Friday, March 23, 2012

Have Sketch Pad Will Travel...

My blog is full of stuff that is frightening and very dark as it pertains to the worst of humankind and my
strong belief that we must stand up before it consumes everything. That evil works in stealth and creates the turmoil we see-- only they are so good at being bad-- they make it look like it is accidental, arbitrary and isolated incidents. When in actuality it is a collective that instructs agents to carry out the evil deception through more ways than one can comprehend. 

My blog posts hope to get you to the point you understand that it is a small collective that hides behind the chaos so they can always walk in as the saviors, control the solution and the law and the prisons and especially the wealth. If the masses woke up to the con game they would stop that elite collective that preys not only on the children of the world but their own children who they indoctrinate into a centuries old conspiracy. We all know how abuse gets passed down, well in this elite collective it has been passed down for hundreds of years to maintain wealth and control, and any family member who attempts to escape or blow the whistle mysteriously dies.

I preface the positive aspect of my coming entries with that. I make the case with evidence in other posts and will continue to but there are a few things I am trying to do at the same time. Top of my list is to make people laugh-- because we feel good when we laugh, and to celebrate my life...and life in general-- because in spite of the evil in the world there is indeed good and we must keep living by example to show the demons  up, whose envy is palpable. Sad as it is, compassion though we feel, empathetic to people whose answer is to cause misery in their quest to control and dominate like the child who delights in pulling wings off butterflies or torturing pets, we must attempt to show them that one can be poor and still find joy. Someone can have no control at all and trust a good God to watch over us and provide an enlightened path as blind and as ignorant as some of us may be.

Therefore this post and others will be about some joyous moments in my life. Here, when I was 19, in March of 1980 I hiked the Havasupai trail with several of my sisters and many of our friends. I always brought a sketch pad in those early years and later a video camera. It was my sister who held a super 8 sound movie camera on this expedition so this trip has both cartoon sketches and live footage that shows how beautiful this Earth is and the years we get to spend on it. As an artist I have been given the means to channel pain into something positive. 

Being a young man I had it in my mind, on this particular trip...LOL..that I hoped our friends room mates would be good looking and single. It was the middle of the night when the magical moment occurred. I was in a sleeping bag on the floor of a Flagstaff apartment when I awoke to Judy putting a blanket on me. And she was beautiful. It was an instant crush. I would spend that week getting as close as I could and it did turn romantic on our way back up the ridge of the canyon after about a week.

We spent a few magical puppy love days together before I boarded the Amtrak home and though we wrote a couple times life went on and it is just a heart filling memory. On that hike we laughed and sang, I drew, there was no real awareness of the suffering in the world...I mean there was and there wasn't but it had not gotten under my skin and into my soul yet-- as it is now. But this moment and even recent times with friends caught on video reminds me of how important it is to love and laugh and worship life.


It was on this trip the idea for a screenplay began to form. It was to be a western I would go on to College and write and later take to Hollywood. All part of the rollercoaster ride of my life. That western would almost make me rich and get made by big name movie stars about 7 years later. But stuff happens and that story will be told eventually also. Win or lose I took my cuts, sat in those Hollywood offices and studios and have always at least gone for it and faced fears and took on the good the bad and the ugly. I am proud of that.

I always was around music and sort of noodled on guitar but it wasn't until 1998 I bought a guitar and started writing music and recording it. The two songs I put in the soundtrack to this canyon trip were recorded in 2001 and 2009. This blog where I am able to bring together these moments, youtube, the amazing idea I can make every moment count from my dusty doodles once in a closet to the images collected along the way is a blessing beyond my wildest imagination. As an artist I have a compulsion to make every line I drew and every thought I ever had matter, so that when it is time to cross over I can know I put life on a pedestal and made an attempt to erect a shrine to the gift given to me, and hopefully leave a gift behind.

If the song is right, all we are is dust in the wind I am not so sure we would still be gazing upon ancient statues and paintings in museums depicting humankinds compulsion to do the same. I just wish everyone felt this obligation to love it so much you try and find ways to help those who aren't loving it as much. Leading by example is one way and being tough on people is another way. My gift with words does both like the Coach trying to get his favorite athlete to reach a little higher. I am trying to do that with this life we are leading. I know we can do so much better and part of making it better is having the courage to face the reasons why, however ugly and intimidating.  But the opposite is beautiful and that deserves our attention too.

Our friend Janna brought everything including the kitchen sink. When we decided to help her with her load on the way up she went and found two huge rocks she was going to bring up. We looked at her and said, are you freaking nuts? You are NOT bringing those rocks. Laugh out loud people are goofy. This is a caricature of my sister Jackie with the camera...

This is a caricature of my sister Daire.

Judy and her stupid boyfriend...

This is Shitting in the woods by Gene Kalmes.

Camping and partying on a ridge half way down.

Sleeping on the ridge. I remember waking up suddenly over and over worrying I was going to roll 
off the edge.

Caricatures of friends from the old neighborhood Mary Lou and her younger brother Bob...

Two friends I did not know who were all lovey dovey.

Shall remain nameless...

The women worked out... The men heckled...

We were watching stars move and thinking they were UFOs so the gag here is that the aliens really were using a star as a disguise... 

If you would like to read the western inspired by the Canyon hike follow this link.

The Clinton administration put the Grand Canyon up as collateral on foreign debt which is a scam on the American Republic. First they put us into debt then pay off the debt they created (not us) with our parks.

This is the video Alex Jones made 14 years ago on the takeover of our parks and America in general.
A must watch for those who don't want foreign bankers owning our country.

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