Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ben Fullofit Saves Earth

Red Dragon Electric Company Sends Carbon Footprint Bill to Illuminati Then Turns Power off…

By Ben Fullofit
Egypt: Vowing to rape Anderson Cooper a mob of angry Egyptians settled on raping each other and an orgy broke out in the streets of Cairo.
Meanwhile the Asian secret societies that were so secret that they asked Ben Fulford what color they were. Ben Fulford who is color blind offended them by guessing yellow?
The Vatican who had to call Rome Italy’s best plumber Antonio Pooperellielcloggo to help the Pope out of an embarrassing situation. Seems while bathing with a choir boy he somehow got his tongue stuck in the small boys butt who somehow got his toe stuck in the faucet. Go Figure.

Table for two please? Quiet romantic dark booth please, no smoking...
Can you adjust the AC up a tad, my wife left her wrap in the car....
It's our anniversary...25 years today... Many said it would never work... Look at her...
How could it fail?

Pooperellielcloggo who had seen this sort of thing dozens of times at the Vatican did a little reaming himself when he presented a bill for one billion dollars telling the Pope to make the check out to Obama Import Export Business and Healthcare Insurance.
Mubarek who conveniently turned up dead this past week attended a D20 meeting in Zurich…D20 or the meeting of dead NWO loyalists that sort of wished they hadn’t been so loyal sat quietly rotting and offered very little hope to one another or the future in general. The night janitor said the dessert table was quite excellent however…
Hu’s on first, Berlusconi’s on second and who gives a fuck is serving up justice. Let me get this straight said Lou Costello, “Hu’s on first?”
“That’s right.” Answered Bud Abbott.
“Berlusconi’s on second?”
“That’s right…” Said Bud Abbott.
“And who gives a fuck is on third?”
“No, who gives a fuck is serving up justice on the Supreme Court, Ben Bernanke is on third.”
“Who’s up first…?”
“After Obama fouls out? Unfortunately Hillary…”
“Oh no…who’s on deck?”
“Don’t call me Boner Boehner…”
“Okay let’s start again…Hu’s on first?”
“That’s right…”
“Who’s playing shortstop…”
“Rahm Turkish bath Emmanuel…”
“Whose catching?”
“In the Turkish bath…? Whoever drops the soap.”
“I’m confused.”
“What’s there to be confused about, Who gives a fuck is serving up justice on the Supreme court what else do you need to know?”


The dead Russians for their part…
Yuri Andropov who had dropped off the face of the Earth only to return temporarily to borrow a cup of sugar from Alpha Omega who decided that calling off mass extermination would be a waste of 6 centuries of planning and perfectly good party hats– reportedly told the ancient black nobility to BYOB who was outraged to find their kegger fund had been diverted into a bioweapons program used to target offworlders who were planning on becoming onworlders as soon as they could get their mortgage approved to buy a retirement village in Florida built by alligators who went to college to study business to try and pull themselves up and out of the swamp.
These enterprising alligators were said to be related to the offworlder onworlders who have been charged with conflict of interest and filed at the world court in Hague wherever the hell that is. When asked to comment the alligator bit off the reporters head then raped her.
Whitehat report number 12 promises to be more Project Camelot friendly and Kerry Lynn Cassidy has been asked to go interview herself with a radio shack realistic microphone.
This reporter can’t wait to hear the insiders inside. A bit too far…? Ah what the hell…if you can’t sexually harrass women you want to sleep with who can you sexually harrass…?
Maybe Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas can at least clarify this…No…?
Kill or be killed clones for their part…
World leader lookalikes are in demand since many have been killed off or cloned by inept cloning facilities that thought they were asked for clowns. Meet the new Bozo same as the old Bozo.

For peanuts a day You can feed a starving elephant and send them to
Circus school where they will be taught to stand on a little stool...  What else can we do with an elephant? Wash cars?

The Queen of England who was seen naked after a vigorous rugby match then seen in the shower afterwards was said to be hung like a Belgian horse… After she knighted Rudy Guiliani she said, “oops I meant to make you my groom of the stool…”
Prince Harry said to be the coming antichrist levitated high enough to pluck a bat out of the air and bite its head off. Asked why he did such a thing he shrugged and said, “All this waiting around waitin’ for Grammumma to die a bloke gets bloody bored.”

NOTE: For the confused this is a highly absurd parody of a Ben Fulford article and like new age, Agenda 21 globalist insanity-- complete with reptilian shapeshifters (???) and satanic pedophiles... not funny? Hey I tried but it is awfully difficult to make such horrors funny wouldn't you agree?  And humor can either out a subject or desensitize a subject. Let me be perfectly clear.... Lock the creepy bastards up forever.

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  1. Eugene – love your update…sometimes a sense of good taste just seems to get in the way of an excellent sarcastic analysis…LMAO….oh yes, no, there is not fridge stocked with box o’wine in the fort..but yes, free wi-fi LOL

    Kpuppy…the way to my heart is calling me brilliant…or like Wo said…LMAO…makes living in a world of satan worshipping freaks a little more tolerable…

    Not sure if one will be forthcoming soon…I sprained my cortex on that one.

    @February 20, 2011 @ 8:07 am
    Please keep your brilliantly funny reports coming…: )

    eugenekalmes ure a brilliant artist,have u tried sending ur cartoons to any newspaper syndicates ? try sending it to bix weir ..he wud make a detailed analysis showing how the boy with the golden hair is alan greenspan trying to bring on the gold backed standard …….guess the terrified black haired guy wud be you for not making coffee ..guess u must be an excellent coffee maker by now !! how about be if a virtual coffee shop in the cafe with different flavours is opened ,people cud have their coffee while blooging and posting articles , that wud be a hit ! even any disindo agents cud have some coffee and relax, i for one would like a hot cappucino …!!