Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dumbass Report

This video uses a sort of sarcastic tone in 5 minutes to get its point across...brilliantly.

Earth Dumbass Report: Well...where do I begin... Remember September 11 2001 when we watched that TV show? Remember how we laughed about 3 buildings falling at freefall speed into their own foot print... that jet fuel melted steel, that a plane would disappear into a steel building instead of crumpling and falling into the street? Well... It turns out... It wasn't a comedy... It was a test by Earth's leaders to see how dumb their subjects were... and well... Please don't make me go back there.... It's like talking to drunk cat monkeys who fell on their heads...what's a cat monkey.... new designer pet... smell awful... Cher fanatics  with expensive taste in Tequila... Ben Fulford says Hi... David Wilcock was threatened by off worlders with bad Irish accents and it made him cry... I need a shower....


  1. Zeitgeist is a tool of the enemy and if you can’t hear it in the language you don’t understand this.

    For example it says we have involved from people believing demons caused disease to being cured by modern medicine.

    The people who have caused disease by hiding cures and putting thimerosal in vaccines… ARE THE DEMONS…mercury causes over 200 incurable diseases and malfunctions… needles plunged into a 7 pound tiny ball of barely functioning flesh are seeds that will incubate into some mutation over time, immediately reducing brain function…

    I will argue without a hint of doubt the medical field is the demon causing disease.
    Sure they LOVE “practicing” medicine… experimenting…playing God… but the Rockefellers funded the cancer industry in every form and profited from it.

  2. The Rockefellers funded the Lucis Trust one of Kissinger’s favorites that is all the New age Alice Bailey Madame Blavatsy philosophies all designed as the New World order, the One World religion that IS LUCIFERIANISM…

    ZIETGEIST is like a slick sleazy deceptive defense attorney using all the right words of emotionalism to sway a naive jury who wants to hear peace love and kumbaya.

    Using the 911 they funded and created to make it look like they are all about truth.

    I am none of those ists or isms I am a person who identifies those disguises as working as psychological ploys to the One world order…Luciferianism is the goal.

    The Pope will reign over all religions thus watering down anyone’s staunchest beliefs in Christ or Allah or Buddha or their dog. That may seem okay to you but it is not okay because what people believe and choose to believe is their business solely however, the only religion that should matter is outing every shred of forbidden and hidden knowledge and the secret plans to manipulate people in false herding…

    Zeitgeist is one of many of the latest trojan horses…
    THE LEFT I identify being a more insidious device than the right because they are the good cop to the bad cop… Bad cops scare the victim into the claws of the good cop…. they work together for that purpose. You might benefit from watching the Soviet KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov for the ultimate leftist brainwashing guru.

    Also read the Communist Manifesto and the Protocols of Zion.
    Blueprint…screenplay for war by deception…. taking over the world with lies, make believe and reverse psychologies, exactly what Zeitgeist and New Ageism are.

    If you are truly open minded the light will shine in on your false belief system. Otherwise I know where you stand in the truthing movement. You either understand the con or you don’t. You are either working for it or against it.
    I work against it by shedding light on every aspect of the psychological ploy.

    So try to take your personal ego out of this reply. We tend to want to defend a point before hearing the point. I am onto Yuri’s soviet con artistry, Zeitgeists, Lucis Trust, Hegelian Dialectic, and well past leftist or right or up or down or inside out identifying what I want to hear and using it against me.

    The question is who and what do you want to work for…. truth or some insidious version of control freak psychology.