Friday, July 20, 2012

WorldWorm Is Hiring!

Jesus Christ Emily I told you we didn't have time for a quickie before my interview.... It's going to take hours to get this knot out!

Contractor to the Armed Forces
WorldWorm Call Center is Hiring!
WorldWorm the Fortune 500 leader in Call Center Specialty Outsourcing for the Pentagon, UN and Rothschild Clandestine Agendas is looking for a team of subservient “enlightened” applicants to join our blog troll force. You will choose a name and a Avatar or use one of ours. You can work from home or work in our air conditioned offices. We offer Screen name and avatar sharing for part time employees. If hired our applicants must be able to make words out of other words and think they are of a higher conscience, programmed by the media to believe in Illuminati Mind Control “Spirituality.”
We find women are good with this and men who are really women. Typical situation is a blogger posts something we don’t like at WorldWorm The New World Order Luciferian Mind Control Outsourcing Center and we will have one or two of our veteran agents respond immediately and then our staff will put our minds together to use hundreds of years of Freudian/ Tavistock Institute Education derived from our lab of people and children in cages and come up with a reply. We will work in teams much like hyenas do.
The object is to get those who are lurking at the blog, regular people to be confused and choose our side in any debate. Which is easier than you think because although the minority opinion is proven out century after century to be the right one, being that it is emanating from an actual soul, we the technological majority team hive mind will make sure it is more popular to choose the majority opinion. Using psychology that has worked at recess on the playground for hundreds of years our bully mentoring program will allow you to grow with the company, share in military contracting perks like student loans, local YMCA discounts, Obamacare, and the feeling you are somebody.
Our age old strategy of finding a Guru in trouble with the law and promoting them to the top of the mountain has worked to be the perfect way to control the message the TV programmed two dimensional mind numb will surrender their common sense to. This will make your job easier to send them to fictional propaganda prepared by our Transhumanist team of Mind rapists.
Join WorldWorm Today. Be a Worm!


  1. LOL...absolutely brilliant and not welcomed by anyone with something to hide or to distort.

  2. Thanks Hugh, trolls inspire me to grandiose verbose hate... Stop by any time, lots here to peruse.... :)