Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Abstract Crazy Ranting...

Agenda 21 has just announced beginning January 1 of the New Year
The City Council has the right to donate any citizen's home 
to those who need a home... I am thrilled at this innovative progressive new thinking in problem solving... Fred can I sleep on your couch?

"Imbalance creates the need for the powerful to round up the masses of poor and put them some place. People in jail don't figure into their unemployment statistics. This in turn allows them to increase taxes and create an industry that not only imprisons nonviolent offenders but puts them to work as what can only be termed as modern day slaves within the prisons. Did you know prisoners are now telemarketing?"  Sean asked the woman sitting next to him on the bus who made the mistake of getting into a conversation over an article in the newspaper about prisons.

"Well they should have to earn their keep." She snapped back.

"You didn't hear what I said. I said imbalance creates the need for the powerful to round up the masses of poor and put them some place. People in jail don't figure into their unemployment statistics. This in turn allows them to increase taxes and create an industry that not only imprisons nonviolent offenders but puts them to work as what can only be termed as modern day slaves within the prisons.  History is repeating itself. England's aristocracy locked up so many poor people to protect themselves that they ended up having to ship them off to Australia."

"I hear Australia's nice." She said.

"In the year 1700 and whatever I'm sure it was a culture shock to be dropped on a barren shore. Again you are missing the point. They used to be put in prison over debt. Nonviolent crime is slowly leading back to debtors prison. Have you paid up your credit cards?" Sean asked the woman.

"That's none of your business."

"I'll take that as a no even though it was a rhetorical question. One day they are going to declare not paying your bills as theft and the prisons will never be short factory workers."

She got off the bus about a mile before her stop.

Pssst. Want to know the secret of immortality and the fountain of youth? The secret lies on the right side of the brain...If you keep that side of your brain pumping creative energy it channels stress...Stress is why the world is full of wrinkled bald people...

I am saddened that our society is one that forces people to go a hundred miles an hour each day just to keep pace with the basic necessities...From the morning rush hour to the evening rush hour the machine is powered by this frenzied pace...To the point that it ruins marriages and leaves children to be raised by strangers...What's wrong with this picture and when will we rethink a system like this?

Did you know this social studies course is cleverly designed to
make us accept globalism as the only alternative to the problems created by the very people who
profited off the problems while creating them? The course will not help us to get a job in fact it will
be worthless in about a decade when the final collapse is put into effect to bring about a totalitarian socialistic dictatorship where we will be forced into stacked homes, vaccinated and chipped and the state will run every aspect of our lives cradle to grave with grave coming about 20 years earlier than the present life expectancy rate... Chapter One: Learn to Love Being A Dumb Cow-- spelled it all out... I'd show you but I had to lend the global communal textbook to
some girl in Mexico for the weekend...

I have never been married although I have a son that I adore...I would like to get married though...She will have to be fit, smart, creative and someone who thinks the book "the rules" is as assinine as I do...That book promotes manipulative head games to catch a man...Now there is healthy communication...That is what is wrong with mankind...People trying to manipulate each other through deceitful practices in an attempt to control and hold certain degrees of power over others...Our government does it. The media does it. Right down to our children who learn to slant their behavior toward getting what they want...If we become more conscious of this unattractive behavior than that may be one giant leap for the manipulative kind...

I believe in Jesus but I am not religious...I just know when I find a quiet moment to pray he finds a subtle way to say he's listening...And yet I still reserve a place for doubt in case there really isn't a God only nature...Because by considering the fact that the Earth is just a series of natural events that came together to comprise life...It helps to keep me open minded...Besides faith and science are not mutually exclusive.

People who are convinced that their religion is the right religion, often indoctrinate the poor, the ignorant, the desperate and children by giving them food, clothes and shelter in one hand...And a belief system in the other. By using this method to convert the vulnerable it is deceptive therefore a practice Jesus might find highly questionable. Then those who say it is "in the bible" forget the bible wasn't written by Jesus but by other men who may or may not have been serving some of their own interests. Blind faith isn't Christ-like. It is a little like letting the wolves baby sit the sheep.

Cowardice to me is when a person chooses the easiest path...We are all guilty at some point of this because life tests us constantly...That is why we have to look at everything a little harder...Are we doing what is right or what is easy?

If we keep letting the rich get richer and allow conglomerates to suck up all forms of distribution...Big business wins and the little guy is just a pawn, a soldier, a consumer and slave to laws created to keep it that way...We need to have the courage to stand up for small business...A line needs to be drawn before it is too late...A world wide minimum wage would go a long way in eliminating child labor, world hunger and the loss of jobs shipped overseas...

We can't simply accept media conglomerates shoving Britney Spears down our throat...Or cramming teenage sex comedies into our faces...Media distributors know that if films are too expensive to make only they will be able to make films...And profit from them... Just as the cost of elections makes it only possible for multi-millionaires to get elected...

Thomas Jefferson was well aware of what would happen if people didn't keep constant vigilance of their rights...He said something to the effect that in order to be governed fairly they would need to revolt every twenty years. I advocate a peaceful creative non-violent revolution...One that says buy from the neighborhood grocer who buys from the small farmer...Consider putting a dollar into the hat of the street musician...See a local play...Buy a painting from a local artist...Buy your knick knacks from guys like me with websites rather than from national chains which often have ties to sweatshops...Independence isn't the freedom to be dependent on Wal-mart...

Once we realize where we spend each dollar is the key to the revolution only then will the independent artist, the small business, the common man really be free...

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