Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Truth Hurts Like Hell...

Folks as you read my blog some are going to have the typical knee jerk emotional reaction you have been programmed with through the TV and Movies. You aren't aware of it but this thing they cleverly term "intolerance" or "hate" or "sexism" or "racism" or "Antisemitism" or "Homophobia" or whatever... is a psychological design to get you surrendering free thought and speech to THE STATE who will decide whether your thoughts should be punished. That is not America and it certainly isn't freedom.

Sir did you order the side of beef?

I'm sorry Sir, I don't know what you are talking about... Nothing is fishy... 
This is not a small sperm whale this is  Choice Grade-A black Angus beef...
and no that is not Adolph Hitler in the painting on the wall and no
we have no idea about Operation Paperclip... Perhaps you
would like soup instead? Or maybe something from our
Tex Mex menu? Or perhaps our Argentine Fajita with sauerkraut?

The sticks and stones may break my bones rule is where law comes in. You are supposed to be able to say and think what you want but stop short of violence. The second you take a swing physically or pull a gun is where the law jumps in. The idea that you can trust the government to do your thinking when they have killed and incarcerated millions by declaring themselves of a higher stature is the mistake you are making when you allow your brain to be programmed by them and the propaganda they weave into every television broadcast.

You will truly be awake when you can no longer "tolerate" 30 seconds of television programming because you will see it as the mind rapist it is.

I criticize the timeline and migration of certain tribes that were chased out of East Asia hundreds and hundreds of years ago because it was their religious practice to engage in rape, sodomy with children, theft and black magic and those tribes formed their belief system around secret societies so they could eventually take over all control mechanisms of the world. They take people's natural defense against other tribes and use it to vilify natural instinct so they can label everyone but themselves "haters" when they are the true haters of liberty and the golden rule of do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

We are so brainwashed we think TOLERANCE means there is good in every one and their crimes need to be coddled and understood and forgiven when in actuality their crimes need to be seen for what they are, cold and premeditated. The control they have over the law allows them to selectively punish who threatens them not what threatens the public. On the contrary they like having dangerous people at large to help them with the smoke and mirrors of fear, the fog of war, the carnival of warped reflections.

As I will prove in other posts these people wear the costume of other religions and cultures to turn people against one another, to confuse. Wolf in sheep's clothing exploding bombs and blaming innocent people, framing them for crimes they didn't commit so they can come in as the saviors.

You will see me constantly trying to unravel this idea for you, my judgment is of the individual-- whomever they are-- who either lives or denies the golden rule, whatever color, religion, culture or sex... I have stated it many times in other posts, the Khazar tribe were barbarians who controlled the trade routes around the Caspian sea. It was they and their lineage whose migration brought their Pagan beliefs. Engaging in phallic worship, black magick, rape rob and pillage to consume cultures and turn the genetic code into their own. It is this lineage that adapted religions such as Judaism and Catholicism and every other institution over time to create this shell game, this Russian doll approach to domination, a doll inside a doll, a disguise inside a disguise, a lie inside a lie inside a lie -- to protect their true belief in Satanism.

They have satanic holidays throughout the year and while you are having dinner with the kids they are meeting in secret and sacrificing people to their God. Go ahead and google satanic holidays for a wake up call.

So when someone pastes a label on me as a hater I am not a hater I am an EXPLAINER... a Researcher... a historian... a detective... a de-programmer....attempting to get you to understand you are aiding and abetting the satanists by allowing yourself to be fooled and repeat their TV programming, and act as tampered jurors coming in with the wrong verdict time and time again. Completely missing the point.

You are shown someone else committed the crime and you say guilty when the person showing you the crime is really the one that committed it. And they own the TV and the satellites. They fool you with their flashy images and their handsome agents reading scripts for huge dollars and the glow of fame.

Listen to JFK's speech at the end of this song and then tell me I'm a nutty conspiracy theorist because if I am--- the man who made this speech was too -- then murdered in broad daylight just a few weeks afterwards... and not by a lone assassin... It is awfully coincidental...especially since he was trying to pass laws against the Khazarian controllers of money... the very people his speech was referencing.

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  1. Folks this isn't about what you think is a NAZI either... Hollywood made the Nazi to be Germans who hate Jews but the reality was The Khazar who adapted Judaism and Catholicism to hide their Occult practice were already running the banks... so it is they who funded Hitler and staged World War II for many reasons... To put bases all over the world, rob gold and wealth from countries and museums, destroy records and books and to hide their true origin which meant they had to kill real semite blood Jews who could identify the false line.

    159,000 "Jews" served for Hitler and many were officers... now ask yourself... were these Jews the false line gathering up the true semite blood line? The answer is highly likely...

    By the 20th century the Khazars had been intermixing with European bloodlines for 1200 years so blaming white skinned Germans alone for the war was yet another step toward removing or vilifying those who were in the know of the real history and were highly angry and resentful...

    Google Benjamin Freedman and listen to his speech.


    Contrary to conventional views, Rigg reveals that a startlingly large number of German military men were classified by the Nazis as Jews or "partial-Jews" (Mischlinge), in the wake of racial laws first enacted in the mid-1930s. Rigg demonstrates that the actual number was much higher than previously thought--perhaps as many as 150,000 men, including decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals.


    So what this shows is the TV tells the story as clear cut John Wayne good guys versus bad guys when the truth was much more insidious... World War II was designed and funded by the shadow elite government and Hitler was either a fool or a dupe or a willing actor who may well have been one of those who went on to live out his days in South America.

    There is evidence of such.

    So try and get past good guy bad guy and victim... millions were victims not just Jews and the perpetrators were themselves Jews in part.... so this is about truth and keeping the same murderous shadow government from pulling the same con job again and again and again...

    Time to wake up and stop being gullible hysterical emotional idiots...