Sunday, April 15, 2012

National Genographics... Ad Man 4 Rent...

GOAL: To insert a video commercial and display ad for your business on my blog. I want between 2 and 8 advertisers to be regular advertisers on my site. I will shoot and edit a commercial with a link back to your website. The display ad will also link back. Presently I have over 100 posts. You will appear in around 25 posts every month and I am seeing about 8000 people per month that can easily be more with a little more effort on my part to move traffic.

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I want a sort of counter culture advertiser, something like Hemp products, Music stores, Gun Stores, Head shops, Patriot oriented businesses, anything bucking the status quo.

I am even willing to tame my site down a little to make my advertisers more at ease. I would like to have someone contracted for $400.00 per month, about $5000.00 per year. For that you get my production services and efforts to direct traffic through and to your website.  I want to do everything I can to make this work for you and justify including me in your advertising budget, we can be creative as to various approaches. Everything is negotiable and I will also give you the ads to run elsewhere.

Here is a sample of some of my cartoon graphic advertising work.

This is my script and voiceover. Nice, direct and clean ad.

Here I am in the ad adding my silly humor. Any time you want me to add silly, no extra charge. :)

Here I wrote and recorded jingles. I will write and record a jingle for a 2 year contract.

Color always an option...

Contact me today.

Wouldn't take much to turn a subversive radical into a capitalist you know...  All I need is my time taken up making money as opposed to being angry about not having

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