Monday, October 31, 2011

Exercise Video for The Brain

Brain brain go away come again another day. Why have so many allowed their brains to become soft under exercised organic matter like the waistline lazily spreading out across the couch?  Children and their parents seem to be letting the apples fall so close to the tree that their brains share one common characteristic to the family tree... wood. Analytical thinking, solving problems, are no longer the purpose of a head, other than a place to put a hat, the ol' noggin seems to have limited purpose in this day and age. To listen to phone calls and music and abbreviate conversations like, "where u at?'

For parents who might want to help their children understand the importance of igniting all the cells and neurons and synapses as early as humanly possible, we at our production company have produced a video series on brain development. Here it is for free but if you like it, Donate $30.00 to my Paypal account and I will send you  the DVD to give it to your science teachers or school libraries and ask them to use the video in school curriculum. Give it as a gift for baby showers, any child's birthday, for any parent.

It is designed to be entertaining and stimulate the desire to learn, to recognize the critical windows of development. The video parodies the X Files, The CorteX Files will make you laugh and more importantly think, and be conscious of exercising your mind and making sure to teach your children to be thinkers and not followers.

Donate $30.00 to my PayPal account and I will send you a DVD of this video for your school library, or for home schoolers or science teachers.  Use

An Educational video for children, teens, adults, schools, libraries, home schoolers, 
science and health teachers... A gift with a $30.00 donation...


please donate to my paypal at

For a $30.00 donation I will send you a copy of The CorteX Files  on Brain Development for schools, home schoolers and libraries.

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