Friday, November 4, 2011

God is an Indian Giver

Christians aghast? What the hell do I mean by that????????

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh...


Native Americans may have a right to be upset however. Although I deal with their plight in a different post. This book is a mix of fiction and autobiographical surrealism. It is funny and compelling in unexpected ways.

Page Turners and Fathead Burners

The following is a reading from my novel, God is an Indian Giver, it is part of a series featuring Sean Kayne, a comedian who finds he has been a life long mind control victim slated for some extraordinarily weird events.  Funny, poignant, exciting and surreal, a story that will keep you turning pages and wondering where the tale will twist or turn next.


  1. Today is Veterans Day and i love the image of mothers crying for their son's war. this song reminds me of this scene or actually the opposite action. Son's pleading for their mothers for forgiveness....

  2. Thank you Deer for pointing this out. I think I will post this on Facebook in honor of Veterans day. Also the song I sang (keyboard in icon) Rockin' Chair Prayer is the same theme. Please comment often.