Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Science of Imperfection

The Science of Imperfection Original Demos By Geno Kalmes by Geno Kalmes
Rough Gems in the Rough (old demos) by Geno Kalmes

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  1. Hey there Mr. Middle Class
    Workin two jobs today
    Livin in a house of glass
    Foundation of clay
    taxes coming out your ass
    Your reward for fair play
    Wife's gotta job and a half
    Put the kids in the mini van
    Hope they don't reinstate the draft
    Doin' everything you can
    A loyal slave to uncle sam
    Hey there mr. Lower class
    Got no job that pays
    Police men circling
    Rounding up the strays
    Homeless living in the street
    Build more jails cause your in the way
    Plenty of dope to smoke
    Cheap booze and crack to toke
    Takin in by a simple hoax
    The joke is to keep you broke
    And the rich dig a deeper mote
    hey there mr upper class
    descendants of the first bank
    founded in 1313
    designed to keep the rank
    debutante balls at Yale
    aging wine that never gets drank
    insidious manipulation
    buyin and sellin 3rd world nations
    satellites spying from the skys space station
    start a war just to sell their latest creation
    their lives are a vacation
    hey there mr middle class
    you're no better off
    than mr lower class
    suffering from a bad cough
    you are a slave to economics
    opportunities been shut off
    2% owns it all
    the other 98 hit a wall
    draggin behind a chain and ball
    So the rich can have it all
    Divide and conquor all
    there's a sale at the mall
    Hey there mr 98
    The rich decide the interest rate
    Don't you know it fluctuates
    Losing a penny is just too great
    don't let them inflate
    The last pea on your plate
    Sure the rich run the armies
    Sure the rich run the cops
    Sure the rich own the prisons
    Sure the rich make and break the laws
    But without us the world comes to a halt
    hey there mr middle class
    hey there mr lower
    liberty isn't what we have
    its time we get to know her
    long as we are slaves to a few
    we're dispensable to the grower
    Unlike them we won't use violence
    Lets just let them suffer in silence
    Forget to listen to the tyrant
    Were the dog and they're the hydrant
    Time for the poor to sound the siren
    I mean it people
    it's time to get humble
    Support small business
    let corporations crumble
    if they won't share this ball
    it's time we make them fumble
    Jesus said the rich man
    Will never get to heaven
    The travesty began
    way before 9/11
    remember greed is one of seven
    Money was supposed to be
    A way of trading service
    I got something you need
    You serve a purpose
    The love of money is the root of
    All evil
    But it's nice to make a purchase
    I got mine and you get yours
    If you want a little more
    Get down on the floor
    and let me ride you on all fours
    And the earth is not a store
    No one is free
    while others are oppressed
    The environment
    is a mess
    Starving children in distress
    Desperation is the catalyst
    Bombing countries
    Will never be the answer
    When it comes to owning up
    They are the slickest dancers
    And mr 2 percent you are the source of all the cancer