Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deconstructing the Architecture of Lies...

That's 2017 Lincoln? Oh sorry, we are putting an addition on your neighbor's house...
I can get one of our cards out of the truck if you are interested?  

The first problem with the world is the egocentricity we all have. We are convinced we have it all figured out and are smarter than everyone else. This allows our real controllers to keep us tethered to our belief system.

Anyone who knows me would say well this includes you too KNOW IT ALL... and seeing as I am writing this essay I am aware of that fact but the difference between me and most is I figured out the formula.

The formula is this.


EVERYTHING IS A CON JOB that benefits the tiny few elite control freaks who created the Tavistock Institute that brought together the greatest mind fuckers in the world, including people like Freud to socially engineer the world into a herd of compliant and largely harmless meat sacks whose divided and conquered belief system is variations on serving the few.

Therefore the formula is...

Who Benefits?

Qui Bono in Latin.

And if you have the answer it is easy to figure out the associative equation.

Their favorite means of control is to promote and protect rapists and murderers. When a person commits this sort of crime-- shadowy figures know they have a person they can control. So all they have to do is make them an offer they can't refuse. Prison, execution, or living like a King in exchange for voting in certain ways or carrying out "assignments".

The people you think are so wonderful are in reality guilty of murder and rape and quite often the regular abuse of children.

To take it even further, secret ritual swears this void of conscience (CON SCIENCE?) group of sociopaths and psychopaths into secret ceremonies of blood sacrifice that often includes SNUFF FILMS, which allows the controllers to have the ultimate blackmail tool that very few would ever defy. If in history someone tries to sound the alarm they are suicided or disappeared.

THE MEDIA is all run by these controlled and blackmailed sociopaths.

So when I get in political arguments with people I consider to be idiots, which is just about everybody, it is because I am running the event in question through this formula where as others, are still blinded by their Hollywood induced fantasy of knights in shining armor.

Whether you believe in the Bible or not-- the idea that the father of lies controls Earth, the material world of flesh and bone is about as accurate and important a statement ever made in the chronicles of history and literature.

The guiding principle of Satanists and Luciferians is that humankind is ALL EVIL so they might as well be the top rung of evil before other people do it. 

This isn't theory, this is fact substantiated by thousands of pages of words from the people who lived it and wrote about it. You can research this for yourself or go on being an idiot.

Hello 911? Yes I was issued a crowbar and told to take the back wall off a house and up to my
nose in wood and stucco and my work boot is nailed to a two by four under about
a thousand pounds of debris... Would you do me a favor and call my girlfriend and tell her
I am going to be late... whenever I am late she goes out with someone else...  if she gets nasty and uses any male name but her a bitch and  hangup... Thanks... Why don't I call her myself? I suppose I could... but she'll believe you... Can you tell her she's lucky to have me and I may need a pint of blood? What? This is 411? Oh sorry... (sigh)... you sound hot... are you hot? 

Watch this entire video and know it isn't just these household names but just about every name in power.

Yo this is a Crowbar we don't serve Scarecrows.... beat it...

Sad to say those who understand the con have been relegated to the lower rungs for centuries, but even sadder to say is when I see these cultures still participating in willful ignorance. Obama is an example of the childlike hopefulness of the black community believing his skin color is their team, just as the Texans believed in the cowboy hat and women believe Hillary isn't out for herself too....

It is okay to believe there are good people but not okay to believe they have gotten by the formula.  EVERYTHING IS A LIE... why? Because everything is controlled by the Luciferian shadow elite that controls the rigged game... No one gets to the level of President without having been initiated. Your candidate is dirty. Sorry for the reality check.

Don't believe me?

Don't google your hero worship, google your candidates name with the word, "truth" or "conspiracy"  and start reading and following links.

If these stories out there were lies then these stories would be brought up in libel and slander courts and purged from the internet and the uploaders held accountable. Why aren't they brought to libel and slander court?

Because proof is entered into evidence to refute that the accusations are lies.

Instead you will find those making these accusations end up dead or their names ruined by the LIE MACHINE.

But go on with your bubble. Your fantasy allows evil to thrive. The few of us who get it thank you for your idiocy. And your children will thank you one day too.

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  1. This is the part I have failed to explain well... I use the words research and study and as much as people want sources....( which is fine) .... we all know sources can be absolutely right-on or some variation of a partly right perspective-- all the way down to bullshit... But the best detectives combine investigation.... thorough.... with intuition... what makes sense given every parameter-- and especially using the starting point of WHO BENEFITS?

    That is why I feel I am living in a world of 3 year old children who can be easily fooled with slight of hand... or even worse a dog falling for the fake stick toss.... and even the dog wises up... and the child...

    And yet... they will blow something up, blame it on Iran or a right wing gun owner and everyone will cheer as those who really scripted the event bomb or pass new legislation or have a show trial...

    That wise detective or journalist who never gives up on facts no matter how many bosses threaten them, fire them, or bury their investigations... Truth is not only truth but it feels like truth... it is knowing... and for those who still cling to the idea you saw 4 planes on 911 and the media cemented in your mind Islamic hijackers and cannot bring yourselves to understand that hundreds of obvious facts are not being entertained by your child like 2 dimensional belief system.... it is an ego that cannot let go...admit that you were fooled... or at least admit that you have not watched the documentaries because you are afraid of being wrong and how cowardly you are to wave your hand at the idea.... Failing to be an open minded juror in a critical moment in history...

    ...or for that matter-- face the reality that if you can accept what is fundamentally your racism to believe Islam are wackos who are unquestionably guilty and deserving of 10 years of bombing and killing as punishment with no end in sight-- when the opposite of that set in stone racist conviction is--- everything America is founded upon.... open trials... juries... press....

    ... and of the information that is as plain as daylight-- like our government seizing oil and heroine... and that Israel wants Islam dead and control of the region.... that those facts just might challenge the first rule of Qui Bono.... who benefits...?

    If Islam wanted to bring hell upon themselves how do they benefit from that?

    Not to mention the endless discrepancies of that morning like 3 perfect free fall speed building falls into their own footprint....all supposedly by fire for the first time in history by buildings built to withstand airplane crashes...not to mention -- eye witnesses at the pentagon in the explosion that stated no plane and a hole too small for a plane minus the wings that would have knocked out windows that remain in tact, and no footage from hundreds of cameras, and the fact Norad just happened to be scrambling all their planes to Alaska that morning and Cheney running the drill... and Colonel Tinsley on duty that day later being suicided...

    Frankly it is hard to respect that sort of two dimensional racist disregard for fact finding...