Thursday, March 8, 2012

Discern This...

It says here in my old psychology 101 book that whatever job we find for Eugene should be on the first floor due to the fact that his co-workers will probably want to throw him out of a window...

Discern This...

I just watched a recent Dylan Ratigan Video where he is calling Greenspan the Godfather and the banks the con men.

This is another lesson in discernment.

We have never heard this sort of language before from news people right?

Question number one…

Who benefits?

Did the news people suddenly realize they worked for the people and Constitution or has the widespread outing of a truth that couldn’t be contained if they wanted to-- forced them to control the message?

Control the message is the answer to that. Control it and minimize the shocking truth.

Right off the bat he used the numbers 2% and 6%….

Uhhhhh yeah sure….. numbers most would see as fairly reasonable…. Planting the seed that the bankers tried to get an extra 2%...

Like a wife batterer saying I only hit her twice and her having bruises all over her body in reality...

Then ask yourself who benefits if the FED is being taken down?

Some other powerful group waiting in the wings who planned all along to make America despised and laughable to the world and its own people.

Royalty, and criminal syndicate elites that were in the shadows behind the shadow who will emerge to take the victory dance.

As insane as it sounds this plan has been written about by many for centuries and it is indeed Luciferianism. Each level of the control grid set to take the fall for the level above that one.

All roads lead to Rome.

What do I suggest?

How the hell should I know what to do about a system created that covers every contingency? They have been planning and creating this grid for centuries. We are in the maze.

As our dead pile up our immediate responsibility is not to go after the killers but bury the dead.

After that, we need to go to work and go shopping and get the car fixed and try and save the house.

Those that already lost the house have to find a place to park for the night or get to the shelter while it is open or find a spot to sleep, stunned that their life has become this.

Those with jobs in the growing homeland security grid need to train for house to house combat and gun confiscation. Or they don’t get a paycheck to pay the rent.

Point being our options are extremely limited not to mention natural born leaders seem to die of natural causes…

Step one, admit you have a problem…

Step two admit you helped create the problem by your child like gullibility.

Step three, stop believing the news and the latest guru and use discernment…

Ask who benefits…. always assume it is a con because it almost always is… A deer doesn’t let the wolf pack get close because this time they might be nice.

And if you know anyone closer to the problem than the average person, try and have intelligent conversations with them to INFLUENCE them as to KNOWING the big con, so that they know you know, and that they aren’t alone, and to be the angel on their shoulder saying please don’t leave us all alone and sell out for your piece of the pie.

That person may then have his conscience win in an important moment of a selfish battle in court or the senate or in a backroom.

Don’t alienate him or her, help them to be better people, remind them of all his family, siblings, parents, high school friends he or she needs to stand for…

But none of this can be done if you believe in clowns and lala land plans founded not in reality but childish hopefulness…

So in review, knowledge is power, discernment and common sense is key, ask who benefits, get as close to those who are closer to the structure and let them know you are there as a friend and backup--- but you expect he is working for the people and not himself…

this isn’t “no hope” — hope being a moronic word thrown to the masses in place of action…

This is identifying the problem and keeping an eye on the ball.

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  1. A note on discernment.

    Group 1: NEVER states a call to action… It tells its followers how they can help and what to do…. Instead they convince its followers that it is all being taken care of by good elites and secret societies. Only call to action is donate to the cash strapped secret society.

    Group 2: Sells books and seminars and lives in a high rent district and even charges to talk to him on the phone. This mantra is the lights in the sky and doing all the saving of humankind…. just relax and speculate endlessly like children watching a monster movie.

    Group 3: Does not have donate buttons or request funding (use their own money and time and risk their lives or popularity in society) or conduct expensive seminars or charge people to talk to them on the phone. They shun the spotlight but understand the need to have their information seen and that their be a systematic approach and plan they stick to and that the plan include ACTUAL VIEWABLE EVIDENCE not to engage over-the- hill activists who have chased the wrong red herrings their entire lives but communicate with those who know the difference.

    They also have stated a clear call to action their entire time in the public awareness and that is to spread the info not to the masses as disinfo but to state lawmakers who would know exactly whether the info was real or not. And feel the chill crawl up their corrupt guilty spines.

    Time to choose your seat at the big boy table.