Friday, June 22, 2012

Take Back The World...

Rough sketch of a song, wrote it today, threw together a video…. needs work…. but I think the foundation of a catchy feel good “protest” song is here…

… me fingers hurt…been a while….

G                               EM
Let’s take back the world tonight
Am                               D7
Let’s take back the love
Let’s reinstate the spirit of goodness
Let’s give thanks to the sky above
Hope is a concept we cling to
Prayer is a poem we whisper
Love is a cherished blessing
Freedom it’s okay to miss her
Treat her like a dove
When the going gets tough
Know when to say enough is enough
C                                    Em
So we let down our guard for a while
Let the wolves tend the flock
Fell asleep on duty
Bm                A
Lost track of the clock
Am                                  Em
Open the door did you hear the knock


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