Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Devil's Black Sheep

Satanic Elites Playing Old Maid Ask Jenny Craig to Moderate Food Fight Between Aging Witches and Flaming Warlocks…by Ben Fullofit....

Europe- Italy, and the Spaghetti Champion gathered to discuss the Roman Empire and how the Vatican should stop trying to make old noodles hard.
Choir boys breathed a sigh of relief and asked Lasagnaman the forgotten hero of Forgettaboudit Comics if he would intervene given a situation where Ninjas might employ fat women to sit on the faces and smother satanic old freakazoids who meet in the woods and think they are actually doing something.
Said one fat woman who chose to remain eating chocolate cake, “Fumknummutterflumpkinrobewearin…” Then she noticed the Bilderberg waiter who had been ordered to not look any of the other Bilderbergers in the upper thinning horn area had brought out cheesey scallops and she dove in.

Geno we are taking you out to lunch on your first day to say welcome to the company and goodbye... We saw you swing a hammer this morning and we had no idea you had cerebral palsy.... Your severance package besides this cheeseburger is a 12 pack... fair enough?

Leo Zagami who had just finished having his beard and makeup done by the hair and makeup chain, Devils are us…was quoted as saying, “I givvvamylifa toda ideahhhofdahmarymagadelenaandyou ahtellame dat the only waydat I cannah stayaindahroomais iffa daprojectcamelootaagalshows me her tittas????”
And she did what every red blooded project camelot watching red blooded male had prayed for and we all screamed “Hurrah”
But back to the business at hand of saving planet earth from slimey children raping and barbecuing old creepazoids…Jenny Craig appeared fit and ready to do battle in full Ninja uniform and asked if the Geisha girl who was standing beside her would kindly leave the room because beside her Jenny still looked fat.
Lasagnaman slid down a noodle from the sky and saved a small boy that the black pope Kolvenbach was about to drop into a sausage grinder to make an old 2000 year old family recipe he had been refining for 2000 years.
A recipe he called, tomato sauce, noodles and small tainted choir boy sausage…
Ben Fulford unimpressed with Italian cuisine and sick to death of eating what the Japanese called food partook in a special delivery of Sugar Frosted Flakes the White Hats had smuggled into Tokyo. In fact he ate them from a big white cowboy hat with whole milk smuggled in from Ralphs in LA.
Suddenly without warning, birds fell from the sky into a soup that conveniently was all vegetable stock and no poultry or fowl and the peasants cheered. Then frogs rained from the sky so the French were also happy.
Then Zsa Zsa Gabor opened fire killing a dog that had been born on 9/11 and the second amendment was immediately repealed.
Of couse this could all be disinformation from black ops smoking Desalvia which is legal and quite available for purchase. And yet I’m facing time for pot…Go figure and forgettaboudit…
And everyone brushed their teeth with toothpaste made from angel poop.

(The toothpaste line is a Fulford blog inside joke since the blog got into a discussion about toothpaste that lasted two weeks. Hate explaining jokes but these articles are full of them, poking fun at the lala landers at that blog... This article itself inspired by one relating to food.)

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  1. yes Wolverine16

    Real interesting…I still say without any doubt the final shot came from Bill Greer…you see he slows to a practical standstill his head turns all the way aroung his left arm crosses his body for a backseat shot and the trajectory (linear path) of the bullet blows Kennedys head off…

    The driver was chosen just in case everyone else missed…like in Dog Day Afternoon…when the driver takes the final shot….probably why it was written into the movie…Hollywood either shows before or after what really happened…

    When Alex Jones calls this pure quackery it helps me to see Alex as a duck.

    and Bugliosi as a fraud trumpeting single shooter.