Thursday, November 3, 2011

The White Hats Ride...

Who are the White Hats? Well, it is a group of men and women, experts in finance, with backgrounds in private investigation, military, banking and intelligence who have come together to try and get to the bottom of the trillions of dollars that keep disappearing, and return the money to the people who it was stolen from.

Is this an easy task?

What do you think?

You think Banking syndicates with hidden trillions might have the power to take out some enemies?

Of course they do and they have been doing it for many decades all with an eye on bringing the world to its knees.

Sort of see that happening don't you?

Although I have interviewed two of the White Hats for hours they are very careful about putting names and faces with their posse. Why? Well, the well being of their families, and of course the death threats they get on a regular basis.

As a media producer I try to thread a needle between helping them achieve their goal of returning the stolen trillions to the coffers of the people, and not going too far out on a limb myself.

How do I protect my own well being and reputation when I only have a fraction of the story myself.

There are several power factions circling one another in predatorial awareness, prepared to pounce on power at any given moment. Waiting for one or the other to make a move or a mistake, for an opening, a jugular vein to open unprotected long enough for claws, or fangs to strike.

For centuries it was usually the most ruthless, conniving until recently the mass awakening has prompted men and women who understand the concept of right over wrong, good over evil, to join this cage match. Knowing that unless they rise to the calling of this survival of the fittest that the good shall die young and leave their families as prey for wolves untamed, free to dine on the populace at will.    

The White Hats have a job to do like the classic reluctant western hero who keeps being asked to take on more and more. There is no half way White Hats, there is no compromise with these devils. I am in the posse but my eyes are fixed on the bigger picture. Anything less than total victory will allow the predators to rise again.

Therefore I am being patient with your stated plan but I cannot retreat without nudging the posse to bring justice to the millions who died, funded by world banks for their own gain. Wars funded, false flag operations and lies from Pearl Harbor to 911.

Many of your supporters are being patient, we are watching and listening and the truth will haunt everyone until it is recognized as undeniable.

We want justice-- not mercenaries trading hats. White hats and black hats becoming gray hats, though a step in the right direction it is only a matter of time before the blackness falls over the world...yet again. Go all the way and there will be no end to people who will have your back.


  1. On my blog months ago you had asked if I was an officer. first of all I am not sure you will remember. Second of all, I was. And third, sorry for the huge delay.

  2. Yes, I do believe I remember. I read a chapter about a drug bust on the side of the road? You write so well I hope the Publishing world has noticed. I publish with Lulu and it is an amazing tool...

    You can have a professional copy of your book in your hand for 6 dollars. Along with a free website to sell it. Can't beat that.

    Thanks for the comment, please continue.

  3. I have faith Pal and Tman are patriots true red white and blue and church going white hats of the highest order but if guys are switching sides it worries me about there not being a solid third choice…or opposition….

    Other than the Ninja thing I don’t see much hope beyond the idea that real Pentagon types are in rebellion to these other two families…when we are bombing even more countries and poised to invade…Does this third entity have power or is the pecking order over riding them?

    The earliest reports said they had backing of the Queen, parts of the fed, interpole, intelligence, pentagon…

    Ben Fulford never mentions them and they don’t seem to buy what Ben says…
    Is it possible the Queen has split from both Rothschild and Rockefeller?
    I actually fear my own childish hopefulness for heroes while ignoring questions that are obvious because I don’t want to mess things up…

    a say it isn’t so Joe naivete….

    I mean trillions of dollars exist because of what industry? We know the supposed Wanta thing with Reagan and the Mitterand protocols and the idea that interest rates are being attached to this….and as Skolnick once reported we brought down Russia with counterfeit Rubles…does that play? And how much is drug and arm sales?

    My guess is this…

    Those trillions will be made available when certain renegade cabalists are brought to justice…a sort of bounty…

    But that means some really powerful entity stays in place and makes that money possible…

    and the reality of trillions is they are numbers entered into computers to elevate one group higher than other groups and those numbers allowed them to hire bigger badder mercenaries to steal gold or more audacious weapons to hold the rest of the world hostage….

    I have several other thoughts but I am trying not to tie together too many pieces because it could jeopardize something important…

  4. Pal I certainly don’t mean anything more than when I hear we are about to attack Libya or that American ships were in certain places at certain times or other seeming aggressions that how does the third part…the posse….the good guys stay clear and to which power group can they collaborate with to not just save America but humanity from the things we are seeing.

    Or exist with no affiliation to the perceived groups or families.

    Obviously you guys can’t tip your hand but those of us wanting to know what to do how do we figure this out from this avalanch of information that is both true and untrue. Was Japan merely a natural disaster? Seems the timing is awfully weird.

    From 911 to this never ending TV view of attrocity how do people who want to stand up when every side says trust me but the information is either conflicting or not here or crazy.

    You guys stick to some pretty black and white facts but you posted several weeks back that guys were switching sides. For those of us worried to death how can we process that?

    I chose you guys to put faith in because you were the most consistant with the best plan as I think many people have done and all of us are wanting to ask questions but wondering how can we do this without F’n something up?

    Or can we ask questions that might actually help.

    Like when we post the info on Facebook or other places and people ask us questions…Do we say, I can’t answer that but trust that I trust?

    Perhaps because you know things we don’t know you aren’t as worried but we think we are about to enter chaos here there and everywhere so we have no idea what to do but try and share info but tip toe around things that may not even need tip toeing around.

    When XL said to me he thought you were grey hats no one took issue with it and on the contrary you seem on good terms to share a drink, so me repeating what he said or that you said guys were switching sides makes it appear that you and Tman are well aware of an organic and evolving team that isn’t afraid of questions and generally say when you cannot answer certain questions….

    So in this discussion today which we are well aware you are privy to, nothing is meant as disloyalty or doubt but rather where does this insane puzzle begin and end.

    Certainly you understand people have many questions without good answers and are wondering how in danger their lives are.

    And whether you are leading the charge because we are looking for someone solid to trust.