Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rocked and Rolled...

Paid back and broke within 10 seconds... My brother is good... I need surveillance cameras when 
he stops by... he owed me 40... gave me 20 and borrowed 20 and we are even? 

The Paul is dead thing may be a purposeful concept created by the minds of the Beatles themselves, who knows. The video link I gave is released by THEIR company Apple Records… So if Apple Records is producing a well done video then chances are a sort of Andy Kauffman movie has been made.

Tavistock is real though. Research that to see what they do.

As someone who has read a lot about music and The Beatles, such as John Lennon himself in a Rolling Stone interview saying the Beatles were led through Fellini Satyricon orgies in Europe (Eyes Wide Shut) this isn’t completely conspiracy theory but evidence from insiders that the elite do some weird stuff.

John Todd was in the recording industry. He comes from elite families where a lot of occult practices happened. Lincoln’s wife, Mary Todd – a Todd practiced.

This isn’t Christians from a 1950s black and white movie saying rock ‘n’ roll is evil it is hundreds of researchers comparing evidence that evil people run the recording industry and certain rituals and hazing takes place to play in the big leagues.

People tend to freak out when they hear things contrary to our programming and the point of all of it is to not be a sucker. Be aware that a grand con is always in the works.

I met a guy who told me he was in a warehouse full of cocaine in Arizona and a Priest in a black robe came in and blessed it as in, “Cocaine go forth and do the devils work --ruin peoples lives etc.”

When someone tells you that you either dismiss him and it as a crazy liar or file it in your memory as possible evidence of the world being one scary freaking place and that those sharing links on the internet may not be so crazy.

No one can research the world for someone else. You have to want to know why the world is so screwed up. When people get hysterical because someone pops a bubble, especially one of their pop idols or movie actors… They cannot bare the idea they invested energy into loving something or someone.

I have been a beatlemaniac since 12 years old but now that I know how the world really works I have no trouble believing they got indoctrinated into things one would have to see for themselves to imagine. Or at least research heavily to understand.

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