Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Attack of The Slack...

Don't they get the psychology? Don't they see that calling us slackers totally makes us
 not want to do anything?

I think your confusion is between the two me’s….understandably….

One is the bigger than life character…Sarcastic, raw in your face, funny, say the worst possible thing just to exist on a plain of sarcasm that is a safe zone of a cloud overlooking a war… A space that says…. I don’t know what to think given the madness but I sure can be facetious about it….

The other part is a very soft heart who wants what is fair for everyone….

That soft person will never achieve that or help to achieve it without being the other thing….

The other thing is the spectacle… the focal point…. the web to catch and attempt to create the questioning of one’s thought quicksand….

The programming…..

Using their own devices against them….

as I stated earlier I lose this war every night when I sadly sigh to sleep and feel the fool for taking this on….

And first and foremost in that brash spectacle is me fighting me…. me wanting to make sure I don’t sell out because I am pretty sure that offer will come…

so it isn’t a reinvention it is performance art as a weapon…. entertainment using the millions of thoughts we are bombarded with as a flailing defense like a martial artist knocking attacks from one’s head and body….

Many people don’t understand the type of artist who cannot help but reconstruct energy into something else…. constantly like a 24 and 7 factory turning out product that may have different packaging or color but is essentially the same content… the same purpose…. that is why all my essays on my blog say the same thing over and over again…. I bore me and wish I could say something else but I see no point in anything else… i identified the problem and it is my function to manufacture these widgits…. They all do the same thing but the point is not to lose the audience to “seen that heard that” but that is no doubt to be the result no matter what I do….

sort of like the bad guys are stuck in their playbook…

Waiting at that point may be hedonism as I turn dollars into the numbing of the inevitable acceptance of the war I always knew I would lose…

and the final sigh…

But sometimes unseen forces kick in a hand and help those who try in the face of the overwhelming odds...

Illustration by C. Baruffi

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