Wings

Back in '66 when me head rolled out of me white asti martin and they rushed me to the cloning center.... Me head had this melody still in me brain... When I get older losing me mind... many years from now...

I wrote this in 2002 maybe 2003 about Paul McCartney when he came out against Kentucky fried Chicken. I thought it was a pretty good article and wanted to share it on my blog. New Paul or Faul doodle Let's hope it is really Paul an imposter would mean we need to mourn the real Paul properly.

Deep Fried Wings (an updated article)

By Gene Kalmes

All we are saying is give chickens a chance.

I wanted to laugh if it weren’t so sad.

Paul McCartney has filed suit against KFC for chicken abuse. Okay fine, someone should stand up for animals, and yes, Paul McCartney has considerable clout as a spokesperson, and yes I commend him for it but….

First let me say, I am a Beatle maniac. Not only did I buy every single Beatle album, American, English, bootleg and otherwise, but I bought almost all the Wings albums and his solo efforts. I was more of a Paul fan in my youth but gravitated more to John, especially after seeing his wicked sense of humor in their films.

To me The Beatles were sophisticated yet down to Earth, serious yet funny, political yet apolitical, timely as if they had a sixth sense, and the music never stopped being innovative and enjoyable.

Well, that is before some not so talented people insisted on screaming backup. But we won’t digress.

Think about the very first live satellite hookup worldwide, where they sang, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, and imagine what could have been. For a second there it seemed like peace and love were going to beat down the devil.

Then several astoundingly great albums later, they broke up. Paul hummed simple love songs on a farm with Linda. John went to war with Richard Nixon and The American government. Our government resented his concerts against the Vietnam War and songs like IMAGINE. They became undercover groupies, following John everywhere. FBI agents kept stacks and stacks of records on him, secretly bugging his home. When John became aware of this he went into retirement. But for the 5 years up to 1975 he angrily screamed his outrage at the unfairness of the system and its rulers. “No short haired yellow bellied son of Tricky Dick is going to soft soap mother hubbard me with money for rope, money for dope…” Went one angry line directed at Nixon and his G-men.

Paul did offer up one pretty good protest song, GIVE IRELAND BACK TO THE IRISH which the BBC banned. He then formed Wings, jumped on a bus to enjoy his life, marriage and kids. Which is cool.

Meanwhile, John fought deportation and eventually won as Watergate distracted several of his biggest enemies.

I have no proof of this other than what I have read and I have read a lot about The Beatles, but I think once John found out they were watching his every move that he got scared into retirement. He became a house husband and laid on the floor doodling pictures with Sean until 1980 when he must have decided that the coast was clear and a new world was dawning. His album Double Fantasy offered up songs about love like the John of old.

John and Yoko were going to march in a parade for the unionization of restaurant workers in San Francisco. I am not saying this is why he was killed or that I necessarily believe the government played a role in his assassination, although if anyone wants to read articles about our governments work in mind control they should go to Google and enter the words mind control in and start reading about technology designed to make people think they are hearing voices as Michael David Chapman said he heard. Remember all the killers in the 70’s who claimed to hear voices? Son of Sam? Well I won’t bore you with these theories which are based on real congressional hearings but please just go google it up for yourself. Patents exist on technology that can put sounds in a persons ear from a distance, imagine the recipients confusion...couple that with other stalking techniques, drugs and more and you begin to see a threat worth paying attention elite science exists that targets the masses to benefit their small but ruthless collective.

It is my personal theory that the ruling elite is a sort of crime family who uses their extreme power to stay in power and every time a guy like Martin Luther King, Ghandi or John comes along, their deaths aren’t the result of lone assassins but groomed assassins. “They” the ultimate crime bosses, know the masses want a benevolent leader who really does share their pain. And to the selfish ruling elite that simply won’t due.

When John came out of retirement and the first thing he was going to do was help 2 dollar an hour employees unionize against restaurant owners who are largely wealthy men and women who long ago discovered the wonder of money laundering through restaurants, this posed a problem.

No I don’t think this is why he was killed but it was just the proof they needed that John was going to go back to being a nuisance. They already hated him for the backlash he helped to create against the Vietnam War. Besides they probably had already given him an ultimatum and now they would have to follow through on their threat. Powerful people follow through on threats. That is how they stay in power. People around the victim get the message quickly.

I remember the night he died and Howard Cosell breaking the news over Monday Night Football. I remember a reporter catching up to Paul who had obviously spent the night in a recording studio channeling the pain into a song. His face was solemn and he answered the reporters question about John’s death, “It’s a drag.”

I remember watching Tom Snyder sometime in the 80’s and chuckling when Paul told Tom that promoting peace was their thing now. I laughed because there wasn’t a war going on at that particular time. Although I’m sure people were being killed somewhere.

Fast forward to 911 and The Super Bowl and Paul’s song, FREEDOM, a catchy rocker that Paul delivered very well at the Super Bowl. I was proud of him as a performer. He still had it. But the song itself seemed disingenuous to peace love and understanding. The Super Bowl had gone Pentagon in the last few years with recruiting commercials, military bands, fighter jets, you name it. It has become a worldwide pep rally for America’s military might.

So to me Paul became a bit of a traitor that night although I am sure he like most genuinely believed that 911 was an attack on freedom.

Remember that sorry explanation by Bush for 911? They attacked us because they hate our freedom? Is anybody out there that dumb? Don't answer that...

I mean think about it, from the Vietnam antiwar efforts of John lennon to let's go get the bastards and seeing that the Iraq war was based in lies, the entire idea of making war into a bubblegum marketing gimmick using the Superbowl is questionable at best. Don't get me wrong I am suckered in by it all but that is the point, we need to not be suckered in by it all.

But Paul who I think is going through a midlife crisis at 90 something, suddenly decided he would make us all feel better and staged concerts, released FREEDOM and became a Yankee fan. As a Beatle maniac I loved seeing him out and about dating one-legged supermodels after Linda’s tragic death. Seeing a Beatle is like seeing a shooting star.

These are pics my sister took when we went to the concert in 1976 in Chicago.

And now that George Harrison has died and there are only two (Even money says Ringo outlives Paul when KFC deep fries Paul and sells him as Wings.) it does seem as though all hope is gone. The creative revolution of the 60’s has mutated into overly planned and marketed corporate monopolized cookie cutter entertainment. There are no surprises. From American Idol to the latest boy bands, the new generation aren’t allowed to discover what is cool themselves. They are told what is cool.

And now I finally get to my point. Paul has been writing songs about lab monkeys, and poor abused bunnies and has now stepped up to champion the cause of chickens. And god bless him for that, underbirds all need a little championing. But it just seems to drive home the point that John Lennon is deader than dead. That the signal they sent out to the world by assassinating JFK, RFK, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and John Lennon (And many others) is that if you champion any cause but the cause of a chicken, we will rub you out. Whereas John launched an advertising campaign for peace against the Vietnam War, “they” launched an advertising campaign for fear.

They have turned us all into chickens.

Although some AM radio DJ’s are chickens who think they are pitbulls.

And I don’t blame Paul for trying to help a steroid plumped up chicken cross the road, in fact I think it’s kind of nice, in a too late sort of pathetic way.

But mostly it just makes me miss John all the more. Give America back to the Americans and go veggie now.


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