Saturday, November 5, 2011

Take the Pain Away....

An original song By Gene Kalmes, Rockin' Chair Prayer...

Sometimes the deep sadness overwhelms me. The suffering of so many on this planet when there are families sitting on hundreds of trillions of dollars, 1% of their wealth would feed and shelter everyone. 

Why don't they? Well, unbelievably because they want people to die. They call people useless eaters.

They are the 1%... and don't tell me these people are good people. The phony baloney con job that they donated half of their fortunes to charity. First of all you should know how they really made their money to begin with, the official story is bullcrap. Secondly they hid billions in tax free foundations for decades to finance the very social engineering that has brought on the collapse because it was always about destroying the middle class for an extreme elite and poor. 

Nick Rockefeller admitted to funding the feminist movement to try and break up families so they could tax both men and women in the workforce and get the state involved in decisions on the children. That is the true philanthropy, benevolence of these creatures. Do not be fooled.

Here they are putting wealth into these same insidious foundations and calling it charity when it is a weapon against us. They aren't, Agenda 21 is a depopulation agenda and just about everything they sell the public is a vicious premeditated trick. Vaccines in their own words are designed to sterilize.

If you watch this video your jaw will hit the floor.


For all those that say over population is a problem that is a lie they told you and you believed it. 6 billion people could stand with room to spare in Texas. There is vast expanses of land that can be farmed. Oceans full of fish.

We can dig and stock catfish farms and more. We can desalinate salt water for water and harness the waves for power. But a small Luciferian death cult runs the world and gets off on the pain and misery of others. True psychopaths at the helm just as Jesus tried to explain.

John Lennon and Yoko had it right 40 years ago... Over population isn't the problem it is mismanagement...

I am going to show you the ending of a video and I want you to google part 1 and watch the entire film. 

As John Lennon sang, "There are no problems, only solutions..."


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  1. If people understand the funding of the historical society back in the early part of last century they would understand that the education they spout, that they paid tens of thousands for was a version of history to indoctrinate... they cannot admit that the system suckered them because their report card said A plus for memorizing our propaganda...

    "We must control education in the United States." They realized that was a pretty big order, so they teamed up with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation to pool their financial resources to control education in America - in particular, to control the teaching of history. They assigned those areas of responsibility that involved issues relating to domestic affairs to the Rockefeller Foundation, and those issues related to international affairs were taken on as the responsibility of the Carnegie Endowment. Their first goal was to rewrite the history books, and they discussed how to do that at great length. They approached some of the more prominent historians of the time and presented to them the proposition that they rewrite history to favor the concept of collectivism, but they were turned down flat. Then they decided - and these are their own words, "We must create our own stable of historians."

    They selected twenty candidates at the university level who were seeking doctorates in American History. Then they went to the Guggenheim Foundation and said, "If we provide the money, would you grant fellowships to candidates selected by us, who are of the right frame of mind, those who see the value of collectivism as we do? Would you grant them doctorates so we can then propel them into positions of prominence and leadership in the academic world and in professional historical associations?" And the answer was "Yes."

    So they gathered a list of young men who were seeking their doctorate degrees. They interviewed them, analyzed their thinking processes, and chose the twenty they thought were best suited for their purpose. They sent them to London for a briefing. (In a moment I will explain why London is so significant.) At this meeting, they were told what would be expected if and when they win the doctorates they were seeking. They were told they would have to view history, write history, and teach history from the perspective that collectivism was a positive force in the world and was the wave of the future.

    also watch the interview with Mr. Dodd...

    The Grand Deception
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the title of my presentation today is The Grand Deception - A Second Look at the War on Terrorism.

  2. I am not a big advocate of evil being necessarily yin to yang….In fact I think evil is probably more like 5% to 95% and is a psychological problem…people who aren’t given the necessary components to feel empathy, compassion and the joy of giving without regard or requirement of getting…