Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Factions That Fraction...

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There she is... The Emerald City... The Capital of the New World Order...The final
stop on this long twisted yellow paved road... surrounded by poppies...
so here's the plan... I park the wagon full of explosives, light the fuse jump on your back and we ride like the wind... Hope the history books remember us fondly...

The fact of world events are derived not only from factions that fraction, to turn a phrase but from organized efforts behind closed doors. Those closed doors may consider their work lawful or know it to be unlawful. Both views can rationalize their decisions behind those doors to be for the good of the masses.

Think about the closed door meetings that decided the masses needed to be dumbed down for a means to an end. How wrong was that however rationalized? We now have a world that closely resembles the movie, IDIOCRACY.

One of the major strategies some of us have come to understand is the problem, action and reaction strategy-- of a false flag event for example. Create the bombing and then blaming it on the people you really want to attack and occupy-- and then rallying the popular opinion to do just that. Sound familiar?

As I posted the other day in G Edward Griffin's essay that the teaching of history was seen as necessary to an end justifying the means.

Controlling information is reprehensible to me. All information should be as plentiful and accessible as water to anyone anywhere wanting and needing a drink.

Essentially what that is is a small collective lying and designing lies so that collective can mold the world to their liking. And this certainly includes wars and killing which has conveniently been rationalized as necessary and unavoidable when in reality it was planned as a means to an end and therefore, mass murder.

After reading enough history and seeing collectivism play their same strategy out over and over again I cannot take a passive role in watching globalism pull off more stunts for their end cause.

We certainly agree we have a mess of corruption in America (but really only here? come on who is "the world" kidding) and though I am willing to assist in its clean up I have to constantly put forward the question, to what end will our sovereignty suffer from world policing.

Although we have been dumbed down I dare say if we the regular people were ever given the truth and included in plans for a world society that put people, health, environment and peace first and diabolical self serving tyrants second... you would be able to get full cooperation thus alleviating the need for all the diabolical trickery.

I refuse to be part of the trickery. I am here for the people. I am here as an American Patriot requesting several things. The top of those requests being that we rediscover the best of our Constitution and Bill of Rights while being open minded to helping other countries find similar principles, but the con games have to end.

This man was mentioned by Clinton in his inaugural address. Being that Clinton claims to be a Rhodes Scholar that this is significant to understanding the real world of closed door collectivist decision making and planning.

Read it to understand what we face. So that we might not get fooled again.

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  1. I am trying to articulate a beginning middle and end, a pecking order of corruption which is power. There has always been a reason for major events. New laws get passed and new powers get created and it all serves what I stated under previous posts.

    Your suggestion is not possible.

    (the person is asking for an arrest of someone employed by the people who own the law)

    It would be like being an assistant manager in the Best Buy corporation attempting to fire the general manager. It is not in the pecking order to do so.

    The consolidation of power is decades and centuries ahead of the slowly awakening. If we don't understand the pecking order we cannot fix anything. I have spoken of black market syndicates and they aren't the top of the pyramid either. They are a convenient smoke screen, extremist muscle to insulate the highest levels and control the lower levels.

    Where does every dollar go? Into a bank. Those who bury their dollars it is only a matter of time before the currency changes. The fiat dollar is a coupon one exchanges for pizza and entertainment and gasoline. It is monopoly money to play the game. You were told the money you put in your house and IRAs were your retirement monies...wrong.

    We are enslaved by how much cereal goes in the box and how many coupons buys the cereal. We are on a leash as to how much food we can stock up on based on not only our limited budget, the limited buying power of a dollar but there are also laws that we can't have more than a month's worth of food.

    These are the realities of a pecking order whose top rung is beyond dominant... and when they decide to throw a Timmy or a Georgey or a Mitt under the bus it will be either for show or to get another piece of their puzzle in place.

    World government leading to world currency leading to cashless leading to microchip.

    My point is always... Know the entire picture and how not knowing it is to always treat symptoms and not the source of the cancer. The answer is to completely stop feeding the beast and in every way possible... but to do that you need to know who the beast is and what it eats and how it feeds.