Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bite My Frankfurter...

“In 1936, Nazi Culture Minister Josef Goebbels, on orders from Adolf Hitler, formed a committee of academics to edit the complete works of Frederich Nietzsche. Martin Heidegger was placed on that committee; in preparation, Heidegger prepared a series of lectures on Nietzsche's work. Heidegger concluded that the most important thing that he shared with Nietzsche was the commitment to extinguish the last traces in Western civilization of what he called 'metaphysical humanism.' This commitment was also shared by the Frankfurt School.”


So if political leaders creating a committee to edit a writers work with a goal in mind to use the work to achieve a political end-- in this case to destroy western civilization-- does not register in your mind as highly insidious mind control-- than you yourself are braindead.

A person can believe what they want and even hang a shingle, come listen to our crap.... but when they form collectives that use pseudo government parasitical operations and funding from the filthy rich and hide behind non profit and bribe their brainwashing textbooks and propaganda into schools to target other people's children, when the media becomes dominated by their insidious programming.... That is a stealth weapon designed for the genocide of free thought....

I don't give a crap what the individual does with his mind or his dick.... as long as he doesn't rape others with either one... I only care that fully funded institutions conspire on changing humanity to what they want it to be and that desire is usually a subservient state for control.... slavery.... sexual, physical, dumbed down to the perfect level of labor or office.... people who could be Einsteins are yanking on their dicks 24/7 on a globally viewed channel....or lingering in prison of some form or another.... These think tanks insure the elite knows the game while the masses are just the targets....

As an artist I can appreciate any sort of artistic encapsulation of sex.... because that falls under the category of free expression.... but when art is a purposeful weapon.... it is not art.... it is manipulation.....when sex is a weapon, it's one that is very effective because people voluntarily use it to their own detriment that in turn effects many others...I have been with enough women emotionally scarred by previous experiences to know it isn't harmless but enduring...

The problem is the second we as a species identify a problem we think legislation is the answer. No different than hitting the TV with a sledge hammer to get a better picture. My stance is you fight this by making people aware of it.... Change comes from awareness which leads to the individual making a better choice.

When people are aware they can enjoy it on a different level of ah ha I see... clever.... or they can say screw these people for trying to slip a mickey in my brain....

Using hidden psychology that is designed to split up families so the state may raise the children as fodder to their vampiric wishes, that is akin to a date rape drug dropped into a drink. To subtly brainwash our children into these beings that reject their parents or monogamy or family or a dedication to decency, morality, fidelity, humility and or modesty is to be no different than a sexual predator.

And yet at the highest levels the psych experts have been doing exactly that for the purpose of divide and conquer. Sex, drugs, rock and roll and the idea that there is no right or wrong, just gray matter.... is Luciferian in design, literally.

I have the greatest respect for this woman's work. However, I have one caveat, Dr. Judith Reisman was asked in a CSPAN interview if we should outlaw porn and she said absolutely. I do not agree with that because black markets cause huge problems. The prisons are overflowing with drug addicts tricked into drug usage by the same scientists, the last thing we need is prisons overflowing with people who view porn.
The answer is awareness. Consider how drunken driving was reduced by the millions by people being made aware of the risks? The same can hold true for drugs, sex, or even something as seemingly isolated as infidelity.

The Frankfurt School, Kinsey, Tavistock to name a few, brought us an insidious break down of family values by stealth. The first time I ever heard the term, "family values" was from Republican candidate Dan Quayle when he said something dumb about Murphy Brown. At the time I was a full out Liberal Democrat and believed the psychological programming hook line and sinker, unaware that these mass media events are carefully scripted to instill brainwashing.

By associating a really dumb guy with the villainous greedy Republicans, and having him insult single motherhood and TV's promotion of such as an evil, it made the criticism itself evil and laid the groundwork for anyone in the future attempting to criticize the social engineering of family disintegration as a subconscious association with a dumb narrow minded view and from that time forward the thinking process becomes a sound bite, a shorthand surface level knee jerk reaction not worth entertaining in any further depth. A decision locked in, been there done that.... No further thinking necessary.... I'm the good guy. Anyone interested in "family values" is the bad guy.

The way the left is always played is to make them think they thought of it themselves. Well actually both sides are played that way. The right is led to the fill in the blank in a more do it your damn self short hand. Convinced that the world is a level playing field when it isn't by a long shot.

The liberals are always given the same psychological reward of feeling superior as in more empathetic to the downtrodden when the inverse hidden game is to divide and conquer. Family has been attacked by these psychologies using every "ism" because the ultimate goal is the state raising the children. Hitler said, "if we get the women, we get the children."

These institutes went about propagandizing men as slave owners, brutes and morons decade after decade in media and commercials, to convince women they did not need a man. At the same time the so called sexual revolution destroyed fidelity and trust. Everyone brainwashed to believe orgasms and multiple partners was superior to a loyal monogamous family -- family values.

What do we see today? Broken homes, children in prison, runaways, sex slaves, and or volunteering to go kill in wars.... The state is winning and it is all by design.

Open discussion allows a person to see where a barbed hook is hidden in bait that seems harmless, such as sex. All sex is beautiful and fun and satisfying and a reward right? Not what many of us have come to find but man it looks good in the movies and magazines.

But I do agree with Dr. Reisman's research. One doesn't have to agree with everything to see that there is a correlation between porn and a breakdown of society, especially where relationships lead to family that leads to families that endure hardship. So her saying porn should be illegal is very dangerous for many of the same reasons.

LAWS are enforced by a fascist state and that is never good. What we need instead is to out all the manipulation so each brain can make its own decisions based on facts not psychological rape.... however subtle.

Do not accept short hand or sound bites that lead to knee jerk emotionalism. That is the desired reaction of the psychological bait.


  1. or am I finding any truth here? Geno, you mentioned a long time ago that this was all a war between Satanists and Luciferians. Do you still believe this?

    I am getting to the point where I could imagine myself acting. Is there a city or an organization which represents a real bastion of hope for those who are trying to plan a life of resistance? I am not sure that I agree with the WH's and their insistence that victory is near. I am tempted to believe this is of even more than biblical proportions. Secret societies, hidden technologies, and brutal I getting warm?

  2. well, that is partly it... it has been designed that each group has a good cop and bad cop.... The Luciferians will throw the Satanists under the bus after all the other groups kill each other....

    I am tired of trying to explain it... no offense toward you or your question.... this blog is full of essays that pertain to your question....

    There may be some better places to be.... Iceland, Ireland.... if you have money....

    America is looking grim.

  3. Is there a reason for Iceland I have actually considered it. Forgive my vagueness it took courage to post here and I remain wary of attaching certain words to my online self. How did you overcome that? Aren't you afraid? I follow your blog as often as I can. I read almost all of skolnicks reports. I have read the white hats reports from the start. I trust almost no one and i don't understand who is at the very top. It's too late to hide I wish I knew how to help.

  4. Iceland because they woke up and did something about it.

    Afraid? I am afraid my son will live in this but even worse.... forced vaccinations and microchips.

    I have been through hell for 12 years details of which are scattered in stuff I wrote or said before in different places. But what happens is you desensitize to fear.

    Sometimes I get scared and it is usually a vibrational warning telling me evil is in my midst.

    I then recite the Lords prayer and it works.

    I am not a Bible thumper but that prayer or some similar prayer does have power.

    Most of all, these bad guys are being splintered and over run with two many awakening targets popping up like figures in a simulated gunfight.... And the more people you wake up that makes it that much harder for the real evil to hurt you because it is too widespread....

    And no one gets out alive that is ground zero of live for something while you can.

  5. Illuinists/Freemasons vs. Zionists? Or have I not gone far enough (or too far in disinfo)? Are these the people we must refuse to fear? I want to understand first.

    My faith also helps me gain strength I didn't know I had.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. well.... I want to understand to.... one needs to look to the banking leaders and those most involved in the mind rape as I call it... as far as I am concerned the Sabbatean and Frankfurt school of subversion, Tavistock, Freud, Bernays, Goebbels, Pentagon, Vatican, Khazar, Black magick and blood ritualists all have lots in common and lots of splainin to do....

  7. I agree. I am a student in a state university so my awakening was particularly painful. I continue to write papers to get grades for a major in a field I no longer believe in. Even the ones around me who know either pretend not to or refuse to look any further into anything too far afield. I am tired of pretending not to know. I even fear my own paranoia these days and wonder if I am convincing myself of too much. Are the shadow influences multi-polar in your estimation or is it ALL related? Sometimes it seems like I can't even scratch the surface of what needs to be told to the world.

  8. I want to give good advice but not sure how.... You are young I take it.... I know two things about being young... wanting to meet young women and the landmine of conversation with them because the University is filling their heads full of Hitler women poison.... I would urge you to try Alex Jones social network to meet a woman you can talk to....

    Be careful though, the agents are everywhere but learn to talk in ways that are all about sound principles most people can't argue with... they don't send people who are as evil as them just idiots to narc back.... their folders are too full at this point to worry about.... just don't make any threats.... preach non violence....

    I try hard to deal in conceptual thinking.... get people to think about the many layers... for example the meth video I posted the cop talks about what a great high meth either an imbecile or something deeper going on there...

    But it hit me immediately.... I knoew what he was making me think.... people need to think about how they are feeling as a reaction to stimuli.... then ask.... who might gain from the reaction I am having....

    I use the meth video anyway.... I didn't even watch the whole thing.... I really hope they get around to making teens run from the drug.... I posted it for one reason ended up using it to make a different point...

    My blog is a work in progress.... Many videos I would swap out for better ones...

    Propaganda is clever....

    But once people guard the gates of their own brains then nothing they do will work again....

    Try to find a way to enjoy your youth, don't let them screw you out of it.

  9. I enjoy being young, but my concept of youth has been altered-in a way I would not reverse-by reading about programming and blood rituals. I have little interest in talking to classmates these days. I get nausea listening to cable television. I am reading the Bible. Starting with Genesis. And I am reading everything I can find online as fast as I can. I have spent my time in college with my family and I will never feel as though I missed out.

    I have already faced subversive recruitment from some members of the wrong organizations through an unassuming professor. Gonna be hard to avoid them now...seemed so nice...

    For what its worth, you seem honest and good. That team needs way more people. I am grateful for the advice. I'd add my name but I am far from my comfort zone. I will keep reading.


  10. Not sure how to put you at ease... I think of my brain as files... just organize the stuff and make sure you have files for fun and love and peace and serenity... open the file you need, leave most closed until you need them... preparation in all ways breeds calm...