Thursday, November 10, 2011

Next Tuesday At Noon

I am woman hear me roar... I don't need a man, I can 
swing my own club... bring home my own dinosaur meat...
 what's with the look?

by Gene Kalmes
Next Tuesday At Noon

Madison Wisconsin–The Women’s Auxiliary hosted their annual luncheon and political forum earlier this week. In past years the women usually drank too much to do anything more then get a gin game going after lunch but this year is was different. Moondust Howe a 49-year-old former graduate of UW who served 3 years for blowing up the Veterans Museum in 1972 approached the microphone and the room went silent.

Long gray hair and a hand made dress of hemp stylishly adorned with scarves and home made jewelry seemed the perfect accent to highlight what is sure to become histories most pivotal moment.

Jesus, evolve already you Neanderthal pig...

The speech has been recorded and sent around the Internet to women and women only. No man has heard the speech to date. Except for me.

I over heard my sister downloading it and frankly I am compelled to keep their secret and allow the plan to go off as scheduled next Tuesday at noon. However, because I am a man, I feel a certain degree of loyalty to my sex and I have decided to be a whistleblower albeit somewhat reluctantly. Here are Moondust Howe’s words:

“Men have been lying to us, enslaving, raping and murdering us and our children for centuries and we not only let them get away with it, but we get them coffee, copy their moronic memos and do most of the dangerous stuff with germ warfare. Where there is a general or a world leader plotting the New World Order there is a stupid bitch sitting quietly in the room scratching down his insane plans and then typing it up and then shredding it. Since we already run the world I come before you to make a suggestion…Why don’t we shoot the poor f’n bastards in the back of the head next Tuesday say about high noon.”

The room stunned into silence came to see the revelation simultaneously and erupted with applause. They all synchronized their watches and pulled their guns out of their purses and started to clean them.

Moondust added, “We will keep the young handsome somewhat sensitive one’s for studding at Guantanamo Bay, men like Brad Pitt and Ashton what’s his name but the rest get a bullet in the back of the head.”

I don’t know where you are going to be next Tuesday gentleman but I’ll be wearing a dress and a wig and mourning the loss of all the good things men brought to the world–Well–Football. Other then that, get your affairs in order gents, because the New World Order is about to slip into something a little more comfortable...

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  1. (This was a post I made on another blog but I am rounding up all my thoughts on this blog... a one stop shop for my perspectives. Though this particular post has a theme of feminism that ISM was invented by the same folks that have funded all the depressions, social movements, wars and assorted connivances for self empowerment so it does in actuality pertain...) First post at the UK Guardian.

    Good point regarding the depressions of the 19th century...

    Note that they occurred every twenty years give or so...One generation...

    The Rothchild's were well on their way to a banking dynasty by 1800 and the struggle for America, bravely fought and saved temporarily by Andrew Jackson was all about the original intent of our forefathers...To have Congress issue the currency for OUR country and NOT private banking profiteers to come in and control all industry as puppeteers...

    However, those 20 year increments show us that the robber barons who both worked with and struggled against foreign control for their self enrichment and power grab in the new world...were hoarding wealth as it was before beginning with the moneychangers forward to the establishment of the 1913 banking coup that gave us the Federal Reserve, a privately run banking institution run by Rothchild/Rockefeller familes (a few others) passed by 3 senators near Christmas when suspiciously all the other senators left for their homes without closing out the session allowing 3 senators to pass the act that binds us to a powermad elite today.

    What came next is fractional banking...Rothchild once bragged, "I care not who makes the laws as long as I print the money" Think of it as Rumpelstiltskins magical machine that could weave straw into gold.

    So in the 19th century those 20 year increments are one generation each...the time necessary for a young man to become a 40 year old man and start asking questions...Why am I still broke? Who is to blame? How might we rebell against this economic slavery?

    And around that time wars would surface to distract and kill off those 40 year old men's 20 year old son's who were being taught the wisdom gained by their fathers and their fathers often dying too in the FOG and smokescreen of war...The most educated and articulate spokesmen mysteriously being led to their death....

    Research the Guggenheim family, one of Americas richest who opposed the FED being led onto a luxury liner named the Titanic.

    Read Morals and Dogma by Colonel Albert Pike of the Confederate Army whose Grand master position in Freemasonry and the KKK brags that 3 world wars were coming in the next century to cement a one world order...It is not coincidental our money declares a New World Order with a tiny elite all knowing at the tip of the pyramid above the all seeing eye...clues everywhere folks and plainly written in the memoirs of all these dynastic families...Read.

    Fractional banking allows the FED to print money and lend it to the bank, but the bank is allowed to lend ten times more then they actually have in voila...Money slavery...One cannot borrow their way out of debt. Get it?

  2. (Cont.)

    It takes 64 thousand years to count to a trillion folks and we as the 99.9% of people on this planet who do not print or lend money are trillions and trillions in debt...Our poor grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grand to the 64 thousand power grand children...way to be dumbasses of the 20th and 21st centuries...splendid job of short sighted imbecilic selfish irresponsibility.

    One major tactic the ruling elite uses is to lead men into perverse actions that are used against them as a blackmailable assure that they vote with the status quo. Our forefathers escaped these people to try and set up a check and balance system to assure that the old world money changers would not enslave them again...That Ocean was temporarily one hell of a moat guarding the new world castles...and the elite families of the Eastern Ivy league coast grew their own dynasties from opium and rum running and fencing the loot of pirates....Secret societies and honor among thieves and yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...bonding over secret blood rituals and grand orgies...Can I join? Sounds fun....

    Oh what a fallen world we face...

    So the 20th century goes forward with the privately held Rumpelstiltskin Federal Reserve and those world wars magically happen which fools men into thinking they are men and puts army bases all over the world and helps to protect natural resources used to wage war on one another and along the way Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Science, Arts, Governments, media and courts get hijacked by the blood ritual bonding banking families who decide they need a country where they might set up their ultimate throne.

    Jerusalem sounds like an excellent choice, ironic endings are

    And as Jewish and Christian zionists read the works of their Bibles and Torahs and Talmuds and we believe our savior doesn't return to save us until after that One World God takes his seat in Jerusalem, isn't it logical to help speed up prophecy?

    Oye Vey. So here we are...tick tick tick....another depression carefully shortages...more war and more smoke screens to off another generation of people wising up...The End...