Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Dimensional Suckers

Two Dimensional Suckers

What do I mean by this?

I am saying most of you are two dimensional suckers... easily fooled because you think in two dimensions.

Environmentalism for example.

The two dimensional thinker sees things as environmentalist good and anything opposing it as bad.

Two dimensions.

Imagine for a second you are super rich and you want to own all property, even kill off populations and herd people into cities.

How might you achieve that?

Do you tell people that is what you want to do?

Or do you appeal to their love of bunny rabbits and trees and clean water?

Do you tell them they need to move to the city because they are harming the land.

Do you pass laws giving yourself power over people using the excuse that you want to clean up the river?

Do you go so far as to allow a crony to pollute and then pretend that you are against that crony to pass a law for non polluting businesses to be monitored by you.

That is three or four dimensional thinking. A con inside a con inside a con.

Do you fund environmental groups and corporations both?

Perhaps the polluters you funded poisoned off the population you wanted to die.

But always you as the funder of a secret agenda come in as the good guy--the savior.

This is one of the reasons leftist liberals annoy the hell out of me. They react with emotionalism to everything. You tell them someone is killing puppies and an endless stream of hysterical puppy savers will disappear over a cliff as they run in the direction pointed.

Two dimensional suckers.

One must think like the con artist to avoid being conned and emotional reactions give the con artist what they want.

I don't fault the leftist liberal for having a soft heart... but a soft head.

Mind you I was a leftist liberal for 42 years and ran off several cliffs before I began to wise up.

I am amazed at how many buy the same con game repackaged every few years.

Yes the right wing sucks too but the one distinction I think is to their advantage is they have a pull yourselves up by your boot straps attitude. Ultimately if we all had real opportunity than we could all enjoy a life of our own making.

However, opportunities are controlled and rationed and there aren't enough to go around.

This is where we need to come together to identify the smaller collectives that play we the larger collective on our emotions whether bleeding heart or tough love.

These videos will help you to wise up and think in multiple dimensions as to recognize the con in the future.

Please wake up for the collective good.

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