Monday, April 9, 2012

Yahoo Bullshit Review

Googoo gaaggga...waaaaa...waaaaaaa...jibble...hooooooooooo
(translated from toddler talk)
Mom, contrary to what Yahoo propagandists say about GMO being better than organic
I beg you to think about it... Who do you think makes better corn... Monsanto or Nature?
And if it is genetically altered to kill bugs and parasites what do you think it is doing to our internal organs?
And if you force me to eat this shit I insist you go through my lawyer...

I have noticed Yahoo puts out the most insidious lying propaganda daily so I am going to try and do a regular review as I see the crap.

First of all ask yourself this?

Who benefits from this bullshit?

The pharmaceutical companies who are being sued in court that their vaccines cause autism?

What better way to deflect the evidence to red herrings than to assign the blame to the individual. In this case over weight mothers.

But wait! Science has found a clear connection through "studies!"

Oh really? Studies funded by the very medical facilities named in the lawsuits or at least connected in some way to the guilty as sin "practitioners" of medicine... practicing on people?

And how difficult would it be to find 500 over weight mothers with the right problems to skew the test...

And the control group of NOT OVER WEIGHT MOTHERS that achieves a study result they can use in court to confuse a jury and get themselves off the hook of a multi billion dollar lawsuit.

Robert Kennedy Jr. saw evidence of these Doctors that proves they did conspire to hide the facts and cover their asses. Of course these mad scientists and drug cartels will go to any length to approve their medicines and disprove their guilt. How many times do these people have to be caught in lies?

And freaking Yahoo putting the propaganda out daily covering up the elite lies of the corporate syndicates.

One doesn't even have to have proof to know a proven liar may well be lying.

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  1. Absolutely everything you hear in MSM about conventional medicine is a lie....EVERYTHING! I found that out the hard way.....but I've managed to mostly get back on track with my health through proper nutrition and whole food supplementation and the elimination of all chemicals from my life.....things that were supposedly not curable are friend who is an MD/ND has patients with every disease and every one of them has gotten better or is completely cured with natural methods. We have to stop and think about the fact that with conventional medicine our society has become sicker than we've ever been before....something isn't right....if we are sicker it just proves conventional methods do not work....why are we still beating a dead horse? Why are we listening to an industry that cares only about lining their pockets?