Saturday, May 19, 2012


See Dick Run was a pivotal book in my learning….
At the time I am not so sure I was really “seeing” Dick run or even seeing Jane run. Spot made more sense to me at 5. I think the problem is they never really explained “why” they were running? I remember thinking, why…. what did they do? Did they steal a cupcake?
When I asked the teacher she looked at me like I was crazy for wanting to know why Dick and Jane were running. Then it occurred to me it was one of those adult things they don’t talk to kids about.
You know like maybe they were “both” doing something they shouldn’t be doing and maybe Jane’s husband had a gun or a baseball bat.
Still my teacher should have said, “Gene, we are not discussing motive or any such concepts today.”
But I persisted and she got angry.
“Freaking shapeshifting aliens… they are running from freaking shapeshifting aliens! Happy now??!!???” She screamed at me.
It was then the book started to get good and I took verbs more seriously.

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