Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mind Rape and Unhappy Endings....

Sick bastard get your leg off my dog...

I don’t want more laws I want more awareness.

I want Individualism to defy collectivism.

Do not participate in any form of collectivism because the reality is it’s not what you think it is. Your INDIVIDUAL brain is projecting a fantasy onto that collective of what you hope, pray and want it to be….

But it isn’t.

That collective uses a sledge hammer…. cops, prisons, fines, militaries… terrorism and trickery…. Why lend even a fraction of support to it?

I recently posted Dr. Judith Reisman’s work on Kinsey and the affect it has on the downfall of morality….. She calls for outlawing porn.

That conclusion is about as wrong as it can get and in the end wonder if it is the same long term con job of the Frankfurt, Tavistock, Freud, Bernay etc. Psychological rape of the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution…. remember these things aren’t always instant reactions…. these are more often than not con jobs set up over generations….

NOTE: Do not watch this as a two dimensional observer. Bernays uses propaganda to influence America to be afraid of Communism coming in from Guatamala. The two dimensional reaction makes a person think, communism isn't or wasn't a threat... but the real threat is that these two seemingly opposed forces lying about one another-- are creating a fake war of ideology to distract --while a shadow government goes about achieving much more insidious goals. This video shows a fraction of what is really happening but is a good representation of some of the levels of deception but not all by far. In fact making this about America versus Russia makes it two dimensional and sets up the perfect stage for distraction by a much more clever and multi dimensional collective agenda. 

This collective plans the future in secret…. they mold events…. and it has always been about them standing and everyone else dead and gone….. aside from slaves and robotics…to achieve that they used war, medicine, sex, civil control etc. 

Is that so hard to grasp?

Dr. Judith Reisman’s call for a law outlawing porn would lead to the usual problems of prohibition that always serves the police state. In theory we want a cure for the degeneracy that has led to a pedophilic epidemic right? But like drug abuse…. it would allow the cops and prisons to round up more people and strip them of their rights….

So “porn” which yes…conveniently hides behind the slippery slope of what is porn…. or what is “freedom” becomes another excuse for totalitarian domination of the individual by enacting a more Draconian set of laws and authoritarianism that will be cheered on by most of us who see the degeneracy of our children engaged in underage sex and worse…

The only defense we have against the dark collective is individualism… the choice not to participate in the black market industries of drugs and porn….

The choice not to donate money to campaigns or charities because I guarantee you the collective is almost always a con…. a front for a much more devious agenda. If you want to be charitable do it yourself.

The answer to this monster of deception is to slyly without blatant fanfare…. become a refusnik….don't participate in the con... control your world by focusing on what you can control.

On a personal level I consider myself an artist and though I very very rarely smoke pot anymore…. since being busted for pot in 2010… I do feel marijuana is not a drug but a natural herb…. It is a medicine and a product that could heal many problems….

The synthetic restructuring of the coca plant or anything of a chemical base…. meth made out of industrial products is and should be a no brainer as to its value… is beyond dangerous…..

NOTE: The cop interviewed sounds like he is selling meth to kids rather than discouraging....Listen to how he says what a "Great High" it is... this alone is beyond frightening. If this is the reaction I have what might a mind op be that pretends to be one thing and is actually another. Can they be this stupid? 

Why don’t we see anti drug commercials that depict the manufacturers of meth using the ingredients such as drano?

Because even the most brainwashed teenager would say, “holy fuck I’m not snorting that.”

But that is not the goal…. the goal is to feed the prison industry…. the cop shops…. because crime pays but more than that….it controls….

As an artist I consider everything a color for the palette… If I am performing comedy everything that exists is subject to humor… That might mean making a joke about the drano sniffers… or the idiots meeting NBC dateline for their date with the 13 year old they met online….

I might even see any image as artistic and not pornographic…. any thing real…. human body or otherwise…..

and I am working on a film that is trying hard to touch on all of this but I need to be very careful that it is presented not for the sake of cheap laughs or gratuitous stimulation but some sort of call to awareness…. even if in a poetic or abstract way…..

The Communist Manifesto literally calls for turning all art into abstract meaningless form….. Think about the minds that thought of that…..

It is the “blurring” of everything that is the goal……erasing black and white and right and wrong in favor of do what thou wilt…

Now having grown up from 1960 forward and been influenced by every piece of the modern era from Beatles (Tavistock controlled?) to Youtube…. is it possible for me to use the tools and separate individuality and perspective from a brainwashing science that has clearly fooled the majority…. the masses….?

And can I use the exact same ideas to bridge their con game back to individuality and awareness without being guilty of hypocrisy?

I think it is very possible and I never stop trying….

Both of these men are Jewish so check your brainwashed emotional reaction at the door.... one man says he converted to Christianity. There is a good chance both are agents to achieve certain ends. Perhaps entrap people who are looking for truth. Maybe to lead people on detours, but to do that they need to use truth as bait. So don't be two dimensional, be a detective and think about what layers may be here. And in all fairness to both men maybe they are exactly what they profess to be...

I posted a Makow article three weeks ago and have been attacked relentlessly for it. It is about the illuminati purposely promoting sex in every deviation to create division in families and with men and women, this includes porn, under age sex, homosexuality and abuses beyond anyone’s comprehension.
Let us pick a natural order number. Let’s say “IF” there were no evil people doing this and the natural order for gay was 10% of the population. That would be fine and dandy and worthy of protection in every way…. but to promote homosexuality in grade school and in children’s programming and every other media and thus increase the numbers of people whose sexual identities are scarred…is to not have a natural order…..
Does anyone know how many Lesbians were raped by men when they were young and how much they hate men as a result? They feel safer with women…. Should we protect the symptom or out the cause…. the cause being rape? And other deviant behaviors promoted by the Illuminati…for lack of a better word to name this dark power.
Just as more women are raped as a result of porn more men are, and more children…every deviation from healthy sexuality destroys family and core values of decency.
The hysterical tantrum throwers on the blog interpreted the Makow article to mean “masturbation is bad and homosexuality is bad.”  Along with other simpletons who refuse to understand the basic science of sex as a weapon to destroy moral fiber…. a science you all can use google to figure out for yourselves.
THEY the ruling elite who plainly claim in the protocols that this is what they intend to do— are using sexual deviancy as a weapon.
The Khazars always employed rape as a weapon in war to destroy the very soul of any town they pillaged and take over the genetic code.

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  1. When I hear the cheap emotional distortions from certain people here, ” how many gay friends I have lost because of people like Geno…” Something to that affect…
    Of course I get livid. And though I tried to phrase the psychological warfare as delicately as possible– Gordon Duff often states my point much clearer….
    To allow people to wrap themselves in feel good or guilt trip emotionalism is to be apologists for the trickle down theory of honor among rapists…
    For years, the rumors have been there. The Franklin Case presented evidence of a criminal organization, tied to a major political party, that kidnapped children as sex slaves for Washington’s elite.
    We are told that an American president was seen at a Republican fundraiser where a gay sex orgy involving children was going on. There was an attempt to blackmail the president over this, though there was never proof of his direct involvement in anyway. The CIA was asked to step in.
    In the process, the Franklin scandal was covered up and Washington DC was allowed to descend into a hellishness of depravity, human trafficking for sex, blackmail and even murder.
    The military was not immune, not hardly. No activity in Washington involving government officials, lobbyists and the “rent boys” and prostitutes that service them is complete without a bevy of Pentagon “brass,” there to defend the national interest.
    “National interest” is now clearly defined “below the waist.”
    Wayne Madsen reported, last week, that President Obama and Emmanuel Rahm attended gay bathhouses in Chicago, a report lacking any supporting evidence, however.
    Government insiders allude to George “W” Bush and a mysterious affection for a young ex-Marine. The Bush White House staff was called, “the gay mafia.”
    More well substantiated, however, through a multi-year FBI investigation into foreign spying inside the Executive branch, is voluminous evidence of, not one, but several top security advisors to President Bush, filmed having “informal” sexual liaisons in public restrooms with dozens of hours of audio tapes of them outlining the encounters to friends.
    We are told that, on more than one occasion, the FBI has been ordered to end national security investigations because the individuals believed spying for a certain foreign government were capable of implicating America’s highest elected officials in, not only illicit sex but a pattern of behaviors that make the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal a joke.
    The rash of “accidents” around Washington over the years, cars exploding in garages, dumpster deaths, bodies found in parks, on benches and the rumors, Condit, Cheney, Rove, Rosen, are only a continuation of the Franklin Case.
    Friends in the Pentagon, highest levels, have told me, “I used to think that those who stayed after, that “special group” at Washington parties, headed upstairs to snort cocaine….”