Sunday, March 25, 2012

Camp Geno

When we are 18/19 years old I think we have this liberated love of freedom. For a brief moment we are free of High School and parents as that golden number says we are now adults and can choose to go on to more school, get a job or just screw around for a while. Love and sex is still new and fresh, and experiences like vacations, trips and camping with friends.

The center picture here is me pulling up my zipper after peeing in the woods on a camping trip, I am being funny for the camera as that was what I did best back then. This camping trip with Mark, Vince and Eric to fish the Northern Wisconsin lakes was memorable. I caught the biggest fish and we ate it, I almost caught a freaking whale and we all saw this huge Muskie surface for a moment before my line broke and  when we went to a bar I was the only one to return with a young lady who slept with me in the car. Joyce was her name. This was only the second woman I ever had sex with in my life and I was starting to like that new aspect of life. Going to bars or parties and meeting women.

As I usually did I had a sketch pad with me and doodled a journal of the trip. Absent here are some pages that included a Psychiatrist who camped near us I had psychoanalyzing a bear in Wilderness Psychologist and a Great Escape Adventure of GORF... Frog spelled backwards who was our mascot... We caught many frogs we fitted with a frog harness for bass and musky fishing.

Caught way more bait than fish. And of course we consumed a lot of beer and smoked a lot of pot.  Mosquitoes were killer but I remember the fun and not the blood sucking. But most of all I remember what it felt like to really feel free.



Did I change all that much?

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