Thursday, March 29, 2012

Autocidal Maniac Seeks Used Car...

Mommy look at that man... he is driving backwards on the highway... I
'spose his tranny has dropped and only works in reverse and he's obsessed over his ex girlfriend dating another man and is on his way to drive by her house... ? 
My Kindergarten teacher told us about her stalker...

How much you want for that piece of shit? Ummm... right buddy... I'll
tow it for 25 bucks and if you want you can keep the fuzzy dice...

She looks so natural... usually when one of your cars dies it smells like
you forgot to put oil in it and seized the engine... are you sure
she's dead? She might just be out of gas like the last car you
sent to the wrecker... 


  1. OK, this one tops yesterday's! Brilliant... I look forward to spending my evenings with your blog,since I do not watch the tv(set)
    What a treat it is after a long night at working hard. It helps me more then you could imagine and I appreciate all your hard work and time invested. This one Simon really did shine_him & Jesus where great tonight.HaHaajha

  2. O' and that classic emission video :D
    Just proves you are ahead of your time, as they say_ whoever they are... LOL