Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Admit I'm in Denial...

(Article first published in 2003)

Denial may exist in the accused but it is also the perfect weapon for the accuser. Reasons are said to be rationalizations when quite often they are reasons. If everything a person says is only a rationalization then that person is effectively stifled. The accuser has way too much power. They are judge jury an executioner. Therefore I protest in advance that my words will undoubtedly be labeled as denial, rationalization and justification. Having attempted that pre-emptive strike which no doubt will fall on deaf ears let me continue my reasoning…

People used to say "I may not agree with you but I'll fight for your right to say it."

It is very frightening but those days of sticking up for each other's constitutional rights are all but gone…The extremely wealthy have purchased our legislators, our press and almost all our means of mass media distribution. They are insidiously brainwashing us with globalist one world propaganda. We have been divided and conquered in so many ways we are confused, dizzy with lies, half-truths and besides we have no time to deal with it. Demands on our time leave us loopy when it comes to the facts. I suppose going to a city council meeting and not a bar could be a good start but damn I had a shitty day.

                                               Nice Big Screen TV... What's this movie? Shock and Awe?
                                               Is this Stallone? ... Holy crap we're bombing Iraq again?
                                               Shock and Awe? Jesus... Who is the Secretary of Defense? Jerry        Bruckheimer?     


It's not impossible to use in moderation and still care for people but those using in excess put too much weight on themselves and others as a result. It is like dominoes. When one leans too hard it takes the others with. An individual's dysfunction and the patterns that repeat themselves explain why history repeats itself.

The wealthy who run all aspects of the world are often greedy and as a result put too much weight on the rest of us. Greedy people are like crackheads. Associative math would conclude if 1% own 99% of the wealth and resources then the other 6 billion of us are fighting to survive and get a piece of the remaining 1%. That is why social classes exist and why the remaining 1% shrinks every time someone gets richer. This explains why the middle class now has to work two jobs per household to survive.

We wish you a Merry Christmas...We wish you a Merry Christmas... We wish you a Merry Christmas... 
and a Happy New Year...!

The ruling class elite spends trillions trying to make us believe an illusion that benefits them. The illusion that anyone can get rich by being free to enjoy capitalistic enterprise. The truth is not everyone can get rich and eventually the finite number of opportunities will become zero opportunities. A pie can only be cut up so far.

But why do they need us to believe the illusion that we are all equal with equal opportunity? Sadly because they fear the masses. They think we want what they have. But we don't. We want serenity. They are the largest obstacles to those of us who want to lead a truly free life--free of their economic slavery that fuels their latest war. A war they profit from. How sick is that?

We need an amendment to the constitution that removes profit from war by redirecting the profit directly into social programs, schools and reduces the tax burden for the middle and lowers classes. By taking away profit from war we can be assured that a war will be fought only when it is truly necessary.

Sobering up means sobering up to reality…The first law of physics is for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…This law of nature therefore demands balance…Capitalism by it's very nature of "greed is good" defies this law invoked by the greatest legislator of all…Earth…

Hey Mac this is a crowbar we don't serve scarecrows here...beat it!

Ask yourself why is the world so screwed up and how do I as an individual add to that big dysfunctional soup. Maybe I'm part of the reason it tastes so bad. Also ask yourself…Who do you think the powers that be think of first, you and I or themselves?

Balance is about fairness, give and take and that is where the crooked cronies have stolen all the power and therefore the leftover opportunity comes with their tentacles attached--if at all.

Having been born in 1960 I am the last of the baby boomers. My formative years were spent listening and twisting to Chubby Checker and the Beatles.

The cynicism of the '70s and beyond would clash with my idealistic spirit that was first fed by the optimistic generation that somehow evolved into the 60s.

Early on I was addicted to black and white movies and impersonated their unique voices. It was The Beatles however and particularly John Lennon who inspired me to try and use art to change the world.

As I grow older and cynicism gives way to even harsher reality I see how naïve this notion was for me, let alone a guy like John Lennon. The world needs that kind of lunacy now more than ever.


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